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United Kingdom

If you have ever thought about studying or working abroad, it is very likely that the United Kingdom has crossed your mind. And it’s not surprising, since the UK is a country full of educational and job opportunities and with a super dynamic and multicultural landscape that will make you grow in all levels without the need to go very far from your comfort zone.

Studying in the United Kingdom

Studying in the United Kingdom is a great opportunity to learn english, study anything you can think of in some of the best institutions in the world, professionalize yourself, and take your first steps in a very dynamic job market.

Living in the United Kingdom

Culture, history, party, nature, and sport. The United Kingdom is for everyone. And beware, so much variety and quality is addictive! You will love exploring its great cities, watching a musical, and getting lost in its small villages that seem to be taken from a fairy tale. Dreamy!

Working in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is the second European economic power and the fifth in the world and is eager to sneak into your resume! Discover with Dingoos all the possibilities you have to earn money and grow professionally in the country.

Types of visas

Since Brexit, if you want to study in the UK, you need a visa. Luckily, at Dingoos, we have already done our homework and have kept up to date to advise you and help you choose the best way for you to fulfill your goal of studying in the United Kingdom. And completely free!

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    Main features of the United Kingdom

    The United Kingdom, the country of cricket, tea, kindness, and, why not say it, hooligans and rain, is a country full of contrasts, a lot of history, beauty, and great opportunities for all those who want to prosper at all levels.

    It is not for nothing that it is one of the five world economic powers. A country where something is always happening and has always welcomed with open arms all those who have wanted to go to its rainy lands to study or work.

    Let’s see some characteristics that will help us understand the UK a little better.


    A kingdom, four nations

    The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is made up of four nations governed by a constitutional monarchy. These nations are Scotland, Wales, England, and Northern Ireland.


    United Kingdom in figures

    The United Kingdom has a total area of ​​244,820 km². It is located between the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea, just 35 kilometers from the coast of France, which can be reached by crossing the famous English Channel.

    The UK is divided between two large islands and hundreds of small islands.

    Great Britain is one of the large islands, on which three of the four nations that make up the UK are located:

    • Scotland: for all island lovers, its geography includes almost 800. The capital is Edinburgh.
    • Wales: located on its own peninsula, in the westernmost part of the island. Its capital is Cardiff.
    • England: Located in the southern and central part of the island of Great Britain, it also has about 100 islands. The capital is London.

    The fourth nation of the UK is located on the neighboring island of Ireland, specifically in the northeast. And it is that 30% of the northeasternmost territory of this island makes up Northern Ireland, the fourth nation of the United Kingdom.

    Great Britain is 1,100 km long and 500 km wide, and Northern Ireland shares almost 500 km of border with its neighbor, the Republic of Ireland.

    As a curious fact, you will like to know that in England, more specifically in London, is the Greenwich Observatory, which gives its name to the Prime Meridian. This meridian is the first meridian from which the rest of the longitudes that help us establish time zones, among other things, depart.


    The government of the United Kingdom

    The United Kingdom has one of the longest-standing monarchies in the world, and its form of government is a parliamentary monarchy. This means that Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state and has the final say in all decisions made for the country.

    To help govern the queen, the country has a parliamentary system consisting of two chambers that meet in the historic Palace of Westminster:

    • The House of Commons, made up of parliamentarians elected through the vote of the people.
    • The House of Lords, consisting of 26 bishops (let’s not forget that Queen Elizabeth II is also the head of the Church), known as Spiritual Lords, and Temporal Lords. All of them are personally appointed by the Queen with the help of the English Prime Minister.

    The United Kingdom, the second European economic power

    Only behind Germany, the United Kingdom is the second-largest economy in Europe, being the fifth in the world.

    This is due to its pioneering role in industrialization.

    In this field, today the UK stands out for its chemical, pharmaceutical, and aviation industries. Although currently, its most prolific sector is services, where financial services such as banking and insurance companies stand out. The UK is the largest financial center in the world, ahead of New York.


    Picturesque nature

    The United Kingdom has a temperate and rainy climate that makes its nature green and lush. Large oak, ash, beech, and pine forests proliferate in the south.

    To the north, temperatures drop, and coniferous forests, such as spruces and pines, prevail.

