Visado de estudiante en Australia

Student visa for Australia

There is a visa that allows you to study and work in Australia: it’s called the student visa, and at Dingoos, we are experts in processing it. So much so that we’ll take care of all the paperwork to get it for you almost without you realizing it. Keep reading to see how we do it!

There’s a way to study and work in Australia that works like a mathematical formula: get your student visa. Because once you have it, you can step on Australian territory legally and stay here for the duration of your course, whether it’s three months or five years. Plus, it allows you to work while studying, so once you’re here, you won’t have to touch a penny of your savings!

You are about to discover everything you’ve always wanted to know about one of the top visas on this side of the ocean. You can keep reading or fill out our contact form to receive personalized advice from a Dingoos Guide.

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    Requirements to apply for the student visa in Australia

    The requirements to obtain the student visa:

    You need to meet a series of minimum requirements. But don’t worry, they are nothing out of the ordinary, and besides, at Dingoos, we will always be by your side to help you at every step:

    • Enroll in an approved course (CRICOS): Not sure what to study? No problem! You will have a Dingoos Guide at your disposal to advise you on all your options, helping you discover what motivates you, and going for it together. Once you decide on the course, they will take care of the entire enrollment process with the sole aim of making things even easier for you.
    • Have a Confirmation Of Enrollment (COE): The COE is a code associated with a course within an approved school, and you obtain it once you enroll in the school. At Dingoos, we also help you get it.
    • Have a passport with a minimum validity of 6 months: If it’s expired or about to expire, no worries… it’s as easy as going one morning to renew it!
    • Write and send a GTE letter: a kind of motivational letter in which you must explain the reasons why you are eager to study in Australia. Don’t worry about this; our team will also help you draft the letter to include everything necessary and in English that even Shakespeare would envy.
    • Purchase OSHC health insurance: To get the visa, you’ll need health insurance covering the entire duration of your student visa. At Dingoos, we have agreements with the best insurance companies in the market and will help you get unbeatable OSHC insurance in terms of quality and price.
    • Pay the student visa fee: this will vary depending on whether you come alone or as a couple. According to Australian government data in 2023, the costs of the student visa in Australia are:
      • Individual: $1.600 AUD
      • Couple: $2.790AUD ($1.600 + $1.190 AUD)

    Important note! Keep in mind that, depending on your nationality, the Australian government reserves the right to request additional requirements, such as proof of your financial funds or medical exams.

    How to apply for the student visa?

    The student visa is applied for online through the official Immiaccount page of the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs.

    Before applying for your student visa in Australia, make sure to meet all the requirements mentioned in the previous section and ask us any questions you may have. But really, whatever your case may be, don’t worry about anything because at Dingoos, we will not only help you gather and prepare all the necessary documents to apply for your visa, but we’ll go a step further. Many steps further! Our team of Visa Experts for Australia is certified to submit the visa application, so they will assist you with all the tedious paperwork, making sure your only concern is thinking about what you’ll see first when you receive your first paycheck, whether it’s Uluru or the Sydney Opera House.

    How does Dingoos help you in the preparation and application process for your Australian student visa?

    Once you’ve contacted us, your Dingoos Guide will advise and accompany you throughout the process. They will help you develop a personalized study plan that fits your goals and budget.

    First, we’ll help you choose the course you’re most excited about, and once you’re clear about it, we’ll assist you with all the enrollment procedures at the school by sending your Application Form and obtaining the Letter Of Offer that includes details about the course, duration, price, and personalized payment plan.

    Once your enrollment in the school is confirmed, we’ll obtain the COE (Confirmation Of Enrollment), the official code that accredits a course for the student visa application, which, as you read a few lines above, is one of the essential requirements.

    With the COE in your hands, your Dingoos Guide will connect you with one of our visa team members who will take care of all the paperwork involved in preparing your visa. This way, you only have to worry about thinking about how many swimsuits to pack.

    To give you an overview and make the whole process even clearer, the following infographic illustrates all the steps: from contacting us to obtaining your visa. Because with drawings, things are even easier to understand!

    What types of courses can you study in Australia to apply for a student visa?

    Basically, almost anything you want, and you can even combine multiple courses, as we’ll tell you later. The key is to focus your strategy on getting the most out of the visa!

