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You're at your destination thinking about renewing your visa. Wow, time flies, huh? You arrived not long ago, and soon you have to leave. It's just that you've realized that when you live intensely, time goes by very, very quickly.
Renovacion del visado australiano

Feeling like you want more is the most normal thing in the world. It’s a syndrome that all of us who dared to cross over to foreign lands experience at some point.

We know how it feels; we’ve experienced it many times and we know hundreds of people who’ve gone through it, are going through it right now, or will go through it soon. That’s why, because we’ve experienced it ourselves, we know very well how to help you.

How do we help you renew your visa abroad?

Your Dingoos Guide will advise you on the best way to renew your visa, providing you with different course options and introducing you to the Visa Expert who will assist you with all the procedures so you can stay and continue enjoying the journey for as long as you want.

Don’t spend even half a second thinking about extending your visa paperwork. Call us, relax, and continue enjoying while we handle everything for you. The only thing you need to do is stick to your plans, not cancel any getaways, plan your next road trip… Dingoos will take care of the rest!

Contact us, and we’ll inform you about the best deals to make renewing your student visa cheaper than you think. Oh! And it doesn’t matter if you came abroad with Dingoos or not: even if you want a change of scenery, we’ll be happy to offer you what you deserve.

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Frequently asked questions about visa renewal


How far in advance should I start the renewal process for a student visa?

We recommend that you start the process at least 1 or 2 months before your visa expiration date. If you came with Dingoos and don’t remember when your visa expires, don’t worry; you can ask your Dingoos Guide without any problem.


Can I enroll in a different course from the one I was studying?

Depending on your destination country, in some cases, you can enroll in a different course as long as it’s the same level or higher. However, remember that changing courses too often might jeopardize your visa application.


Can I change cities when renewing my visa?

Of course! You can choose any city in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Malta, or Ireland. If you want to research a bit about them, go ahead.


How much does renewing a student visa cost?

The cost of fees varies depending on the country where you need to apply.

For Australia:

The first renewal from within Australia has the same fee, $715 AUD, but the second renewal from within Australia has an additional $700 AUD, making the total $715 + $700 = $1,415 AUD.

For Canada:

The student visa always has the same fee, whether it’s the first time or subsequent times, $150 Canadian dollars.

For Ireland:

Renewal fees for study visas vary depending on nationality, ranging from €60 to €300. In this link, you’ll find all the necessary information to renew the study permit in Ireland.

For Malta:

To renew your student visa in Malta, you only need to pay €70.

For the United Kingdom:

To renew a Student Visa in the UK, you need to pay £475.

It’s also good to know that if you renew with Dingoos, we won’t charge you any additional costs.


For how long can I renew my visa?

You can renew your visa for as long as you need, from 3 months to 4 years or more, as long as your studies have continuity.


How long does the government take to respond to visa renewal?

It can take anywhere from 1 day to 2 months. The timeframes are quite broad, but typically, it takes between 3 and 6 weeks.


Can I include my partner in the visa renewal?

In Australia, with a student visa, you can include your partner so they can accompany you. The best part is that they can also work without studying. The partner visa fee is $485 AUD.

In Canada, you can only include your partner if you’re studying at a Public College or pursuing university studies.

In Ireland, you can’t apply for study visas with a partner; you need to apply separately.

In Malta, you can’t apply for a partner visa; it must be done individually.

In the UK, you can apply for a partner visa only if you’re studying a course lasting more than 11 months.

Other services by Dingoos

We don't just help you renew your visa…

Icono asesoramiento

Personalized advice

What, when, how, and where do you want to study? At Dingoos, we're experts in developing a plan tailored to your needs based on your preferences, interests, and budget.

Icono matriculacion curso

Course enrollment

We don't just help you choose the course that suits you best; we also take care of enrolling you in the school of your choice so you don't have to lift a finger.

Icono tramitacion visado

Visa processing

As visa experts, we know that dealing with the paperwork can be a hassle. That's why we guide and support you throughout the entire process.

Icono seguro australia

Insurance enrollment

At Dingoos, we find and arrange great health insurance at a small cost, so you can live life and enjoy your visa without any worries.

Icono contacto con estudiantes

Connecting with other students

Feeling nervous about coming alone? Don't be. At Dingoos, we'll connect you with other students even before you arrive at your destination, so you'll always have company.

Icono busqueda de vuelos

Finding cheap flights

We help you buy your flight at the best price thanks to our industry experience and exclusive agreements with airlines.

Icono cuenta bancaria

Opening a bank account

We guide you through the process of opening a bank account step by step, right from your home country, so you can start using the local currency as soon as you arrive.

Icono busqueda alojamiento

First-day accommodation booking

We'll help you book accommodation for your first days. That way, after the long journey, you can take a shower, rest, and meet other students who have just arrived too.

Icono traslado desde aeropuerto

Airport transfer

We'll arrange for your pick-up at the airport to take you right to the doorstep of the accommodation we've reserved for you.

Icono integracion

Reception and Integration

Relax and enjoy, because your Dingoos Integrator will be with you as soon as you arrive at your destination to welcome you and accompany you through all the necessary procedures to start your adventure.

Icono movil

Mobile line activation

Upon your arrival, we'll provide you with a SIM card and help you activate it so you can let everyone know you've arrived safely and start sharing your stories.

Icono abn y tfn

Work number

As soon as you arrive at your destination, we'll take care of getting you the necessary number to start job hunting as soon as possible.

Icono transporte

Transport card

The only thing you need to move freely around the city by bus, metro, or tram is a public transport card. When you arrive at your destination, we'll help you get yours.

Icono busqueda alojamiento

Assistance in Accommodation Search

At Dingoos, we'll advise you, provide you with tips, and answer all your questions to help you find long-term accommodation where you'll feel at home.

Icono busqueda trabajo

Job Search Support

The foreign country is full of job opportunities. We'll teach you some tricks to help you identify them and find a job that will help you settle in.

Icono planes de ocio

Events and Leisure Plans

Every month, we organize plenty of events and activities for our students: surfing, skiing, diving, barbecues, drinks, excursions... Needless to say, you're more than welcome to join!

Icono descuentos estudiantes

Student Discounts

We have numerous exclusive agreements with local, national, and international companies, designed for you to enjoy as a member of the #DingoosFamily.

Icono workandholiday

W&H Welcome Package

If you're considering traveling with a Work and Holiday Visa, we offer an all-in-one package at a spectacular price that includes many services that no one else will provide you.

Icono atencion al cliente

Abroad Assistance and Support

Whenever you have any questions, whenever you need anything we can help with, we'll be there to assist and advise you. At Dingoos, we'll be "your family away from your family." As long as we're here, you'll never be alone.

Icono renovacion visa

Visa Renewal

When you decide to stay longer in the destination country, which you will, we'll advise you on the best way to renew your visa and take care of all the paperwork for you.

Icono asesoramiento

Welcome Pack Delivery

Upon your arrival at your destination, we'll provide you with our exclusive and useful Welcome Pack. This way, you'll have everything you need for your first days on hand

Need help studying abroad?

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