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Do you want to travel abroad to study English and work for a season but don’t want to go too far from home? Then Ireland may be your ideal destination. You can combine studies and work while living an unforgettable experience outside your comfort zone. Keep reading!

Studying English in Ireland is a favorite plan of many international young people. Its green landscapes, ancient cities and recent economic growth after the crisis have placed it on the radar not only of students and young professionals but also of large international companies. It’s a match!

This island has a lot to offer you, and on this page, we tell you everything about it. Keep reading!

Advantages of studying in Ireland

If you have ever thought about studying English abroad, it is very likely that Ireland has made it onto your list of possible destinations. And thank goodness because studying English in Ireland has many advantages, both in terms of studies, professional and personal.


Get a good education and live well without spending a lot

Ireland is one of the countries where you can enjoy the best english courses and better quality of life without having to invest a lot.

Dublin is the only Irish city with more than one million inhabitants. But even in it, the environment is calm and safe.

And precisely this is the great advantage of Ireland: it has the comforts of the big european cities but without being one, so the cost of living is much more affordable.


You can practice English all day, so you will learn much faster

English is the first language of Ireland, so you will have no excuse not to practice english outside of class!

Take the opportunity to make your daily life in english and chat with locals, who by the way, are usually quite friendly. This way, you will have a completely free way to improve your speaking and listening. Additionally, by speaking with locals, you will learn to communicate in a more natural way, adding slang and expressions to your vocabulary.


Study in Ireland and get internationally valued certificates

Ireland is a highly recommended country to study english and obtain official certifications such as IELTS and Cambridge that demonstrate your level of english.

These types of certificates are very useful when applying for visas to countries whose official language is english and also to get a job or enroll in universities in english-speaking countries.


You can stay and work in Ireland, the European Silicon Valley

Studying english in Ireland is a great way to explore the local job market without wasting time or spending extra money. After all, you’re already here, right?

Also, did you know that Ireland is gradually becoming one of the most important technological hubs in the world? Companies such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have set up their offices in this city, promoting thousands of jobs related to computer science, technology, and science. Not for nothing, Ireland is beginning to be known as the European Silicon Valley.


Live in a country full of culture

Ireland is a country that has been inhabited for thousands of years, and different civilizations, ethnicities, and cultures have lived there. Each one has left its legacy, which, fortunately, has been fairly well preserved, and that you can enjoy walking through the city, visiting some of its castles and temples or listening to some of the stories of enchanted forests and magical


Their society is very welcoming

The fact that the most famous celebration in Ireland involves dressing in green and drinking beer in the streets says a lot about the population. The Irish are cheerful, festive, and jocular. They love to gather in the pub after a long day at work and chat with whomever is nearby. You’ll quickly make local friends!

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What requirements do I need to study in Ireland?

Depending on your nationality and the amount of time you want to study in Ireland, you will need to meet certain requirements. To see them easily, we group the nationalities that share the same requirements below:


Requirements for citizens of the European Union and Switzerland

If you have a European or Swiss passport, you’re in luck because… there are no requirements! Choose an english school, pack your bags, and embark on the adventure of learning english in Ireland.


Requirements for citizens of Chile, Mexico, and Argentina

If you have a Chilean, Mexican, or Argentinean passport, you do not need a visa to enter Ireland but you do need to be enrolled in an english course:

  • If you will be in Ireland for up to 90 days: you do not need a visa to enter or apply for an Irish Residence Permit. When you cross the border, your passport will simply be stamped with a tourist visa valid for 90 days.
  • If you will be in Ireland for more than 90 days: you do not need a visa to enter, but you will need to apply for an Irish Residence Permit once you are in the country to stay more than 90 days.

In addition, you need to meet certain requirements:

  • Have a valid passport.
  • Pay for the course.
  • Have medical insurance for the entire stay.
  • Letter explaining the reason for the trip.
  • Financial funds (if you will be staying for more than 90 days, it is mandatory; if you will be staying for less, it is recommended).

Requirements for citizens of Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador

If you have a Colombian, Peruvian, or Ecuadorian passport, you do need a valid visa, but don’t worry because at Dingoos we will help you with all the paperwork. If you want to check what visa you need depending on the duration of the course and your country of origin, you can ask us or check it on the page of the Irish Immigration Department.

In addition, to obtain it you need to meet certain requirements:

  • Pay the visa fees. The cost varies depending on the visa and can range from €60 to €100.
  • Have a valid passport.
  • Enroll in a course accredited by the Irish government.
  • Demonstrate that you have sufficient funds to cover your stay in Ireland while studying. This is around €500 per month of stay or €7,000 as a minimum demonstrable amount.
  • Contract medical insurance for the entire stay in Ireland.
  • Letter of intent

And as always, do not hesitate to contact us. At Dingoos, we have agreements with the best schools that offer courses accredited by the Irish government. One of our Dingoos Guides will attend to your case and help you with all the paperwork, such as enrolling in school and contracting medical insurance or applying for a visa if necessary. Write to us and don’t worry about anything, it’s free!

