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Studying english in Canada: everything you need to know

It’s been proven time and again that the best way to learn English quickly is to live in a foreign country. And if you choose to study English in Canada, you won’t just return (if you do) with a higher level of English, but you’ll also have opened many doors for your future. Nowadays, english is essential to access the best job opportunities.

Moreover, Canada boasts one of the best education systems in the world. This mark on your resume will make you stand out among other candidates when you enter the workforce. Keep reading!

Why study english in Canada?

The fact that studying english in Canada is a great idea is self-explanatory. But as we never tire of talking about this country, we’ve compiled all the reasons why coming to study in Canada seems like an amazing plan on a personal and professional level.

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    Quality Education System

    As mentioned earlier, Canada has one of the best education systems in the world. This isn’t just our opinion; year after year, it ranks highly in OUN rankings.

    Furthermore, Canada has been welcoming students from around the world for years, resulting in a wide variety of schools and programs for learning english. It also offers a wonderful system of student residences, shared accommodations, and local host families to welcome international students who come to discover Canada, its culture, and its lifestyle.



    Multicultural Environment

    Si buscas vivir en un ambiente multicultural, Canadá es tu país. Este país cuenta con un consistente número de familias formadas por inmigrantes de segunda y tercera generación: más del 21% de la habitantes de Canadá son de otras nacionalidades que vinieron a trabajar o estudiar en el país y decidieron quedarse a vivir aquí para siempre. Esto convierte a Canadá en el lugar perfecto para abrir tu mente y aprender de otras culturas, gastronomías y estilos de vida. 

    If you’re looking to live in a multicultural environment, Canada is the country for you. This nation has a substantial number of second and third-generation immigrant families—more than 21% of Canada’s population consists of individuals from other nationalities who came to work or study in the country and chose to stay here permanently. This makes Canada the perfect place to broaden your horizons and learn from other cultures, cuisines, and lifestyles.


    Language Immersion

    In Canada, you’ll practice english from the moment you wake up until you go to bed, as it will be the language you use for everything in your daily life. Additionally, Canadians are very friendly and will strike up conversations when you least expect it. Luckily, the Canadian accent is much more neutral than accents from other countries like Australia or the United States, so you’ll quickly become adept at understanding them.


    Quality of Life

    If you’ve always wanted to live in one of those countries that consistently ranks at the top of lists of the best places to live, start booking your ticket to Canada. Canada’s quality of life is recognized globally because it’s a very safe country, socially conscious, with a high-level education system, good job opportunities and work-life balance, a robust public healthcare system, and strong environmental awareness.


    Untouched nature

    The typical postcard image of a snow-covered mountain with pine trees reflecting in a crystal-clear lake… if you come to study in Canada, that could be your backyard. Canada boasts wild, majestic, and incredibly photogenic nature that will delight all outdoor enthusiasts: hiking in the mountains, strolls by the lake, and weekends spent doing winter sports like skiing or snowboarding at some of the world’s most famous ski resorts.


    You'll make friends from all over the world

    When you finish studying in Canada, you’ll have friends all over the world. Upon arriving in Canada, you’ll meet many other international students, and you’ll quickly form connections that will accompany you through a host of unique experiences. And these experiences bring people together! We’re confident that these friendships will last a lifetime.

    Furthermore, because we know that life is much more fun when shared, if you come to Canada with Dingoos, we’ll welcome you to our community so you can form a group to travel and embark on a thousand adventures. In addition to providing guidance, coordinating your visa procedures and your arrival in the country, we’ll also connect you with other newly arrived students like yourself, making your experience much more enriching and enjoyable from the start.


    Enhance your CV

    Studying in Canada not only demonstrates your proficiency in English, but it also highlights qualities that employers will value highly when considering hiring you in the future. Moreover, it will give you numerous anecdotes to share with your colleagues around the office coffee machine.


    You'll have an unforgettable experience

    Few things are as exciting as living new experiences. In Canada, you’ll have the opportunity to experience everything for the first time. The adventure of finding a place to live, sharing an apartment with a group of friends, discovering new landscapes… even everyday experiences like grocery shopping or taking the bus to school will become unforgettable moments.

    Types of english Courses

    Alright, we’ve seen why studying English in Canada is a great idea. Now, let’s take a look at the wide variety of English courses that this country offers.

    Given the high number of students in Canada, there are courses and programs tailored to all levels, goals, and schedules.

    Whether you want to learn English from scratch or aim to acquire more specialized English skills for new job opportunities, in Canada, you can start your ideal course any Monday of the year. These courses usually range from 15 to 30 hours.

    With a quality education system like Canada’s, the variety of educational options is virtually endless. If you’d like us to assist you in choosing the ideal course for you, contact us. We’ll assign you a Dingoos Guide who will analyze your case and search for the best schools and courses based on your goals, budget, and plans.

    Now, let’s review the options you can choose from.


    General english

    In general English courses, you’ll learn the fundamentals of the language and practice basic skills to become more comfortable in key areas: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

    There are general english courses available for all levels. As you progress, you’ll advance through the levels until you reach classes designed to prepare you for official English exams.


