Ciudad de Perth

Living in Perth

Its incredible sunsets, unique nature, and location make it an increasingly attractive place to experience Australian life.

The Capital of Western Australia

Perth is the capital of the state of Western Australia. It is the largest city on the west coast of Australia, with almost two million inhabitants. Despite its size, people who choose to live in Perth often highlight that it is a quiet city.

Perhaps one of the main drawbacks of living in Perth is that it is very far from the main cities on the Australian east coast. On the other hand, this can be a great advantage if your priority is to practice English and deeply understand Australian culture. Being isolated from the rest of the cities means there is less tourist movement, thus maintaining the authentic Australian essence. For example, only in Perth will you find the Quokka; an adorable mammal that lives on Rottness Island, just an hour from the port of Fremantle.

Sunsets on the west coast are the best in Australia, characterized by their reddish color. Furthermore, it is an excellent spot for kitesurfing or windsurfing, as it is one of the cities where the wind blows most often.

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    How is accommodation in Perth?

    Let’s say that the price of housing in Perth is not as expensive as in Sydney but it is not as cheap as in Cairns either. It’s somewhere in between, although logically, the price of housing in Perth will depend on its location and amenities. Here are the average weekly rental prices in Perth according to location:

    • Single room in a three-bedroom apartment in the city center: $230 – $330 AUD/week.
    • Single room in a three-bedroom apartment outside the city center: $180 – $230 AUD/week.

    If you come to Australia with Dingoos, remember that we will hire a backpacker for you for the first few days. So, besides meeting people who are in the same situation as you as soon as you arrive, you can calmly search for your definitive accommodation in Perth.

    But if you want to start researching your accommodation options in Perth, you can search through websites like Flatmates, Gumtree o Campus Perth.

    Best areas to live in Perth

    As with many cities in the world, Perth was built on a natural bay crossed by the Swan River, so broadly speaking, Perth is divided into two, the north of the river and the south.

    We bring you the neighborhoods of Perth where international students usually live.


    Bibra Lake

    You will have Beeliar Regional Park just steps from home. A reserve where you can do thousands of outdoor activities. You will be about a 20-minute drive from the center of Perth, on the south bank of the river.



    A little closer to the center is Bentley, not a very bustling neighborhood but you can find more affordable accommodation options than in others.


    Mount Claremont

    On the north bank of the Swan is this quiet but very beautiful neighborhood. Also, if you live here you will also be very close to the coast. It will take you about half an hour by bike to reach the center of Perth.



    Also in the north part, this is one of the most economical neighborhoods near the center, about 20 minutes by bike.

    vivir en perth ilustrada
    Ciudad de Perth, Western Australia

    How does transportation work?

    Perth’s public transportation is well connected. Bus lines connect the entire city, not only with the center but also with the outlying neighborhoods and beaches. Although it is true that there are some areas, such as some more distant beaches, where it will be easier to get there using a bike or even an Uber.

    Download the TransPerth app and plan your trips around the city. You will be able to track your bus, train, or ferry. With one ticket, you can travel on public transport in any direction for 2 hours.

    Regarding schedules, buses and trains are punctual, but the frequency is not as good. For example, if you go out to Scarborough Beach, the last bus back home is at 11 pm, so it might not be your best option.

    In any case, the center of Perth (CBD) is small, and you can move around perfectly on foot, so if you decide not to buy a car, it won’t be a problem and it will also help you save some money on transportation.

    Food and shopping

    The average price of the weekly grocery shopping in Perth is around $80 – $100 AUD. Logically, what most influences the price is the quantity and quality of the food. In any case, if you want to save some money on your weekly shopping, take advantage of the offers and substantial discounts that are usually available in large supermarkets just before closing time.

    The supermarkets with the widest variety of products but somewhat more expensive are: IGA Woolworths or Coles. Other more economical options may be: Aldi or Spudshed.

    Regarding leisure, there is a lot of bar culture, especially in the city center. You can have good beer ($8 AUD) and wine ($18 AUD) tours through its streets.

    Leisure and social life

    A comfortable city to get around and where you won’t miss anything, with many beaches, unique spots, and the best sunsets in Australia. Being isolated from the other Australian cities will allow you to immerse yourself in the language and Aussie culture.


    Facebook groups in Perth

    To keep up with plans, job offers, available rooms or apartments for rent, and much more. Don’t hesitate to join this Facebook group because it will make your life easier in Perth.

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    Spaniards & Latinos in Perth

    Our Dingoos with experience in Perth

    What is the climate like?

    Its climate is very Mediterranean, so you can enjoy it intensely all year round for multiple outdoor sports and make the most of your daily life. The average temperature in summer (December to February) is 31°C, with a fairly humid atmosphere relieved by the sea breeze, colloquially called “The Fremantle Doctor.” The average temperature in winter (June to August) is 18°C.

    Although it can be considered a hot city, reaching even 40°C in summer, it can also be cold in winter in Perth. Also, in coastal areas like Scarborough, it is also common to be windy.

    vivir en perth

    How to study in Perth?

    If you are thinking of studying in Perth, you will be pleased to know that it is a city that offers very good educational and employment opportunities for international students. Furthermore, compared to other Australian cities, there are not as many international students in Perth, so you will find it very easy to immerse yourself linguistically and culturally in the Aussie style.