Want more info on studying in Ireland?

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    What visa do I need to study english in Ireland?

    As mentioned in the previous point, if you are from a non-European Union country and not exempt from a visa, you will need to apply for a visa to study in Ireland.

    The visas that allow studying in Ireland for nationalities such as Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador are:


    Short Stay C Visa

    This visa is applied online and is the tourist visa for Ireland. With it, you can study courses of up to 90 days or 3 months in duration. Keep in mind that with this visa, you cannot work while studying, nor can you use hospitals and other public services. Hence the importance of getting your own medical insurance!

    Depending on whether you plan to enter and exit the country to visit other European destinations during your stay in Ireland, you can request either the Short Stay C Visa Single Entry or multiple entries. The fee for this visa is €60 for Single Entry and €100 for Multiple Entry.


    Study Visa

    With this visa, you can study and work in Ireland for a minimum of 25 weeks. This visa is one of the most requested, as it allows you to work 20 hours during the course and full-time during vacation periods, making it a great option for those who want to earn money to support themselves while studying english or a professional training course in Ireland. The cost of fees for the Stamp 2 Visa is €60 or €100.


    Working Holiday Visa

    This visa allows you to live in Ireland for a year, study for 6 months, and work for another 6 months. The Working Holiday Visa is currently only open to Chile and Argentina, and places are very limited: only 200 per year!

    What english courses can I study in Ireland?

    There are many quality english courses in Ireland, with programs designed to adapt to the educational needs of students at all levels and with any goal, be it professional, academic, or personal.

    The most popular english courses in Ireland among international students are general english courses, intensive english courses, preparation for official exams, and business english courses.


    Intensive english Courses

    Do you have little time to spare and a lot of english to learn? We got you covered! Taking advantage of the summer months or making room for a few weeks in your schedule to improve your english level by taking an intensive english course is the option that many students choose. With about 30 hours of classes per week, you will improve your english super-fast in all areas: spoken, written, comprehension, and reading.


    General english courses

    General english courses are ideal for those who want to strengthen their english level even more while enjoying the experience of living in another country that will greatly contribute to improving their english level. These courses have between 15 and 20 hours of classes per week, and you will learn all the english you need to express your ideas with confidence.


    Preparation for Official Exams Courses

    It is likely that if you are thinking of attending university abroad, either in Ireland or in any other country such as Canada or Australia, you will need to provide proof of your english level. For this, there are IELTS and Cambridge exams. And to help you pass the tests without any problems and get your english certificate, there are preparation courses for IELTS and Cambridge exams that will prepare you perfectly to get the score you need on your exam. No university will be out of your reach!


    English courses for business

    English courses for business or professional english are courses designed for professionals who want to take their careers to the international market, either with their own business or by working for others. In these courses, you will learn how to express your ideas confidently in english and learn vocabulary related to economics, marketing, finance, politics, and other useful professional skills such as writing emails and delivering presentations and speeches in english.


    Individual english courses

    Individual english courses consist of private and personalized classes where you will receive 1:1 attention. This is ideal if you are looking to learn english quickly, as the teacher will focus each class on your level and work with you on the areas that are most challenging.

    portada video cursos ingles irlanda

    How much does it cost to study english in Ireland?

    If you want to calculate how much it costs to study english in Ireland, you first need to know the price of the courses and then add up all the expenses involved in moving to a new country, such as accommodation, visas, etc.

    Firstly, the prices of english courses in Ireland depend on many factors. Therefore, we will go through each of them so you can put a price on your stay on the Emerald Isle.

    • The time of year: The summer months (including September) are high season on the island, so many landlords increase rental prices due to the increase in tourism and demand. So if you are looking to move to Ireland in the low season, your entire stay will be more economical.
    • The type of course: Depending on the program you choose, the cost of your course will be different.
    • The school: Schools in Ireland are well-known and internationally recognized, with a wide range of offers, from more expensive to cheaper options. To ensure that you choose the one that best suits your budget, we recommend that you contact one of our Dingoos guides. They will listen to your case, tell you about the offers, and help you make the best decision.
    • Duration: The longer the course, that is, the more weeks of classes you contract, the final price of the course will be more expensive because you will have taken more classes. But at the same time, the more weeks you study, the cheaper the price per week will be.
    • Schedule: They say that “the early bird catches the worm,” but in this case, it’s not true because if you are looking to save on your trip, we have a secret to tell you: the cheapest courses are the ones offered in the afternoon.