    In the early morning hours, they are usually shrouded in a magical mist that has evoked more than one tale of ladies and knights.

    In addition, the United Kingdom abounds in small mammals such as rabbits, foxes, as well as deer, weasels, and more than 200 different species of birds.

    All these animals, although of great beauty, are threatened by sports hunting, which unfortunately enjoys a great cultural tradition in the country.

    Main cities of the United Kingdom

    The United Kingdom has many cities known for one thing or another. To name a few: London, Bristol, Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Cambridge.

    Here we are going to focus on London, the capital of the country, an iconic image of the big city and the place that offers a better global vision of everything that the United Kingdom can offer you.



    London is the epitome of the European big city, being not only the largest and most populous city in the United Kingdom but also in Europe.

    It has almost 9 million inhabitants spread over its 1,572 square kilometers of surface area. This fact makes it one of the cities with the highest population density. Some areas of the city have as many as 5,490 inhabitants per square kilometer.

    The official language is English, but it is such a cosmopolitan city that more than 300 different languages are spoken there.

    London is one of the first cities that comes to mind for anyone who wants to study English, work, or simply live a different and enriching life experience at all levels.


    10 curiosities about the United Kingdom

    London is a magical city, full of charm, opportunities, and history. Below we will tell you 10 curiosities about the United Kingdom that will make you quickly fall in love with this great island.


    Rain for everyone's taste

    Yes, it is always raining in the United Kingdom. But the truth is that rain has its charm, especially when you live in a country that is super prepared to face the endless rainy days.

    That overcast sky invites you to step into one of its cozy cafes and pubs where you can enjoy the warmth of a coffee, a pint, and your friends.


    Without rain, we would not appreciate sunny days

    In the United Kingdom, the sun does not come out very often, but when it does, oh my. Get ready to take out your summer clothes, even though it’s 15 degrees out, and run with all the British to have a picnic in some park.


    Tea o'clock

    The United Kingdom is the largest consumer of this herb imported from Japan and brought to the English court by the Portuguese Catherine of Braganza.

    The tradition of tea in the UK is just that, tradition. There is a correct way to prepare it for each person, and the rest are barbarities. Beware, they take it very seriously here!


    World cuisine

    The United Kingdom is not known for its own cuisine, but the truth is that so much immigration has brought its flavor to the country. It is super easy to find dishes of any type of cuisine, such as Indian, Asian, Lebanese, Mexican, as well as many fusion cuisine options that will satisfy the tastes of the most discerning.


    One language, many dialects

    And many accents too! In the United Kingdom, the first language is English, but the number of dialects and accents can be really overwhelming. Soon you will be able to recognize Cockney, Welsh, or West Country accent.


    Enjoy weekends in the countryside

    The United Kingdom has super beautiful landscapes, formed by rugged forests and cliffs that you can explore by donning a good pair of wellies and a raincoat, very British style.


    The most famous lake in the world

    And to put a few more titles: the largest in the United Kingdom, deeper than the North Sea, and the home of one of the most famous sea monsters in the world.

    Indeed, it is Loch Ness, and you cannot miss it. With a bit of luck, you can become one of the over a thousand people who claim to have seen the monster that inhabits Loch Ness


    A country of castles

    If you love epic stories, remote kingdoms, castles, and magic, in the United Kingdom, you can indulge in your dreams by visiting well-preserved castles and villages.

    Some estimates suggest that during the Middle Ages, there was a castle every 19 kilometers.

    We do not know if it is true, but only in Wales, there are still about 400 castles standing.


    Whales, swans, and dolphins have an owner

    And that is the Queen of England, Elizabeth II. Yes, since the twelfth century, a royal decree was issued naming the British crown as the owner of all white swans, sturgeons, dolphins, whales, and wild boars that roam freely on British territory.


    Mr. Nobody is called John Smith

    In the United Kingdom, when people do not know someone’s name, they call them John Smith. Yes, like the hero from Pocahontas. And it is because there are nothing more and nothing less than 30,000 people who answer to this name.

    Are you eager to explore and live a life-changing experience? Write to us! At Dingoos, we are ready to help you manage everything so you can come to study and work in the UK whenever you want, and without any extra cost to you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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