    Preparation for official exams

    In these courses, you’ll be prepared to excel in official exams that grant you the most sought-after English certificates, such as IELTS, TOEFL, or Cambridge.


    Academic english

    If you already speak English but feel a bit rusty or simply want to solidify your knowledge to feel more confident when pursuing higher education in english, you should consider taking an academic English course.

    These courses focus on improving your language skills, expanding your vocabulary, and providing you with structures to enhance your conversational, discussion, and presentation abilities.

    These skills will be invaluable if you intend to further your higher education studies in Canada.


    Business English

    Business english courses are designed for young professionals looking to refine their English for commercial purposes, access the international market, seize more job opportunities, and achieve greater success in the corporate world.

    In these courses, you’ll rapidly improve your communication skills through practice. They will help you feel more confident in meetings and presentations where professional English is essential.


    Inglés intensivo

    Si tienes muchas ganas de aprender inglés, pero poco tiempo, los cursos de inglés intensivo son para ti.

    Son cursos de inglés general, pero concentrados en pocas semanas.

    Por lo general, estos cursos intensivos son de menos de 6 meses de duración, con lo que podrás matricularte con la visa de turista. La parte negativa, es que este tipo de cursos de corta duración no te da la opción de conseguir un permiso de trabajo y por tanto no podrás trabajar legalmente mientras completas tus estudios.

    What visa do I need to study english in Canada?

    There are three visas that allow you to study English in Canada, and you can apply for them depending on your goals, as each one has different features.

    These visas are: the tourist visa, the Working Holiday visa, and the student visa.

    The main differences are:

    • Tourist Visa: You can study for up to 6 months and are not allowed to work.
    • Work and Holiday Visa: With this visa, you can work full-time and travel in Canada for 1 to 2 years. During this time, you can study for a maximum of 6 months. While studying, you can work part-time.
    • Student Visa: If your goal is to study and work in Canada, this is the visa you’re looking for. With it, you can study English in Canada without a time limit and work part-time during the course and full-time during breaks, as long as you combine your English course with some vocational training.

    If you want to know more about all types of visas and permits for Canada and everything you need to know to apply for them, click here.


    Requisitos para solicitar el visado de estudiante

    This doesn’t show up in the movies, but great adventures start with a pile of paperwork. So, your journey to Canada will also start this way!

    To apply for a student visa, you will need to gather the following documentation:

    • Valid passport with at least 6 months of validity.
    • 6 passport-sized color photographs.
    • Submit your biometric data.
    • Acceptance letter from the institution you have enrolled in, certified by the Canadian government.
    • Show sufficient savings to cover your expenses in Canada (around $833 CAD per month).
    • Pay the visa fees. This is $150 CAD for all of Canada, except for Quebec, where it’s slightly cheaper at $111 CAD.

    If you’re planning to study in Quebec, you’ll need to add one more requirement to this list:

    • Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ).

    Although it’s not a complicated process, applying for a student visa requires patience and attention to detail. You need to obtain and submit many documents at the right times to get your visa approved and be able to head to Canada as quickly as possible.

    If you want to skip the frustration and stress of bureaucracy, write to us. At Dingoos, we have a Visa Expert Department staffed by certified professionals who will help you gather all the documentation and apply for your student visa completely for free, so you can forget about the headaches of paperwork and focus on packing for your new adventure in Canada. Alternatively, if you prefer, we can refer you to an immigration lawyer to assist with your student visa application. Up to you!

    How much does it cost to study english in Canada?

    If you’re coming to study English in Canada, there are fixed expenses you need to consider beyond the cost of the English course. In this section, we’ll go over the average prices of things you’ll definitely need to start studying English in Canada. These costs might vary a bit based on the season you arrive, the city you live in, or your lifestyle.

    • English course in Canada: From $250 CAD to $300 CAD per week. The price varies depending on the course, registration, payment method, and required materials.
    • Flight to Canada: A one-way plane ticket to Canada costs around $500 CAD. This price can vary based on the time of year you fly and your country of origin.
    • Homestay accommodation: Around $1000 CAD per month, including three meals a day.
    • Shared apartment room: Between $600 CAD and $1000 CAD per month.
    • Groceries: About $300 CAD per month.
    • Phone + internet: $30 CAD per month.
    • Transport: Around $120 CAD for a monthly transportation card.

    If you want to get the best price for your English course, the best option is to choose a longer course. The longer the course duration, the cheaper the weekly cost tends to be. This way, you can spend more time working and studying in Canada, enjoying adventures, and perfecting your English. More time living adventures and honing your English skills in Canada sounds like a great plan, doesn’t it?

    Moreover, many schools offer financing plans or the option to pay for courses in installments, so the course price won’t be the barrier to coming to Canada.

    Your concerns won’t hold you back either. Do you know the best way to save money and worries? By contacting Dingoos. Our job is to help you find the english course that best suits your needs and budget, completely for free.

