We are like you

It also happened to us some years ago. The fact of not finding everything we were looking for in our country prompted us to seek new horizons. And that was how we first met in Australia and years later in Canada as well.

Why Dingoos? Dingoes are the representative wolves of Australia, and although they are not native to this country, like us, they migrated here with the aim of developing and prospering. Now, Dingoos is known above all for being a great family, a community of international students and travelers that does not stop growing and in which we help each other.

After several years living abroad, we began to train to help all those who decide to emigrate to Australia and Canada, helping them with all the paperwork and legal processes to obtain the visa. We too decided to get out of the comfort zone like you. For this reason, we know the vertigo that one feels before such a great change.

It is precisely that feeling of nerves mixed with enthusiasm that made us decide to create Dingoos, an international educational agency created by experts in Australia and Canada to help you with all the necessary procedures and procedures before arriving in the country and during your stay in it.

who we are
We are dingoos

How are we inside


We advise you with the same love with which we would advise our best friend to achieve your goals without making the most typical mistakes of all newcomers.


We know that you have a lot of doubts and that you want to solve them as soon as possible, that's why we are always available and answer your questions at lightning speed.


We are experts in Australia and we want to share with you everything we have been learning during all these years so that your experience is simply perfect.


We know as well as you what it means to be away from home, family and friends, so you can count on us for anything, from solving any doubt to asking us for a hug when you need it most.

The team that will take care of you

Our Dingoos Team is made up of a lot of people who one day decided to leave their comfort zone to grow personally and professionally in Australia and Canada.
Personalized advice for Australia

We are here to help you

Dingoos services have been designed to adapt to the personal situation of each student and that, whoever you are, you will never miss anything. Neither before nor during your adventure.
Available to you

Our team is always available to you

Whenever you need us there we will be, accompanying you at every step to solve all your doubts, whatever they may be.

We are qualified education advisors

And we are not just saying it: we have all the certificates that accredit us as a quality and trustworthy educational agency in Australia and Canada.
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What our students say about us

This is how our services are valued by people who are enjoying Australia while reading these lines.

dingoos event video

And this is how they spend it in our events

Don't you feel crazy about catching the next plane? The more videos you see, the more you see yourself living in Australia.
We help our community make a mark in Australia and Canada without leaving a trace on the planet.

We go out in the news!

From time to time we are asked by the media as experts in Australia and Canada for our opinion.
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