    Because you see, here’s how it works: the validity of the visa is the time your studies last plus the associated holidays for each course. We help you design a study plan focused on obtaining the longest visa duration at the lowest possible cost, always looking for a plan that fits perfectly with your goals.

    For example, if you are sure you want to come to Australia for an extended period (more than a year), it is advisable to enroll in several courses from the start. This way, you’ll save the money for the fees for the first student visa renewal ($700 AUD).

    On the other hand, if you prefer to try your luck for a shorter period (for example, 6 months) and once you’re here, you decide to renew it, no problem: we can also help you with the paperwork for your visa renewal. Feel free to ask us; we’ll advise you for free and with no obligation!

    This is what you can study with the student visa:


    VET Course

    VET courses are similar to Spanish vocational training (FP). They offer very practical training linked to the labor market.


    Higher Education Course

    Masters, doctorates, or degrees at universities: if you enroll in an official course at an Australian university, you will also get your student visa.

    Advantages of the student visa

    The question should be, what advantages does it not have? Because the truth is that everything is easy, especially when compared to other visas. Here are some examples:

    • No age limit.
    • It is the easiest visa to obtain.
    • You can get it without proving your English level.
    • You won’t have to “compete with others,” as is the case with the Work and Holiday Visa.
    • You can work with a student visa in Australia to support your stay, unlike a tourist visa. With a student visa, you can combine your studies with part-time work and even increase it to full-time during vacations.
    • Your partner can accompany you and also work part-time even if they are not a student.


    Student visa price

    The fee for the individual student visa (Student Visa subclass 500) is $1.600 AUD. In other words, about 992 euros, 4.415,690 Colombian pesos, 1.002,605 Chilean pesos, or 1,066 US dollars.

    Visa fees are paid by credit card through the Australian Immigration Department’s ImmiAccount platform. Our Visa Experts will assist you during the student visa application process.

    Depending on whether you are applying for an individual student visa, as a couple, or renewing your visa for the second time from within Australia, you should consider the following additional fees:

    • Primary applicant fee: $1.600 AUD
    • Dependent applicant fee (partner student visa): $1.190 AUD
    • Fee for each dependent under 18: $390 AUD
    • Surcharge of $700 AUD if it is the second time (or more) you are applying for a visa from within Australia without having left the country previously.

    Student visa response times

    The Australian Immigration Department’s website provides average response times for student visa applications. Depending on the applicant’s nationality or the chosen course type (ELICOS = English; VET = vocational), response times may vary based on the following criteria:

    • The Australian Immigration Department’s response to international student applications usually takes:
      • 13 days for 75% of applications
      • 28 days for 90% of applications
    • For ELICOS (English courses) enrollees, response times typically range from:
      • 29 days for 75% of applications
      • 38 days for 90% of applications
    • For VET (vocational courses) enrollees:
      • 42 days for 75% of applications
      • 76 days for 90% of applications
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I work with the student visa?

    Yes, of course! It’s one of its great advantages. You can work up to 48 hours every 2 weeks from the start date of your course. And during vacation periods, you can work full-time.

    Is there an age limit for the student visa?

    No, there is no age limit for obtaining the student visa.

    Can I bring my partner?

    Yes, you can incluir a tu pareja en tu visado de estudiante visa as long as you can prove that you have been together for more than 1 year. Your partner must also meet the general requirements of any applicant.

    Do I need a medical examination?

    In some cases, the Australian Immigration Department may request a medical examination from some applicants if there are indications that they may not meet the minimum health requirements.

    Do I need to demonstrate financial funds?

    Depending on the risk level of your passport, the Australian Government may request proof of financial funds to ensure that you have enough money to cover your stay in Australia.

    Starting from October 1, 2023, the annual amount to demonstrate financial funds will be $24,205 AUD.

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    Do I need health insurance?

    Yes, it is a mandatory requirement. Each applicant for a student visa in Australia must be covered for the entire duration of the visa with mandatory health insurance known as Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). This insurance can only be obtained through one of the providers approved by the Australian Government, such as Allianz, Nib, Bupa, etc.

    At Dingoos, we have agreements with several major insurance companies in the market and can get you an incredible insurance at an even more incredible price.

