estudiar ingles en londres

Study English in London: everything you need to know

Studying English in London is an experience you shouldn’t miss. The most cosmopolitan city in Europe has everything you need to broaden your horizons. London leads in terms of culture, nightlife, art, music, and fashion. The mix of cultures allows you to experience hundreds of different realities in a single day, and its culinary culture is one of the most diverse and acclaimed in the world.

And of course, its educational scene is one of the most varied in the old continent, perfectly combining quality and reasonable prices.

¿Por qué estudiar inglés en Londres?

Studying English in London is a great idea. Starting with its location, it makes it the perfect destination for those who don’t want to venture far from home, and it ends with its vibrant and unique atmosphere.

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    Study english in a super multicultural city

    London is a multicultural city where you can easily live for a while as you immerse yourself in everything it has to offer while studying English.

    Not only will you leave with a new language skill, but you’ll also gain thousands of unique experiences that will broaden your horizons and stay with you for a lifetime.


    Quality english courses for all levels and needs

    London is one of the most important cities in all of Europe. For this reason, studying English in the British capital ensures that you will attend a high-quality school with a great level of education.

    Furthermore, due to the wide variety of schools, there are courses and programs tailored to all needs and levels.


    Make friends from all Over the world while studying english in London

    Throughout history, London has been a meeting point for different cultures, and it continues to be today! Studying in London will give you the opportunity to meet people from all over the world who will quickly become lifelong friends.


    Practice english 24/7

    The best way to learn English is undoubtedly to have the need to learn it. In London, you can practice it from the moment you wake up until you go to bed, in everyday activities like grocery shopping, taking the tube, or ordering a pint at the pub.


    Acquire a sophisticated british accent

    The british accent is one of the most recognized accents in the world. The language of Shakespeare is original English: very proper, friendly, pleasant, and, to top it off, one of the easiest to understand.


    Good value for money for english courses in London

    Learning English in a city that never goes out of style and where everyone wants to be may sound like a luxury, but the reality is that the educational offerings have a very good quality-price ratio, which is not reserved for the privileged few.


    Your free time while studying english in London Is anything but free

    In London, there’s always something happening that you won’t want to miss. Exhibitions, parties, events, theater productions… London is a must-stop for all global tours. So, if you enjoy festivals and staying up to date, London promises to fill your schedule with fun plans.


    London Is the perfect city to come and study english... and stay to work

    Studying English in London can be the perfect excuse to stay in the country and work once you finish your studies. Although you won’t be able to work during your English course, you’ll have the opportunity to use that time to look for a company that can hire you to work in London.


    Cheap flights

    London is one of the world’s most important cities, and its airports receive daily flights from literally all over the world. That’s why it’s relatively easy to find cheap flights to London, especially if you’re flying from Europe!

    Types of english courses

    If you want to add London to your life and professional CV, you might be wondering what types of English courses you can take here.

    In London, there is a wide variety of schools with diverse English programs. Below, we’ll discuss some of the most popular options.


    General english

    Studying a general English course in London is the ideal way to start your life and academic experience abroad. It will help you learn a new language as well as develop new social and professional skills that will open many doors for you.

    These courses are designed to provide you with both academic and practical knowledge of English, which you can use in all aspects of your life.

    General English courses typically last from 3 to 11 months, with around 24 hours of lessons per week. Classes are held in the morning or afternoon, sometimes combined with online classes.


    Intensive english

    Enrolling in an intensive English course in London is one of the most popular options among international students, as it allows you to make the most of your time in the country.

    Intensive English programs are designed to help you develop your language skills as quickly as possible.

    Intensive English programs in London typically last from 3 to 11 months, during which you’ll have about 32 hours of classes per week, either in the morning or afternoon, with some online lessons as well.


    Preparation for official certifications

    When you’re looking for work abroad or in international companies, you may be required to demonstrate your English proficiency with an official certification. But don’t worry! Preparing for these exams in London is one of the best decisions you can make, as there are many high-quality schools where you can start your course almost any day of the year, regardless of your level.

