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Advantages of working in Australia

Australia is a very safe country with unstoppable economic growth for over 25 years, offering numerous opportunities and advantages for those who want to come here to grow both professionally and personally.


Australia boasts some of the highest salaries in the world. With part-time work, you can easily cover your living and study expenses.

Low Unemployment

With a 3.6% unemployment rate, it's one of the lowest in the world, making it a source of great job opportunities.

Improving Your English

English is the official language, so you'll have to use it in everyday situations, providing you with 24/7 practice.

Requirements for working in Australia

To work in Australia, like in any other country, you’ll need to meet some basic requirements. But don’t worry, they’re nothing out of the ordinary!


Work Visa

First, you’ll need a visa that allows you to enter the country and work legally. The two most common visas are the Student Visa and the Work & Holiday Visa:

  • Student Visa: This visa is the easiest to obtain, has no age limit, doesn’t require English proficiency, and allows you to work and study in Australia for the duration of your enrolled course.
  • Work & Holiday Visa: This visa is designed for full-time work in Australia. It can only be applied for once in a lifetime, has an age limit (maximum 30 years), and requires a certified English level of at least 4.5 in IELTS.

Which one is better? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer—it depends on your personal situation and goals. What you can be sure of is that Dingoos will accompany you every step of the way, helping you decide which visa suits you best and handling all the paperwork so you don’t have to lift a finger. Write to us!


Getting your TFN and/or ABN

These abbreviations, which might sound like Chinese, are essential for working legally in Australia.

  • TFN (Tax File Number): It’s the equivalent of the social security number in Australia. Your employer will need it to register you as an employee and withhold taxes.
  • ABN (Australia Business Number): Applying for an ABN means registering as a self-employed individual. You’ll need it for freelance work and invoicing. Unlike Spain, it’s free to apply for, and you can have it while working other jobs in Australia as an employee.

Upon your arrival in Australia, one of the first things your Dingoos integration coordinator will do is explore all your options and assist you in obtaining your TFN.


Bank account

Just like in any country, you’ll need a bank account for your weekly pay (yes, in Australia, you get paid weekly, not at the end of the month). Dingoos will help you open your account even before you arrive, from your home country, so you can start using it and make payments without carrying cash once you arrive.


English proficiency

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know English because in Australia, there are various jobs you can do even if you don’t speak the language. As your English level improves, more doors will open to higher-paying jobs in fields you might enjoy more.


Legal age

To work in Australia, you must be of legal age (+18).


Curriculum Vitae

To enter the Australian job market, you’ll need a CV that you can submit to potential employers and use for job interviews. Dingoos will teach you all the peculiarities of the Australian CV and help you create a resume that sets you apart from other candidates.


Complying with current legislation

Like in any country, depending on your visa and a certain income threshold, you may be required to declare your earnings and pay taxes. Dingoos will guide you through these processes, making seemingly complex tasks straightforward, and provide you with the essentials for filing your Australian income tax return in accordance with the law.

Would you like to study and work in Australia?

Contact us, and a Dingoos guide will get in touch with you as soon as possible to provide personalized advice.

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    Want to earn more about Australia?

    Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about studying, living, and visa types in Australia.


    We want you to get to know Australia. That's why we'll tell you about its main characteristics, its cities, and some interesting facts about the country that will leave you fascinated. Let's go to Australia!

    Studying in Australia

    Studying in Australia isn't the most challenging thing in the world, but it's not as easy as waking up one day and saying, "I feel like going to the other side of the world for six months; I'll pack my bags."

    Living in Australia

    Our goal is to make everything crystal clear from the beginning so you know exactly what to expect on the other side of the world, avoiding any surprises. Are you ready?

    Types of Visas

    At Dingoos, we're experts on Australia, and we'll accompany you every step of the way to help you decide which visa suits you best. Once you're clear about it, we'll assist you with all the paperwork so that obtaining it is so easy you won't even notice.

