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Australia: everything to discover

Australia is so big and home to so much greatness that it is tough to condense all the good that can be said about it in one place. The best thing is to come and discover it for yourself! But to give you an idea of everything it contains, we will take a tour of the things you should know about Australia.

Study in Australia

Studying in Australia is not the most challenging thing in the world, but it is not as easy as waking up one day with the cable crossed and saying, "today I feel like going to the other side of the world for six months, I'm going to pack my suitcase."

Live in Australia

Our goal is to give you all the information from the beginning so that you know what you will find on the other side of the world and do not get surprises. Ready?

Work in Australia

Australia is a safe country, with unstoppable economic growth for more than 25 years. There are a lot of opportunities and advantages for all those who want to come to grow professionally and personally.

Types of visas

At Dingoos, we are experts in Australia, and we will accompany you at every step to help you decide which visa is best for you. And once you have it clear, we will help you with all the procedures so that getting it is so easy that you don't even realize it.

Main features of Australia

Because Australia is not just Sydney, it is kangaroos, it is koalas, it is dingoes, it is long afternoons of surfing on endless beaches, and it is much more than that…

  • Australia is the sixth-largest country globally, only surpassed in square kilometres by Russia, Canada, the United States, China and Brazil.
  • Australia is more than 3000 hours of sunlight a year.
  • Australia is quality of life, one of the few places where the work-life balance is balanced … and with the highest minimum wage in the world!
  • Australia is history and culture: from its aboriginal past to its time as a penal colony in the United Kingdom and, of course, its promising present in which it is positioned as a great exporter of culture thanks to groups such as Tame Impala, showcases of urban art like Melbourne or actors like Hugh Jackman or Chris Hemsworth.
  • Australia is a metropolis like Sydney, it is urban-like Melbourne, it is a surfer like Gold Coast, and it is fishing villages with a magnetic charm like Byron Bay, but it is also desert and mountain.
  • Australia has 19 UNESCO World Heritage sites, from natural wonders like the Great Barrier Reef to historic buildings like the Jail at Cockatoo Island.
  • Australia is home to thousands of species of animals and plants, many of them endemic and that you can only see here. It is a paradise for flora and fauna lovers!

But Australia is all that and much more. It is, possibly, the most unknown and wild place left on the planet, a unique experience for each new traveller. And you are about to discover it!

Fasten your seatbelt; we’re going on a road trip to discover everything you need to know about this place so far away and so close at the same time. Let’s go!

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    Main cities of Australia

    Get to know the destinations most chosen by our students


    One of the great cities in the world and possibly the most famous in Australia, Sydney is an icon of the country. Here you will feel like a fish in the water if you have the soul of an urbanite! Sydney is close to 5 million inhabitants, has more than 100 beaches (including great surf legends, such as Bondi Beach) and is full of job opportunities, although accommodation is expensive.

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    Despite its size, the city of bohemia and culture, Melbourne is an architectural beauty and a peaceful town to live in.

    It is a great city, so many international students choose to study in Melbourne. On a practical level, unemployment is low, and it is easy to find work. You will have great neighbourhoods to live in and to feel like a real Aussie or be the coolest person on the planet; it’s up to you.

    vivir en melbourne ilustrada

    Gold Coast

    Sun all year round and long shadows in which to seek shelter at the foot of its infinite skyscrapers, authentic colossi of steel, stone and glass that look over the horizon immovably in search of the perfect wave. The place you have always wanted to live if surfing is your thing.

    It is as if you took a cocktail shaker and put the atmosphere of Miami, the buildings of New York, and the canals of Venice all mixed (not agitated!). There is a lot of work in the service sector on the Gold Coast, and life is fun and happy.

    vivir en gold coast ilustrada

    Byron Bay

    Byron Bay is not a place; it is a lifestyle. The coolest town in Australia and a firm candidate for the position also worldwide, with 5,000 inhabitants who enjoy bohemianism and surfing on the shores of the Pacific in a hippie and good vibes context.

    Here time stopped a long time ago, and all that remains is to live a quiet life, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, but only an hour from the Gold Coast in case one day your body asks for sauce.

    vivir en byron bay ilustrada


    If you want to study in Brisbane, you will have no problem finding what you are looking for. It is a city that once you know it, you are hooked. Not only for its study and work possibilities but the quality of life in general.

    Its neighbourhoods are very diverse, so whatever you like, you will find an excellent place to live in Brisbane. In addition, you will meet people from all over the world who will significantly enrich your experience.

    vivir en brisbane ilustrada


    Perth is the capital of the west coast, a place opposed to the big cities on the east coast of Australia. Precisely because of this, it has kept the purest essence of Australian life and landscape intact.

    Although it has two million inhabitants, it is still an eminently quiet city, with incredible sunsets, a spectacular climate and plenty of beaches where you can spend hours surfing and enjoying the sea breeze. An option that, complemented with its job stability, is increasingly chosen by international students looking for a different experience.

    vivir en perth ilustrada


    A very particular climate, a lot of movement of travellers, parties almost all year round, 120,000 inhabitants and a whole coastline to discover.