    • IELTS: This is one of the most recognized official certifications abroad, and it’s useful if you intend to apply for visas or enter universities in Australia, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and New Zealand. The exam is divided into four sections in which you’ll need to demonstrate your proficiency in speaking, writing, listening, and reading English. You can prepare for it in courses that range from 20 to 28 weeks in duration.
    • CAE: Another widely recognized official certification is the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE). With this certification, you can also apply for visas and universities. The exam consists of reading comprehension, speaking, listening comprehension, and writing sections.

    Academic english

    Academic English courses in London are extremely useful for those who want to solidify their English skills before entering university or pursuing other forms of higher education abroad.

    In these courses, you’ll learn about topics related to economics, world history, politics, and more, providing you with the vocabulary and structure to present and defend your ideas dynamically and up-to-date in front of others.


    Business english

    If you’re a professional looking to enter the international market, business english courses are tailored to your needs.

    In business English courses, you’ll learn English as well as global marketing, negotiation, public speaking, business strategy, and presentation skills.

    In essence, you’ll acquire all the tools you need to grow professionally outside your home country.


    Individual english

    Individual English classes in London are the perfect way to gain fluency in record time.

    These are intensive and 100% personalized classes that will focus on strengthening the areas you need the most in order to communicate fluently.


    English courses for teachers

    English courses for non-native teachers are preparation courses for English teachers looking to teach abroad. They usually last about 2 weeks and consist of about 26 lessons per week.

    To start these courses, you will need to have a level of C1 or C2, depending on the school.

    • CELTA and TESOL: these are the most popular accreditations you can obtain to become an international English teacher, one of the requirements for teaching English anywhere in the world.

    Requirements for studying english in London

    The requirements for studying in London are quite easy to meet and will only require a small investment of time and money.

    The common requirements for studying English in London are:

    • Valid passport.
    • Valid visa for studying English in London.
    • Enrollment in a school accredited by the British Council or English UK.
    • Purchase of medical insurance covering your entire stay in London.

    However, depending on the type of visa and your country of origin, you may need to provide additional requirements such as:

    • Minimum age of 16.
    • Proof of a return ticket from the UK up to 30 days after your visa expires.
    • Sufficient funds to cover your expenses while studying in London.

    Types of visas for studying english in London

    There are several visa options that will allow you to study English in London. Which one to choose depends on the duration of your English course and your nationality. Let’s explore the options available:

    • No Visa Required: If you have a European passport or a passport from Mexico, Chile, or Argentina and your course is less than 6 months, you won’t need to apply for any visa to study English in London.
    • Short-term Study Visa: For courses lasting between 6 and 11 months, regardless of your nationality.
    • Student Visa: For courses lasting more than 11 months, regardless of your nationality.

    If you want to study a course of less than 6 months and do not have a European passport, Mexican, Chilean, or Argentinean passport, you may need to apply for a tourist visa to enter and study in London. This applies to nationalities such as Colombia and Ecuador, for example.

    You can check with us or visit the official UK government website to determine which visa you need based on your nationality and the duration of your studies.

    In any case, whether you are a student with a European passport or from any other Latin American country, at Dingoos, we are happy to help you with all the procedures completely free of charge. Don’t be shy, and write to us! We will tell you what visa you need, which courses and schools best suit your needs, and all the other procedures you need to fulfill your goal of studying English in London.

    How much does It cost to study english in London?

    El coste de estudiar inglés en Londres es de lo más variado, sobre todo si consideramos el precio no solo del curso, sino de todos los gastos que tendrás durante tu estancia, como el alquiler de la habitación, la comida, el transporte y el ocio. 

    Y es que, estos últimos costes variarán en función de cómo sea tu estilo de vida; si te gusta mucho salir de fiesta, quieres una habitación con baño privado o no te importa vivir a las afueras de la ciudad. Todos esos factores incrementarán o disminuirán el precio de estudiar inglés en Londres.

