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Study Graphic Design in Australia and give your career a twist

Are you the artist of the family? Do you know what you are worth for this and would like to study graphic design in Australia, while you learn English and from time to time you catch some wave or go to a party on the beach? Do not talk anymore: it's not that you can do it, it's that you have to do it.
You only live once and dreams are to fulfill them. A) Yes, Today we bring you a perfect option to study what you like most in the country of opportunities.

Why study Graphic Design in Australia?

Australian education, especially higher education, is known worldwide for being the most of the most. In fact, it's taken so seriously by Australians who many of the best universities in the world are here, waiting for you.
But there are not only universities; there is also a wide range of courses given by technical institutes and specialized schools with top-level programs, highly qualified teachers and teaching methods that adapt to the needs and expectations of each student so that you can study in the country where you prefer .
Moreover, any qualification you get in Australia (either a diploma, a degree or a certificate) is fully valid throughout the national territory and It opens the doors to continue studying at a higher level or find the job you're looking for. Of course, also in your country of origin!
So, if you get your graphic design diploma studying a course in Australia, you can apply for a job here or anywhere in the world, while you practice English and live an unforgettable experience that includes surfing, kangaroos, a lot of new friends and a change of scenery that will make you feel great. It sounds good, right? Keep reading!

Entrepreneur is your Graphic Design school in Australia

Entrepreneur is a school focused on the business world from the current point of view, but always thinking about tomorrow. As such, 3 focuses on key pillars that are the ones that contribute the most value to companies; entrepreneurship, leadership and design.
Of course, its methodology is eminently practical, and it has the two most important things that a graphic designer needs; head and heart. That's why he does not stay in teaching you how to use the programs and that's it; goes one step further and teaches you to think well and execute better so that you contribute real value to companies.
All in an 360º education framework designed to generate networking. You will be able to establish relationships with other students and real companies thanks to workshops, collaborative sessions or groups of brainstorming.

Get your Graphic Design Diploma

With a Duration of 54 weeks and taught in his Surfers Paradise Campus (Gold Coast), the course to get the Diploma of Graphic Design of Entrepreneur starts in July of 2018 and it will allow you to acquire real skills for a real world: from creating logos, social network content, branding or UX to digital retouching.
When you finish, you will have learned to use the main tools of the Creative Cloud suite, you will have done internships in top companies and you will have a digital portfolio with your best work Made in Australia. You will be the ideal candidate and you will have all the facilities in the world to work as a graphic designer, art director, layout artist or digital artist.

What do you need to do the course?

These are the basic requirements that the school asks for:

  • One B1 / B2 level of certified English
  • Fill in the form to do the preservation without commitment

The price of the course is $ 15.000 AUD, but do not be scared: this is not a problem because right now they have a promotion with a special price of $ 9.900 AUD for international students. If you want more information about this course, at Dingoos we will gladly answer you if you send us a message with your questions
Also, remember that in Australia, unlike other countries, your student visa allows you to combine your studies with a part-time job. This way you can afford your training while you have free time to enjoy and live life! Take a look at our article where we tell you everything you need to know to work in Australia while you study what you've always wanted
The difference between dreaming and making it a reality is to take a first step. And if not, to tell our student Miriam Molina, who is already here making her dream come true to study graphic design in Australia.

Do not miss the video, it's super motivating! If you dare to follow in his footsteps, we are waiting for you in Australia.

And until then, you have more options!

There are many tools to design without being a graphic designer. Start testing them is a great option to see if you really like the world and you are interested in taking a step towards an exciting and full of future profession.
One the best and best known is canva, that with thousands of predesigned templates allows you to achieve incredible results in a few seconds.
Canvas is very easy to use, has a free plan with which you can do a million things (from designing your CV to create images for your social networks or covers of ebooks) and from Dingoos we find it a super interesting option to have a first contact that pushes you to continue forming and become a designer like a pine tree.
Are you ready to go for your goals? Dale hard and pursue your dreams!


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