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How does Dingoos help you?

Very easy: we will solve all your doubts, we will take care of all the paperwork and we will accompany you throughout your adventure so that you only have to count the swimsuits that you are going to put in the suitcase.

Step 1:

It all starts with an email

The first step is to meet us. Write us telling us why you want to come to Australia and we will answer you unless a kangaroo jumps.

Contact Dingoos

Step 2:

We advise you and help you with the enrollment

A Dingoos Guide will contact you and It will help you develop a custom plan. Among other things, it will help you discover which city is best for you and which course is best for you considering your budget, personal tastes, professional goals or the time you plan to spend in Australia.

Students choosing course

Step 3:

We process your student visa

At Dingoos we are visa experts. We will help you choose the visa that best suits your interests and We will take care of all the necessary procedures so that you, meanwhile, can think of more fun things, such as the people you are going to invite to your farewell party.

Students with their visas

Step 4:

We help you prepare your trip and your arrival in Australia

When traveling, a thousand questions arise: What clothes do I wear? Where will i stay? No worries, we will be by your side to solve all your doubts. We will coordinate your transfer from the airport and reserve your accommodation for the first days. Also, upon arriving in Australia we will introduce you to other newcomers like you.

Student preparing the suitcase

Step 5:

We accompany you from beginning to end

With Dingoos you will never be alone. We will help you with all the initial procedures when you arrive in Australia, including tips for finding accommodation and work. We will welcome you as one of ours, because #SomosDingoos and we always look for an excuse to spend time together: barbecues, yoga, surfing, events, excursions ... You can not imagine the new people you will meet!

Student on the way to Australia with Dingoo

We speak? Write us!

Fill in the form and a Dingoos Guide will contact you in the next 24 / 48h.
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Australian visa renewal

Renew your visa!

And stay a little longer.

Has your year flown in Australia? Quiet, we help you renew your visa so you can take the time it takes.

Where to live in Australia?

In Australia there are many cities and they all have something special. Discover the one that best suits you!

News about Australia

Stop by our blog and discover everything you need to know about Australia!
tips for finding accommodation in australia

# Stay at Home with these resources that the Dingoos team has selected for you

The Covid-19 crisis forces us to stay at home in quarantine. Although at first it may seem like a bummer, staying at home is necessary not only to protect yourself from the virus: it is also an act of civility, responsibility and solidarity with your community.

Miguel Martín
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covid19 coronavirus in australia

Latest news on COVID-19 in Australia

Last update March 27, 2020 at 2:00 pm (GMT + 10)

Jaime Martin
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study hospitality at imagine education

Study hospitality at Imagine Education

Would you like to become a professional in hospitality or "hospitality" as they say in these lands? Well, at Imagine Education, one of the best schools to study a VET course in Australia, you will find some super specific, interesting courses that will bring you a Michelin Star to the curriculum, you will see ...

Miguel Martín
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