    Dicho esto, veamos algunos precios:

    • Curso de inglés en Reino Unido: de £191 a £427 a la semana, dependiendo del tipo de curso, duración del curso, escuela y forma de pago.
    • Visado: El coste de la Short Term Student Visa es de £186 y el de la Student Visa es £348.
    • Vuelo a Londres: depende mucho de tu ciudad de origen. Desde España puedes encontrar vuelos desde £13, y desde latinoamérica, en torno a los £687.
    • Seguro médico: desde £10 a la semana
    • Habitación en piso compartido: Desde £420 al mes.
    • Compra mensual: unos £150
    • Internet + llamadas: £10 al mes
    • Transporte: £123 al mes

    The cost of studying English in London varies widely, especially when considering not only the course fee but also all the expenses you will have during your stay, such as room rent, food, transportation, and entertainment.

    These last costs will vary depending on your lifestyle; if you like to go out a lot, want a room with a private bathroom, or don’t mind living on the outskirts of the city. All of these factors will increase or decrease the price of studying English in London.

    That said, let’s look at some prices:

    • English Course in the UK: £191 to £427 per week, depending on the type of course, course duration, school, and payment method.
    • Visa: The cost of the Short Term Student Visa is £186, and the Student Visa costs £348.
    • Flight to London: It depends on your city of origin. From Spain, you can find flights starting at £13, and from Latin America, around £687.
    • Medical Insurance: Starting at £10 per week.
    • Shared Room Rent: Starting at £420 per month.
    • Monthly Expenses: Around £150.
    • Internet + Calls: £10 per month.
    • Transportation: £123 per month.

    The best schools to study english in London

    As we were mentioning, there are numerous English schools in London, each with different English programs but all with a common goal: to help you learn English as quickly as possible.

    Let’s take a look at some of our favorite schools:


    International House London

    International House London is conveniently located in the famous Convent Garden neighborhood, right in the center of London. The facilities are spacious, and you can study general English, intensive English, and preparation for IELTS and Cambridge exams, among others. Programs can range from 5 hours per week to 20; you choose!


    Kaplan International College London

    Kaplan International College London is the solution for those who want to learn English to attend university in London. Kaplan International offers pathway English courses, contributing to its academic excellence in making London one of the best cities for students in 2019 according to QS.


    EC English

    EC English is a language school with a special premise: learning English with people your age. Because not everyone is still in their twenties!

    EC English offers a 30+ program focused on young people over 30 who want to learn English in a very international environment.

    Additionally, the school offers group excursions to visit places of interest in the city such as the Whitechapel Gallery and Camden Market.


    Kings South London

    Kings South London is located in the elegant and green neighborhood of Beckenham, famous as the birthplace of David Bowie. Here, you can take high-quality English courses. Their programs include general English, teacher training, and courses for students over 50 and over 30 because learning English is something we can all aspire to, not just for the younger crowd.

    Plus, the campus is very beautiful and spacious, with a garden café and a great menu.

    Right next to the school, there is a sports center, a spa, and a public library. You don’t have to go far to have it all!


    St Giles London Highgate

    St. Giles London Highgate offers students the opportunity to learn English in an exquisitely British atmosphere. The school is located in the safe and trendy neighborhood of North London, 20 minutes from central London, in a very quiet area, perfect for focusing on your studies.

    The school offers a high academic level with small groups and programs in general English, intensive English, and teacher preparation.


    Wimbledon School of English

    Wimbledon School of English offers intensive English courses, general English courses, preparation for official IELTS and Cambridge exams, and teacher training courses.

    With the aim of helping you progress as quickly as possible, Wimbledon School of English provides access to free academic consultations, guided study sessions, and reinforcement classes. With these resources and doing your homework, we are sure you will learn English at the drop of a hat!


    Tti Camden Town

    Tti Candem Town is a boutique school just 10 minutes away from Oxford Circus and the Camden neighborhood, one of the most interesting and vibrant in the city.

    The school is very welcoming, and since its opening in 1998, it has taught English to more than 30,000 students.

    It boasts qualified teachers, flexible schedules, and free workshops.