    How are salaries in Australia?

    Australia is one of the countries with the highest salaries in the world. To give you an idea, the minimum wage is around $23.23 AUD per hour, which is approximately €14.17. Do the math, and you’ll see that living here with a part-time job is more than feasible.

    What are the most In-demand Jobs?

    To give you an idea, we can divide jobs into non-skilled and skilled categories. Your English proficiency will largely determine which category you can aim for:

    • Non-Skilled Jobs: Mainly in hospitality (waiter, cleaner, dishwasher), domestic work (on farms or as an au pair), and retail (sales assistant or manager).
    • Skilled Jobs: Any other sector you can access based on your studies and a level of English that allows you to work professionally, such as engineers, journalists, lawyers, and marketing professionals.

    What can foreigners work as?

    Depending on your education, interests, and experience, the type of visa you have for Australia, your English level, and the geographic area where you decide to settle, you can access certain types of jobs. Here are some jobs for students in Australia that members of the #DingoosFamily use to support themselves in Australia.

    How to find a job in Australia?

    Basically, there are two ways to find a job in Australia: the traditional way, which involves submitting your CV in person to places where you’d like to work, and the digital way, by using websites with job listings to find opportunities.


    Recommended Websites


    Gumtree is one of Australia’s most popular websites, and on it, you can find not only employment but almost anything you’re looking for, from a bed to a car. Every day, all types of job offers are posted, and you can apply for them.


    Adzuna is an Australian portal specialized in job search. You upload your CV, choose the job you aspire to, the areas where you’d like to find it, and the website conducts a search to find your opportunity.


    Seek is a website where you can search for a job using keywords, narrowing the search to specific geographical areas. It defines itself as the number one job search page in Australia.


    More focused on freelancers and one-time jobs, AirTasker allows any user to post a task with an assigned budget so that another user can offer to complete it.


    Facebook Groups

    Another way to find a job is to join one of the Spanish groups you’ll find on Facebook, authentic communities where users help each other and even meet up to get to know each other and do activities together in different Australian cities.

    How we help you at Dingoos

    Whether you’ve recently arrived or have been here for a while, you’ll need to clarify all your doubts about working in Australia.


    Dingoos Work Workshop

    • To support you with job searching and everything that comes with it, we’ve created a specialized workshop that will help you with all the problems and questions that arise when looking for work, providing you with the keys to navigate the Australian job market effortlessly. Here are some of the topics we’ll cover:
    • TFN, ABN, and Tax Return.
    • How to create a Resume and Cover Letter.
    • Tips for finding a job. Where and how to search?
    • How to present yourself on interview day? Useful vocabulary and phrases.
    trabajar en australia
    Workshop Dingoos

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are there requirements to work in Australia depending on the sector I work in?

    Are there requirements to work in Australia depending on the sector I specialize in?
    Yes, there are general requirements and specific ones depending on your field and the sector you want to work in, such as the healthcare sector or construction.

    Take a look at this detailed article on the requirements for working in Australia.

    Can I study English and work in Australia?

    Yes, studying English in Australia and working is entirely compatible.

    Moreover, working in Australia without knowing English is more common than you might imagine!

    Here are some ELICOS courses that allow you to study and work in Australia.

    What types of jobs in Australia are available to Colombians?

    It’s a country with great job opportunities, so you can look for work in almost any sector in Australia. Here’s all the information you need to find work as a Colombian in Australia.


    What are the types of jobs in Australia for Spaniards?

    Depending on your level of English, you can access both skilled and unskilled jobs and start working in Australia as a Spanish speaker.

    Don’t worry; we’ll always be here to help you with your job search in Australia

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    Canada is one of the countries with the best quality of life in the world. Its landscapes will leave you speechless, and the friendliness of its people, known worldwide, will put a smile on your face that will be hard to erase during your stay in the country. Ready to live the Canadian dream?

    Working in Ireland

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