Ciudad de Brisbane

Living in Brisbane

Living in Brisbane means enjoying a very comfortable city for its “small-town feel,” which greatly facilitates mobility, as well as its temperate climate throughout the year.

The capital of Queensland

Brisbane is the third-largest city in Australia, with around 2 million inhabitants, half the size of Sydney and Melbourne.

The Brisbane River runs through the city, giving it a very picturesque feel that enhances its beauty. There is a lot of activity along its banks because there are various parks, restaurants, and cafes. Additionally, water sports like kayaking or swimming in its artificial beach, located in SouthBank, are popular.

If there’s any drawback to highlight, it’s that Brisbane doesn’t have natural beaches. Despite this, if you want to surf, you’re just an hour away from Gold Coast, either by car or public transportation, where you can enjoy the best beaches for this sport.

Furthermore, Brisbane stands out for its high concentration of multinational companies located in the city. Therefore, if you’re interested in taking a business course in Brisbane, it can be an advantage for finding future employment in this city. Get in touch with us so one of our Dingoos Guides can prepare a free study plan for you and answer all your questions.

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    What is accommodation like in Brisbane?

    Despite being a big city, accommodation is not as expensive as in other major Australian cities. The city center is mainly composed of businesses and offices, so there is less housing available, and what is available tends to be more expensive.

    However, in neighborhoods outside the financial core, such as West End, South Brisbane, New Farm, Kangaroo Point, or Fortitude Valley, you can find accommodation at a fairly affordable price. Here are some average prices to find accommodation in Brisbane:

    • Single room between $220 – $320 AUD/week.
    • Shared room between $180 – $220 AUD/week.

    *Price range depending on how central the room is.

    For your arrival in Brisbane, at Dingoos, we’ll take care of managing your accommodation for the first few days and advise you on where to live in Brisbane. Additionally, we’ll help you arrange your transfer from the airport to the city center so you don’t have to worry about anything.

    Best neighborhoods to live in Brisbane


    The CBD (Central Business District)

    The Brisbane CBD would be the City Hall area. It’s a financial district, but there are also many bars and some residential buildings. Living here is more expensive (and there are fewer options) than in the rest of the city, and of course, there’s less tranquility. Prices can start from $170 or $180 AUD per week for a shared room, and for an individual room, it’s typically over two hundred.


    South Brisbane

    On the other side of the river, we have South Brisbane, a great option to live in. It’s quite common to share a room with someone else here, which will cost you around $170 AUD in a pretty decent and well-located house. There are plenty of leisure options, including public pools that give you the feeling of small beaches in the city center.


    West End

    It’s next to South Brisbane, and from here, it takes about half an hour to walk to the city center; if you grab a bike, you’ll be there in no time.

    It’s a lively neighborhood, and prices are a bit lower than in South. For example, it’s not difficult to find a quite decent room with a double bed for around $200 AUD.


    Fortitude Valley

    It’s a pretty chic neighborhood, with a lot of nightlife and pretty cool (and expensive) houses. A shared room can cost you about $150 AUD, and a private one around $250 AUD. The good thing is that the neighborhood is cool, and you have the city center 20 minutes away.

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    Vistas de Brisbane

    How does transportation work in Brisbane?

    Public transportation is well connected, both for inner-city mobility and leaving the city. If you prefer to use a bike or walk, Brisbane is also a city for you because it’s quite bike-friendly, and it’s getting better all the time. At newsagents and on Brisbane’s main street, you can buy tickets for trains, buses, and the tram. The public transportation system in Brisbane is operated by Translink, and with the Go Card transport card, you can move around the city at the best price.

    Additionally, upon your arrival, your Dingoos integrator will personally accompany you to acquire the transport card and explain how it works. So, no worries, we’re with you every step of the way.

    Food and shopping

    Grocery shopping in Brisbane isn’t the most expensive. If your palate isn’t very demanding, you can do a weekly shop for $60-70 AUD, which will probably be rich in carbohydrates. If, on the other hand, you’re more discerning and include fresh meats and fish in your diet, your weekly shopping might amount to $80-$100 AUD.

    In Brisbane, you can find the most economical and well-known supermarket chains in Australia, such as Woolworths and Coles Supermarket. As a tip, you’ll save a few dollars more if you decide to shop at Coles Supermarket.

    Leisure and social life

    The city of Brisbane has a lot of life; you can find all kinds of plans, nightlife areas, markets, festivals, and everything else you can imagine. Additionally, as we mentioned, at Dingoos, we’re always organizing super fun events of all kinds, so pack your suitcase and your desire to have a good time because your Aussie adventure begins.

    If we talk about prices, it must be said that leisure is quite expensive in this country. For example, eating out can cost you around $30-$50 AUD per person. If you go out for a night on the town, you can have a good time with just $30 AUD, although it’s easy to spend $100 AUD.


    Facebook groups in Brisbane

    In addition to our exclusive Dingoos Whatsapp group, where we communicate and post all kinds of plans, events, jobs, accommodation, and more, there are also Facebook groups in Brisbane, where you’ll also find more plans so you have plenty of options.

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    Spanish & Latinos in Brisbane

    Our experienced Dingoos in Brisban

    What's the weather like in Brisbane?

    Brisbane has a humid subtropical climate. Summers are humid and hot with an average temperature of 26°C. Most of the rainfall occurs in summer (December to February), often leading to thunderstorms and even floods. Winters (June to August) are mild with little rainfall and an average temperature of 17°C.