    How long does the visa last?

    The student visa is a temporary visa that allows you to study for up to 5 years. The type of course or courses, their duration, and the holidays in your academic plan will determine the total duration of your visa. When your course ends, you can study another one, and so on until you reach the maximum time allowed by law.

    Will I have vacations with the visa?

    Of course. Within the academic plan that we will help you develop at Dingoos, you will have included vacation periods. Their duration will be based on the duration of your course or courses.

    In what cases can I apply for the Graduate visa after completing my studies?

    You can apply for this visa (subclass 485) if you hold a student visa and have completed an academic plan that gives you access to the Graduate Visa in the last six months.

    Do I need to have an English level?

    You don’t need it if you are going to study an English course (ELICOS). However, if you want to study a VET course, TAFE, or a higher degree, you may need to provide an English level test along with your application.

    Is the requirement the same for all applicants?

    In principle, the requirements for applying for a student visa in Australia are the same for all applicants, but the Australian Immigration Department reserves the right to request additional evidence from applicants it deems necessary. The most common additional tests are usually medical, biometric, or financial.

    Can I renew my student visa?

    Yes, you can. You just need to contact us, and we will help you with the preparation of a new academic plan that allows you to apply for the renewal of your student visa.

    Can I apply for the visa from within Australia?

    Yes, the student visa can be applied for both from within and outside Australia. But keep in mind that when you apply for the second time consecutively from within Australia, the Australian Government will add an extra $700 AUD to the cost of the $1.600 AUD application.

    Can I combine various courses under the same student visa?

    Yes. In fact, it is more than advisable if you want to achieve a longer duration of the student visa to save costs. To do this, we will need to upload a CoE for each course. The last course you take will be considered the main course in your study plan.

    Can I travel while in Australia with this visa?

    Certainly. During study vacation periods, you can travel outside of Australia and return as many times as you want. However, keep in mind that the time you spend outside Australia will not extend the validity date of your visa.

    I would like to go to study in Australia with my minor child. Is it possible?

    Yes, it is possible. However, if your child is over 5 years old, it is mandatory for them to attend school in Australia. They will have to attend an Australian educational institution with other Australian children or a center with international students under the age of 18 to strengthen their English proficiency.

    I have insurance in my home country that covers trips abroad. Is that insurance sufficient for the student visa?

    Contracting OSHC insurance is mandatory to apply for the student visa, regardless of whether you have other insurance from your home country. You can purchase additional insurance if you wish to cover services not included in your OSHC insurance.

    If I apply for the student visa and later decide to cancel my experience, will the visa application cost be refunded?

    No. The cost of the visa application is non-refundable, regardless of whether the visa is granted or not, and whether you cancel your experience without having used the entire visa duration.

    Can the OSHC insurance be paid in installments?

    No. Immigration needs to verify when reviewing your visa application that the insurance you have purchased covers your entire stay.

    I have submitted the student visa application and noticed that I made a mistake. Can the incorrect information be corrected?

    Yes, you can correct incorrect answers through the Immigration platform where visa applications are submitted.

    Is the visa payment made once it has been granted?

    To submit the visa application, it is mandatory to pay the Immigration fee. Until you make the payment, your application will not have been submitted.

    From when can I enter Australia once the student visa is granted?

    Initially, once the visa is granted, you can enter Australia whenever you want. However, keep in mind that you cannot work until your course starts, so it is not advisable to enter too far in advance.

    From what moment can I start working with the student visa?

    You can work once the course included in your visa starts. If you have enrolled in multiple courses, you can start working from the beginning of your first course.

    How to come with a student visa to Australia?

    • Enroll in an approved course (CRICOS)
    • Have a COE (Confirmation Of Enrollment)
    • Have a passport with a minimum validity of 6 months
    • Contract OSHC health insurance
    • Pay the visa fee ($1.600 AUD)

    How much does the student visa cost in Australia?

    The individual student visa has a price of $1.600 AUD, and the student visa for couples is $2.790 AUD ($1.600 AUD + $1.190 AUD).

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    Remember that to apply for the student visa, you will need the assistance of an agent with the necessary official certification. At Dingoos, we have a qualified team accredited with the official QEAC certification.

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