Events and leisure plans abroad

No matter your destination, there are thousands of fantastic plans waiting for you just around the corner. And if you also team up with people who are as eager for fun as you are, then let's get the party started!
Eventos y planes de ocio con Dingoos

The word "boredom" is forbidden here

Life is short, and we’re already on the second day. There’s no time to waste! That’s why at Dingoos, we have a dedicated department solely focused on designing new events and leisure plans to amaze our students and Work & Holidays participants.

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We're always coming up with something new to blow your mind, and we put all the love in the world into making it happen!

All our events share one thing in common: they are different, fun, and always tailored for people like you. Because you might not know it yet, but you’re about to meet some of the most important people in your life.

You can check out the awesomeness of our events on Dingoos’ Facebook or our Youtube channel, where we usually upload photos and videos of the best moments to give you an idea of what awaits you.

Moreover, if you come abroad with us, we’ll share all the audiovisual material featuring you, so you’ll take back a bunch of memories captured with professional quality.


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What types of events do we organize?


Outdoor events

Life is better with a burger in hand and a beer in the other. That’s why being part of the #DingoosFamily means enjoying the best BBQs, parties, get-togethers, and numerous leisure plans to have fun, relax, and meet new people. We spare no effort to provide the best for our beloved students and Work & Holidays participants! And of course, all these services are 100% free.


Sports Events for All Tastes

Yoga, skiing, surfing, beach volleyball, paddle, ice skating, snorkeling, tennis, rock climbing, soccer, paddle surfing, wakeboarding, scuba diving, hiking… It’s not a new Olympics, it’s just that with these fantastic plans, there’s no time to stay at home!

Our students love investing their free time in enjoying countless activities, and nobody enjoys throwing parties more than we do. That’s why we make the perfect match, and we spend all day organizing exclusive events for our Dingoos. So, everyone is delighted… our students and us!


Non-Stop Trips and Excursions

You’ll run out of pins to mark incredible beaches, mountains, cities, and spots on the map. In the #DingoosFamily, we love adventure, Into the Wild style: we prepare the sandwiches and everything else; you just need to bring your good vibes from home.


Information and Training Events for Living Abroad

When you arrive abroad, you bring a suitcase full of questions. How can I get my dream job? What do I need to consider when buying a car? Don’t worry; we know all the answers! That’s why every month, we organize workshops where we share materials such as infographics or CV templates that will help you achieve your goals in the destination country.

Furthermore, you’ll have the support of our Overseas Support and Assistance Department, which will provide you with key information right upon your arrival. You can turn to them whenever you want; they’ll always be there, ready to assist you during your entire stay.

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Discover other Dingoos services you can enjoy abroad.

Icono asesoramiento

Personalized advice

What, when, how, and where do you want to study? At Dingoos, we are experts in developing a tailored plan based on your preferences, interests, and budget.

Icono matriculacion curso

Course enrollment

We not only help you choose the best course for you, but we also take care of enrolling you in the school you choose, so you don't have to lift a finger.

Icono tramitacion visado

Visa processing

As visa experts, we know that dealing with paperwork to obtain one can be a hassle. That's why we guide and support you throughout the entire process.

Icono seguro australia

Insurance contracting

At Dingoos, we find and arrange excellent health insurance at an affordable price, so you can live your life and enjoy your visa without any worries.

Icono contacto con estudiantes

Connecting with other students

Feeling anxious about coming alone? Don't worry; at Dingoos, we'll connect you with other students even before you arrive at your destination, so you'll always have good company.

Icono busqueda de vuelos

Searching for cheap flights

We help you buy your flight at the best price thanks to our experience in the sector and our exclusive agreements with airlines.

Icono cuenta bancaria

Bank account opening

We guide you step by step to open your bank account from your home country, so you can start making local currency payments as soon as you arrive.

Icono busqueda alojamiento

Accommodation contracting for the first days

We'll assist you in reserving your accommodation for the first days. So, after the long journey, you can take a shower, rest, and meet other students who have just arrived too.

Icono atencion al cliente

Support and assistance abroad

Whenever you have any doubts or need anything that we can help you with, we'll be there to assist and advise you. At Dingoos, we are "your family away from your family." As long as we're here, you'll never be alone.

Icono descuentos estudiantes

Student discounts

We have numerous exclusive agreements with local, national, and international companies, designed for you to enjoy as part of the #DingoosFamily.

Icono workandholiday

W&H Welcome Pack

If you're considering traveling abroad with the Work and Holiday Visa, we offer an all-in-one package at a spectacular price, including many services that no one else will provide.

Icono renovacion visa

Visa renewal

When you decide to stay longer abroad, as you probably will, we'll advise you on the best way to renew your visa, and we'll take care of all the paperwork for you.

Icono traslado desde aeropuerto

Airport transfers

We'll arrange for your pick-up at the airport and take you right to the doorstep of the accommodation we've booked for you.

Icono integracion

Reception and integration

Relax and enjoy, as your Dingoos Integrator will meet you as soon as you arrive at your destination, welcome you, and accompany you through all the necessary procedures to start your adventure.

Icono movil

Mobile line activation

Once you arrive, we'll provide you with a SIM card and help you activate it, so you can let everyone know you've arrived safely and start posting stories.

Icono abn y tfn

Work number

Upon your arrival, we'll take care of getting you the number you need to start looking for a job as soon as possible.

Icono transporte

Transport card

All you need to move freely around the city by bus, metro, or tram is a public transport card. When you arrive, we'll accompany you to get yours.

Icono busqueda alojamiento

Support in accommodation search

At Dingoos, we'll advise you, give you tips, and resolve all your doubts to help you find a long-term accommodation where you'll feel at home.

Icono busqueda trabajo

Support in job search

The foreign country is full of job opportunities, and we'll teach you some tricks to help you identify them and find a job that will help you settle in.

Icono planes de ocio

Events and leisure plans

Every month, we organize a bunch of events and activities for our students: surfing, skiing, diving, barbecues, drinks, excursions... Needless to say, you're more than invited!

Icono asesoramiento

Welcome pack delivery

When you arrive at your destination, we'll provide you with our exclusive and useful Welcome Pack. This way, you'll have everything you need at hand for your first days.

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