    You will have plenty of study options, from English courses to university degrees, through VET or TAFE courses. You choose!

    To study in Perth, you just have to enroll in a course offered by a school recognized by the Australian government and process your student visa. And you know what’s best? That at Dingoos, we help you with all the procedures to come and study in Perth. Write to us, and a Dingoos Guide will contact you to advise you personally.

    How to work in Perth?

    If you come to study in Perth with a student visa, you can also work. Specifically, you can work part-time (24 hours/week) during classes and full-time (48 hours/week) during vacations. All you have to do is apply for your TFN (Tax File Number) when you arrive in the country. But take it easy because if you travel to Perth with Dingoos, you won’t have to worry about this procedure either because your Dingoos Integrator will help you apply for it.

    The average salary in a part-time job is $548 AUD per week. As in all Australian cities, the high cost of living is offset by high wages. Therefore, you can live in Perth as a student and work part-time to cover your stay in this city.

    If you intend to work in Perth while studying, you can use some websites to search for your ideal job in the city. For example, Seek, Jora or Indeed. In the meantime, you can make some money to support yourself with other easier-to-get jobs. For example, you can look for work as a delivery driver at Uber Eats or Deliveroo, and also within the hospitality sector by searching on Sidekicker or PinnaclePeople.


    What are the most in-demand jobs for students in Perth?

    Depending on your CV, you may have access to more or less qualified jobs. In any case, the most in-demand jobs for international students in Perth are:

    • Hospitality
    • Cleaner
    • Delivery driver
    • AuPair
    • Moving
    • Painting and carpentry
    • Construction
    • Gardening
    • Diving instructor
    • Sports monitor
    • Programming
    • Marketing
    • Biologist

    Want to know more about Australia?

    Keep reading and discover everything you need to know about studying, working, living, and visa types in Australia.

    Studying in Australia

    Studying in Australia is not the hardest thing in the world, but it is not as easy as waking up one day and saying "today I feel like going to the other side of the world for six months, I'm going to pack my bags."

    Working in Australia

    Australia is a very safe country, with unstoppable economic growth for over 25 years and with many opportunities and advantages for those who want to come to grow professionally and personally.

    Living in Australia

    Our goal is to make everything clear from the beginning so that you know at all times what you will find on the other side of the world and you won't be surprised. Ready?

    Types of visas in Australia

    At Dingoos, we are experts in Australia and we will accompany you at every step to help you decide which visa suits you best. And once you have made up your mind, we will help you with all the procedures to make it so easy that you won't even realize it.

    Tourism: What to see in Perth?

    If you are going to live in Perth or are thinking of visiting it as a tourist, we recommend that you go to at least the following places:


    Kings Park

    The largest park in the world. You can walk through its paths and gardens and from here you can enjoy great views of the city and the Swan and Canning rivers.

    There are free guided tours that will allow you to learn about the fauna and flora of Kings Park, as well as the history of Perth.


    Swan River

    Before joining the sea, the Swan River runs along the city center. It is pleasant to take a walk along its banks on foot or by bike, or even go on a ferry ride. You can spot stingrays, and even sharks!



    It is one of the most characteristic neighborhoods of the city. A good plan both at night and during the day. The nighttime plan is to dine and have drinks in its clubs and pubs in the area. During the day you can go to the market, the state library, or the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, for example.


    Rottnest island

    19 km from Perth is Rottnest Island, which you can reach by boat in just one hour. Here you can meet the famous quokkas, snorkel, or just relax on its beautiful beaches.

    The best way to explore this beautiful island is by bicycle. You can rent one along with your snorkeling equipment when buying the ferry ticket.


    Bell tower

    One of the most characteristic buildings in the city of Perth. With 82.5 meters in height, this huge musical instrument has 12 bells and a super modern and avant-garde structure.


    Cottesloe Beach

    Of the 19 paradisiacal beaches in Perth, in this one you can enjoy the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen. It is undoubtedly a must-see.


    Elisabeth Quay

    It is one of the best-known tourist spots in the city. A great place to walk on sunny days, near the port and from where you can take the ferry to Rottnest Island.



    Beach area of Perth, ideal for surfing, cycling, and spending a day with the family. In addition, it boasts a relaxed atmosphere in its smoothie bars and brunch spots. The busy and modern nightclubs liven up this neighborhood as the sun goes down.



    Beach area of Perth, ideal for surfing, cycling, and spending a day with the family. In addition, it boasts a relaxed atmosphere in its smoothie bars and brunch spots. The busy and modern nightclubs liven up this neighborhood as the sun goes down.

    Did you know?

    • Perth is one of the sunniest cities in the world: an average of 8 hours of sun per day, 365 days a year.
    • It had other names before being called Perth: the aborigines called it Borloo and the British colonizers Swan River Colony.

    If you are interested in spending some time in Perth, studying, or combining your studies with work, contact us. We will help you solve your doubts, plan your trip, and make your stay in Perth very rewarding.

    Do you want to live in Perth in 2024?

    If you are thinking of living for a while in Perth, take a look at the following video and discover what it would be like to do it in 2024. Because the time is now or too late. We are waiting for you!

    Other cities

    We know that it is very difficult to choose a destination, that’s why we want to help you as much as possible and give you positive and negative points when studying.

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