    Furthermore, we don’t just advise you on choosing your ideal course, but we also assist you with visa procedures and any questions you might have from the moment you decide to come to Canada until you’re actually here. How cool is that?

    Want to explore all your study options in Canada?

    Keep reading and find out everything about French courses, vocational training, and university studies in Canada.

    Studying in Canada

    If you're thinking about living abroad for a while to improve your English, delve deeper into your studies, and perhaps perfect or learn new skills, we have the perfect destination for you: Canada!

    Studying French

    If you're considering learning French to broaden your horizons, whether for work or personal reasons, Canada offers ample opportunities to achieve your goals. Keep reading!

    Vocational Training

    If you already have a good level of English and are thinking about coming to Canada on a student visa, vocational training courses are the perfect option for you. Learn more!

    University Studies

    Studying at a university in Canada is a life-changing experience. Its universities are among the best in the world due to their high educational standards and wide range of degree programs.

    Can I work while studying english in Canada?

    The short answer is no. In Canada, you can only work on a student visa if you’re enrolled in a certificate, Co-op diploma, or higher-level studies such as a Bachelor’s or Postgraduate degree. When you enroll in these programs, you can apply for a work permit and then work legally.

    However, if you want to study an English course to improve your skills, you have the option to combine courses. This means you enroll in a vocational course that grants you permission to work and also sign up for an english course. This option isn’t for the faint-hearted, but it would allow you to work while studying English.

    If combining courses already feels like a lot of information, Dingoos can provide you with free advice. Contact us, and we’ll assess your specific case for free and offer the option that best fits your goals.

    How does Dingoos help you?

    At Dingoos, we’re experts in making your life easier from the moment you get in touch with us.

    We’ve created a range of completely free services for you, designed to accompany you through all stages from deciding to come to Canada to leaving Canada.

    Upon contacting us, we will assign you a Dingoos guide who will take charge of your case and advise you on choosing the best school according to your plans, objectives, and lifestyle.

    Your Dingoos Guide will assist you in enrolling, processing your visa, booking flight tickets, and reserving accommodation at a Backpackers for your first weeks. We understand how stressful and overwhelming it can be to embark on an adventure of this magnitude in a completely new place, and we want you to have someone by your side for whatever you need.

    Once you land in Canada, your Dingoos Guide will help you obtain your SIN number, acquire a SIM card with data to stay in touch with your loved ones, and open a bank account so you can start feeling at home right away.

    And that’s not all; we will also help you prepare a Canadian-style resume, provide effective tips for job interviews, assist you in finding your permanent home.

    At all times, you can reach out to our Student Support Department to resolve your doubts.

    You’ll also become part of the #DingoosFamily, a fun community where you can participate in activities and parties with other students like you every week. This community offers many advantages and discounts for events, restaurants, and leisure activities, helping you make the most of your adventure in Canada.

    Frequently asked questions


    How long do English courses in Canada last?

    English courses in Canada can last as long as you want. The only difference is that, depending on the duration, you’ll need to apply for a specific type of visa.

    If you want to study a course lasting less than 24 weeks (6 months), you can do so with a tourist visa or a Work and Holiday Visa.

    If you want to study an English language course for more than 6 months, you can do so by applying for a Student Visa.

    The advantage of choosing a Student Visa is that you can combine your English course with a vocational training course, such as Co-op Diplomas. This way, you can work legally part-time during the course and full-time during internships and vacations.


    What are the levels of English courses in Canada?

    Similar to other English-speaking countries, classes are organized by levels, ranging from beginners to advanced. Somewhere in that spectrum, there’s a perfect English course for you.

    If you’re unsure of your level, don’t worry. On the first day of class, you’ll take a small test to assess your English level, and you’ll be assigned to a suitable class.


    For student visa application, how long should my English course be?

    To be eligible to apply for a student visa, you need to be enrolled in a course lasting more than 24 weeks.


    What are the class schedules for English courses in Canada?

    Classes are held from Monday to Friday, and you can choose between morning or afternoon shifts.


    Which is the cheapest city to study in Canada?

    Among the larger cities, Montreal is one of the cheapest cities to study in Canada.


    How much does an intensive English course cost in Canada?

    An intensive English course in Canada has an average price of $300 CAD per week.


    How can I immigrate to Canada to study English and work?

    International language students in Canada are not allowed to work, but those studying vocational courses can. You can come to study a vocational course, which will allow you to work and study English simultaneously. Another option is to come with a Working Holiday visa.


    What is the monthly cost of living in Canada for students?

    Around $1100 CAD per month.


    What are the best cities to study English in Canada?

    Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal.


    What are the student holidays like in Canada?

    Students in Canada have summer holidays from June to September, Christmas holidays from late December to early January, and the Mid-Winter Break from March 14th to 18th.

    estudiar formacion profesional en canada

    Are you familiar with vocational training courses?

    Vocational training courses are the best option if you already have a high level of English when coming to Canada.
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    La Huella

    Dingoos Podcast

    In episode 5 of season 2, Yago Quilez (the podcast host) covers everything you need to know about studying English in Canada. Don't miss it!

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