    At Tti Camden Town, you can study general English, intensive English, business English, teacher training, academic English, and exam preparation courses.

    Tips for studying english in London

    • Read books in English. If you’re a fan of reading, there’s nothing better than picking up your favorite novel in English to gain fluency.
    • Watch movies with subtitles. It’s the moment to listen to the real voices of characters in cult movies and series.
    • Listen to English music and look up the lyrics to try to follow along. You’ll be amazed by the lyrics of many songs!
    • Hang out with locals or students who don’t speak Spanish. This way, you’ll be forced to practice English all the time.
    • Get used to false friends. We’re referring to words that seem like one thing but mean another. Grammar and vocabulary can be a bit overwhelming, but if you practice, you’ll speak much more fluently in less time.
    • There’s no better teacher than making mistakes. So don’t be afraid to speak and make mistakes because that’s the only way someone can correct you and help you say something the right way.
    • Travel and step out of your comfort zone. Make the most of your time in London to explore more of the United Kingdom, one of the most beautiful ways to put into practice all the English you’ve learned!

    How Dingoos can help you?

    At Dingoos, we are a team of professionals who act like a big family. This means that we will do everything in our power to fulfill your dream of studying in the UK and make the experience memorable.

    From the beginning, we will take care of your case and accompany you every step of the way, helping you with all the necessary procedures, such as enrolling in school, purchasing medical insurance, and, if necessary, applying for a visa.

    We will also be available to assist you in booking accommodation for your first days in the UK and finding affordable flights. Upon your arrival, we will be waiting to welcome you and assist you with initial steps like activating your SIM card, confirming your bank account, obtaining your transport card, and even making your first survival grocery shopping.

    In short, the Dingoos Team will be your family away from home.

    Want to know more? Take a look and discover all the services you have at your disposal just by being part of the Dingoos Family. We’re waiting for you!

    Frequently asked questions


    Until when can I go to London to work and study as if it were any other European Union country?

    If you are Spanish, you could enter the UK to work or study with just your ID until December 2020.


    Since when is the UK no longer part of the European Union?

    The measures approved after Brexit began to be implemented in January 2021.

    Since that date, all international students and workers who want to go to London to work will need a valid visa to enter the country.


    How long can I stay in London with a tourist visa?

    If you have a European passport or come from certain Latin American countries such as Mexico, Argentina, or Chile, you can visit London for up to 6 months as a tourist without needing to apply for a visa. During these 6 months, you can also study English or any other course.


    What visa do I need to study english for more than 6 months in London?

    All students with a European passport or from Latin American countries who want to study English in London for more than 6 months will need to apply for a student visa.

    To apply for a student visa, you will need to meet some requirements, such as enrolling in an English course at an institution accredited by the UK government and purchasing medical insurance for the entire duration of your stay in the country.

    You can check visa conditions based on your nationality on the official UK government website.


    How long does it take to complete all the procedures for a student visa for the UK?

    On average, it takes about 3 months to complete all the paperwork, enroll in the course, apply for the visa, purchase medical insurance, etc.


    Can I use the European health insurance card in London?

    No, you cannot use the European health insurance card in London since January 2021.

    If you are going on vacation, we recommend purchasing medical insurance. If you are going to study, you will be required to purchase medical insurance.


    Can I work while studying English in London?

    No. Since the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union, it is not possible to work while studying English in London.

    However, studying English in London can be very helpful in finding work once you complete your English course, especially if you already have a defined profession and only need English to perform at your best abroad. You can start looking for a sponsoring company while completing your English studies


    Can I renew my student visa while studying english in London?

    Yes, you can renew it as long as your study period does not exceed two years in duration. Contact us, and we will guide you through the entire process.


    How much does the student visa cost for studying English in London?

    The cost of the Short Term Student Visa is £186, and the student visa is £348.

    Renovacion del visado australiano

    Types of visas for the UK

    There are many types of visas available for traveling to the UK. Find out here what your best visa option is for visiting, studying, or working in the UK based on your nationality.

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