    Cairns is beautiful itself, but without a doubt, its great asset is the proximity to incredible natural landscapes, such as the Great Barrier Reef, and to such stunning towns as Kuranda (an aboriginal village lost in the middle of the Jungle), Palm Cove or Trinity Beach. In the surroundings of Cairns, you will also find some of the best beaches in Australia, but be careful and pay attention to the signs before jumping into the water because in some of them swimming is prohibited due to the presence of some “friendly” tenants: the crocodiles of saltwater.

    vivir en cairns ilustrada


    Buildings that do not exceed the height of the trees and nature in capital letters in a piece of subtropical paradise where it is not difficult to spot koalas and surf close to dolphins. One step away from all this, you will find exclusive and modern boutiques, luxury restaurants, and shops in the glamorous Hasting Street.

    A curious place where life goes at a different pace, and that borders the Noosa Natural Park, the most visited in Queensland. A place of pilgrimage for surfers thanks to the tournaments held every year.

    vivir en noosa ilustrada


    Adelaide is known as “the great little Australian city”. Its almost one and a half million inhabitants make it the fifth-largest city in Australia. Adelaide has several architectural gems that bear witness to its brilliant cultural past and makeup Australia’s most elegant skyline.

    Also, it has a tremendous cultural atmosphere with plans for all tastes and pockets. From a dollar point of view, accommodation is up to 20% cheaper than Sydney, making it the first choice for thousands of students who arrive each year for an unforgettable experience.

    vivir en adelaide ilustrada


    Darwin is located in the northern territory of Australia, right off the coast of the Timor Sea. With its 180,000 inhabitants, it is the most populous city in the north of Australia.

    Its climate is tropical dry, making it quite hot in summer and very rainy winters. Darwin is the perfect city for those with the soul of adventurers since this is one of the least known urban centres in the country.

    vivir en darwin ilustrada


    Hobart is Australia’s oldest city, founded in the 19th century by Colonel David Collins. It is located in Tasmania, at the mouth of the Derwent River.

    Hobart can combine the best of a modern city with the wildest nature: beaches, forests, mountains and nature reserves surround it, configuring an impressive landscape.

    vivir en hobart ilustrada

    10 Curiosities about Australia

    There are thousands of words to define Australia, and one of them is undoubtedly curiosity. And there are thousands of curiosities about Australia that are waiting for you to discover them! There goes our particular top 10.


    Australia is a kangaroo paradise

    Did you know that there are twice as many kangaroos in Australia as there are people? Nothing more and nothing less than 50 million.


    Although many people think it is Sydney, the capital of Australia is Canberra

    It is a common mistake: you think of the capital of Australia in an immediate plan, and the first word that comes out is Sydney, but no. Canberra is the capital, and it has an explanation.

    At the beginning of the 20th century, Sydney and Melbourne disputed the capital’s throne and fell into a tug of war that never ended. As it was impossible to reach an agreement, a Solomonic decision was chosen: choose a prosperous site and create a city from scratch to constitute it as the capital of the State. And so Canberra was born, which was founded in 1913.


    In Australia there are more than 10,000 beaches

    If you spent a day visiting each one, it would take 27 years to see them all. When do we start?


    In Australia there are thousands of animals that you can only see in Australia

    In fact, 83% of mammals, 90% of insects and fish, 89% of reptiles and 93% of amphibians in Australia are endemic here. Get ready to see the never seen!


    Australia has a bubblegum pink lake

    Lake Hillier is pink and has nothing to do with light. If you take some water and put it in a glass, you will have a glass of pink water. Although there are several hypotheses as to why this is so, no one knows for sure.


    On the coat of arms of Australia there are two animals that cannot walk backwards

    They are kangaroos and emus, and it is a metaphor for the country’s spirit: we always go forward towards progress.


    In Australia Christmas is celebrated on the beach

    As Australia is in the southern hemisphere, Christmas falls at the height of summer. That is why it is not uncommon to see families and friends celebrating parties on the beach, in swimsuits and with a good barbecue. It is something you have to live even once in your life! It’s something shocking, but it’s cool.


    In Australia there is an island where 4 million penguins live

    Macquarie Island could also be called “Penguinland”. If it were a country and penguins were its citizens, it would have almost the same inhabitants as New Zealand, Croatia or Panama.


    In Australia you drive on the left

    In Australia, you drive on the left as an inheritance from its past as a British colony. Something that seems super striking and strange to us and that, however, occurs in 55 other countries in the world and more than 20 overseas territories, most of them linked to the United Kingdom or geographically very close to British colonies.


    Much of Australia is desert

    Most of Australia is desert or semi-arid: nothing more, but nothing less than 2.3 million km2, 29.7% of the continental territory.

    Our students speak highly of Australia

    What, how do you stay? What do you want to get to know Australia even more now? No problem, that’s what we’re here for!

    At Dingoos, we make it very easy for you, you just have to write to us, and we will help you plan your experience so that living the best experience of your life is more accessible, simpler and more fun than you ever imagined. Do you dare? 😉

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