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Best schools to study English in Gold Coast

Gold Coast is one of the best cities to study English in Australia… and to live the Australian experience like a real surfer! A paradise that combines paradisiacal beaches and skyscrapers. It is without a doubt the ideal place if you want to feel all the freedom that looking at the horizon and seeing the infinite ocean offers you.

We hope that with this list of the best schools to study English in the Gold Coast you will be encouraged to settle and study English here, because it is a city that will take your heart away and where you will want to stay forever.



There are many reasons why Academic is a great option to study in Australia, including a wide range of courses to suit the tastes and interests of any type of person. 

The particularity of the course General English of Academique is that there is English classes from 9 am to 4 pm and Monday to Saturday, so you can choose which days and at what time it is best for you to complete your 20 hours of weekly classes. The school offers excellent value for money, but above all it stands out for its great schedule flexibility: with Academique it is very easy combine studies, work and leisure.

Academique has two campuses located less than 5 minutes walk from each other. English classes are given on the main campus, which was an emblematic hotel now converted into a school and which retains a large balcony overlooking the main street of the neighborhood. Southport.

study english in gold coast

Browns English

Browns is certainly a great school to study English: in fact, it has been finalist in the contest 'English Language School - Southern Hemisphere' Journal Study Travel Magazine.

Browns offers a wide variety of courses: from General English courses to preparation courses for official qualifications such as Cambridge (FCE & CAE) or IELTS and even classes of General English for over 25s. All courses are taught from Monday to Friday in the morning. 

Facilities of Browns are a full stop. They are characterized by their modernity, with large windows that show a nice image of the entire city. The common areas are very spacious, with a well-equipped kitchen and indoor and outdoor dining rooms. In addition, it has 30 computers to surf the Internet at high speed in your spare time. Most areas in the school are labeled "English Zone", so you will only be able to speak English. This is a great thing to practice and get out of your comfort zone!

The campus is located in Southport, in the north of Gold Coast, a quiet area with many shops around and very well connected via buses and the tram line.


Burleigh Heads Language College

The school is situated en Burleigh Heads, a charming neighborhood south of the Gold Coast that breathes bohemian and surfer atmosphere and it's perfect for those who prefer to get away from the busiest areas, like Surfers Paradise. 

Burleigh Heads Language College teaches his classes both in morning and afternoon schedule, and the student can choose which days and hours to attend. In this way, it is very easy to combine studies with work and leisure in Australia.

It is a small but very familiar school, the classrooms are modern and have even a ramp of skateboard that fits perfectly with his youthful spirit, which leads him to organize cool activities every week and week too: surfing, beach volleyball games, jiu-jitsu classes and even barbecues by the sea.

study english in gold coast

Imagine Education

Imagine Education offers General English, IELTS, and a wide variety of VET courses. It is possibly the largest English school in the Gold Coast, so multiculturalism is another plus point: it is a great place to make friends and meet people from other countries. 

You have various campuses spread over different areas of the Gold Coast. Specifically, the campus where English classes are given is located in the neighborhood of Southport, located in the north of the city, a few meters from a large shopping center where you can find all kinds of shops and restaurants. Besides having bus and tram stops outside the school, Imagine has a private bus which has several stops along the Gold Coast and picks up students to take them to class.

It has very good teachers and a student service team that speaks several languages ​​to assist you in your native language if you need it.  

Your courses General English are available in morning and afternoon shifts, Monday through Friday, and also offer a modality of intensive schedule with 2 and a half days of class a week.

Imagine Education has some large modern facilities, with a dining / cafeteria area, computer rooms and study rooms. Moreover, organize numerous activities every week: drawing or craft workshops, conversation classes, film sessions and even barbecues and excursions designed to make new friends. You'll love it!

study english in gold coast

Pacific English School

Pacific English School is located in the heart of the Gold Coast, in the emblematic neighborhood of Surfers Paradise, a few meters from the beach and surrounded by skyscrapers, shops, recreation areas and restaurants. It's a school specialized in English courses (ELICOS), offers from the modality of General English, up to courses preparation for official qualifications such as Cambridge (FCE) or IELTS. 

Pacific English offers morning and night shifts from Monday to Friday. In addition, the modality of intensive schedule allows students to complete 20 hours of classes per week in just two and a half days. 

The campus is divided into several levels where you can find from a large outdoor terrace with umbrellas and sofas to a kitchen equipped with everything you need to prepare something to eat. 

Pacific is a great bet for its location, its quality / price ratio and its family atmosphere. In addition, it greatly enhances contact between students; so much so that it has a person who is exclusively in charge of organizing events and activities every week: barbecues, parties, excursions, surf lessons… Oh, and once a week there is free pizza!

study english in gold coast

Why study English in the Gold Coast?

Gold Coast is a great city to live ... and it is for many reasons!



A weather temperate most of the year, with summers that are not very hot and winters milds in which a jacket is more than enough. The perfect time to spend the day on the streets, doing what you like the most!



Un Multicultural environment where the desire to live and coexist are in perfect harmony, and where each one is free to do whatever he likes while respecting others. The local community is very open And she's used to dealing with people from all over the world, so be prepared to make good Aussie friends.



The Gold Coast is full of things you can do: from surfing or relaxing on any of its 52 kilometers of beach to enjoying its crazy nightlife or visiting its famous theme parks, as well as the tallest skyscrapers in the country. The options are practically limitless!


The cost of living

Gold Coast is a city cheaper than other big Australian cities, like Sydney or Melbourne. A week of renting a room in a good neighborhood like Broadbeach will cost you between $ 150 AUD and $ 200 AUD. Considering that the minimum wage in Australia is over $ 18AUD an hour, do the math. Working part-time with your student visa and using the other half to study is perfectly possible!

But not only the people, the climate and the quality of life live Gold Coast as a destination to study: the English schools and their high quality, combined with all the above, add a compelling reason for you to decide to live one of the best experiences of your life in the city of the colossi of steel and concrete.

And for any little thing you need, do not hesitate to send us an email. We will be delighted to answer you to help you in any way we can! 🙂


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