    Brisbane’s climate is perfect for outdoor activities and making plans. That’s why at Dingoos, we’re constantly organizing super interesting gatherings: barbecues, surf lessons, going out for beers, bowling, and much more. You’ll love this city, and you can stay updated on all these events on our Dingoos Facebook page.

    vivir en brisbane

    How to study in Brisbane?

    Brisbane is a highly popular city among international students who decide to travel to Australia for a study period, as some of the country’s best schools and universities are located here.

    To study in Brisbane, you’ll need to meet certain requirements, such as enrolling in a course or applying for a student visa. At Dingoos, we provide advice and assistance with the entire process completely free of charge, so don’t wait any longer, and contact us. We’ll help you shape your Australian adventure.

    In this city, you’ll find plenty of study options. You can study English, VET courses, or pursue a university degree. Any of these options will be a success because you’ll find quality education in all of them.

    Additionally, if you decide to study in Brisbane with Dingoos’ assistance, we’ll make sure that the school and course you choose perfectly align with your goals and budget.

    How to work in Brisbane?

    The first thing you’ll need to work in Brisbane is a visa that includes a work permit. The student visa is one such visa, and at Dingoos, we help you obtain it. With it, you can work part-time (24 hours/week) during your studies and full-time (48 hours/week) during vacation periods.

    Despite being one of Australia’s main cities, the cost of living in Brisbane is somewhat lower in proportion to the salaries it offers. So, if you travel to Australia as a student and work part-time (24 hours/week), you’ll be able to cover your expenses in this city without any problems with an average salary of $557 AUD per week.

    At Dingoos, we’ll provide you with tips and advice to find work as soon as possible. We’ll be with you throughout your stay in Australia, no worries!


    What are the most demanded jobs for students in Brisbane?

    Brisbane offers a very good range of job opportunities, both in less qualified jobs for those who are still not proficient in the language, and in more qualified jobs for those who already have a good level of English and a strong CV.

    Do you want to know more about Australia?

    Keep reading and discover everything you need to know about studying, working, living, and the types of visas in Australia.

    Studying in Australia

    Studying in Australia is not the hardest thing in the world, but it's not as easy as waking up one day and saying, "Today I feel like going to the other side of the world for six months, I'll pack my bags."

    Working in Australia

    Australia is a very safe country, with unstoppable economic growth for over 25 years, offering plenty of opportunities and advantages for those who want to come and grow professionally and personally.

    Living in Australia

    Our goal is to make everything clear from the beginning, so you know at all times what to expect on the other side of the world and avoid surprises. Ready?

    Types of visas in Australia

    At Dingoos, we are experts in Australia and will accompany you every step of the way to help you decide which visa suits you best. And once you've made up your mind, we'll assist you with all the paperwork to make it so easy that you won't even notice.

    Tourism: What to see in Brisbane?

    If you decide to live in Brisbane, you can’t miss out on some of its spectacular places:


    North Stradbroke Island

    It’s a must-visit from Brisbane. You can stroll along kilometers of pristine beaches and engage in water sports. From this island, you can spot whales from the shore, sea turtles, kangaroos in the wild, and maximum nature in a super privileged enclave.


    Moreton Island

    A paradisiacal, natural, and pristine island, where you’ll feel like you’re in the Caribbean because of its turquoise and crystal-clear water. However, make sure to be well-equipped because it’s all about nature. An interesting fact is that Moreton is one of the largest islands in the world with the highest percentage of sand. Don’t miss out on seeing it!


    Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

    Entry costs $40 AUD and it’s a 45-minute train ride from Brisbane. In this zoo, you’ll see animals you didn’t even know existed. You can take photos with kangaroos and koalas, see huge crocodiles, and… snakes up to 5 meters long!


    Story Bridge

    Brisbane’s Story Bridge is classified as a monument. It’s particularly striking at night when the lights are turned on, playing with colors and rhythms. There are also many places for after-work drinks with an amazing atmosphere and views of the bridge.


    The Valley

    The Valley neighborhood is a 20-minute walk from the city. This is where most of Brisbane’s nightlife is concentrated. You can dine, have drinks, and enjoy its party atmosphere where you can also find the best concerts, live music, and all the entertainment you want and more.


    South Bank

    The South Bank area is one of the busiest in Brisbane. Here, you can enjoy an artificial beach in the city center. You’ll also find the ferris wheel and Brisbane’s giant letters, which you can climb or take a fun photo for your social media.

    Did you know?

    • Every year, the World Cockroach Racing Championship is held in Brisbane.
    • In 2016, a resident of Brisbane tried to sell New Zealand on eBay. The bid started at $0.01 AUD and when it reached $3,000 AUD, eBay canceled the auction.

    If you believe that living in Brisbane is feasible for you and could be your ideal city, contact us, and a Dingoos Guide will advise you for free on everything related to visas, study plans, and how to come to Australia, so you don’t have to worry about unnecessary paperwork.

    Do you want to live in Brisbane in 2024?

    If you don’t want to wait any longer to find out what it’s like to live in Brisbane, take a look at the following video and discover what it would be like to do so in 2024. Because the time is now or it’s too late. We’re waiting for you!

    Other cities

    Since we know that choosing a destination in Australia is very difficult, we want to help by sharing with you the advantages and disadvantages of living in each city.

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