    These are the factors that will affect the price of your course. To give you an idea of how they affect the price, we will provide an example of the average prices of english courses in a city like Dublin.


    Table Plugin



    What is the monthly cost of living in Ireland?

    On the other hand, there are those day-to-day expenses that you will also have to consider if you want to know how much it will cost you to study in the land of the Celtic culture.

    • Food: it will depend on how well you organize your meals, but filling up the fridge in Ireland can cost an average of 200-300€. And if we talk about eating or having something outside the house, the prices are similar: coffee costs around 4€, and a pint around 6€. However, traveling with Dingoos has advantages because you can take advantage of discounts on delivery apps like Uber Eats.
    • Transport: It will depend on the city you decide to live in, but for example in Dublin, you can use public transport for €100 per month or buy a bike for €50. Additionally, you will have to factor in the cost of traveling to Ireland by plane. Tickets cost around €50 from Spain and around €900 from Latin America. Like with food, Dingoos also has discounts with some companies, so if you want to know if your flight has a discount, we advise you to speak with a Dingoos guide.
    • Visa fees: These will range between €60 and €100. The fee will vary depending on the type of visa you have when coming to study in Dublin, but if you have a European passport, you won’t have to pay anything.
    • Phone and internet expenses: In Ireland, you can get a good mobile phone plan with internet from €20 per month.
    • Gas and water: These are fixed costs that most apartments have, and they will amount to around €140. If you share with someone, it will always be more economical.
    • Accommodation: In general, some cities are more affordable than others. For example, larger cities with more tourism will always have higher prices. With Dingoos, you can also get special discounts with ISA and Spotathome, two platforms where you can find the best roommates. The price of accommodation varies greatly depending on the type of housing, but if we had to give an average, we would say that renting a bed in a shared room costs around €200 per month.
    • Health insurance, if you do not belong to the European Union.

    As you can see, on average, a student invests between €800 and €1200 per month to live in Dublin, so even though it’s not the most expensive country, we recommend that you have some savings. But this figure depends a lot on the city where you live, since the cost of living in Dublin that we used as an example is higher than that of other cities in Ireland. Do you want to know which other cities those are? Keep reading.

    What is the best city to live in Ireland?

    Ireland has many charming cities where you can study english. Our favorite is undoubtedly Dublin, the capital of Ireland.



    Dublin is the largest city and with its 1.2 million inhabitants, it is also the most populous city in all of Ireland. Even so, Dublin is a small capital, very green, and very welcoming. We don’t know if it’s because of the large number of parks, its perfectly preserved architecture, or its cheerful locals, but Dublin holds a very special place in the heart of everyone who visits.

    Its inhabitants are said to be some of the friendliest in all of Europe, with a special fixation on luck (the four-leaf clover is a local symbol).

    In terms of work, Dublin is known as the Silicon Valley of Europe, as major tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon have chosen this city to establish their main offices. And with big offices come…big job opportunities! Dublin is a safe bet for those looking to combine their studies with a job to cover their expenses.

    And don’t worry, it’s not all about work. Dublin has a great sense of partying, with pubs on every corner where you can have a pint of Guinness, the best-known local beer, numerous museums, and incredible castles and other historical buildings just outside the city that you can visit any weekend.

    dublin irlanda web


    Cork is the second most important city in Ireland, located in the southwest of the island. Due to being smaller than the capital, the monthly cost of living there is more affordable than in Dublin. It offers good festivals and has a quite interesting nightlife.

    Many headquarters of important companies such as Apple, Pepsi, Amazon are located in this city, and it is a city with a lot of business activity, with factories, clothing stores… Which leads to many job offers.

    cork irlanda


    Galway is cheaper than Cork. This northwestern Irish city was named the European Capital of Culture in 2022, a well-deserved recognition for the wide range of cultural and leisure activities the city has to offer.

    It is a very multicultural and underground place, and it is the seat of many renowned institutions, such as the University of Ireland.

    galway irlanda


    Limerick is the cheapest city of all the major cities in Ireland. It has a lot of job offers in the hospitality sector and at the same time offers good academic programs so you can study while you work if you need to.

    Its streets breathe art and that is why it is another of the most cultural cities in Ireland.

    limerick irlanda

    Do you want to know more about Ireland?

    Keep reading and discover everything you need to know about living, working, and visa types in Ireland.


    We want you to get to know Ireland. That's why we'll tell you about its main characteristics, what its capital is like, and some curiosities about the country that will not leave you indifferent. Let's go, Ireland!

    Living in Ireland

    Nature, culture, history, partying, work, studies... If you live in Ireland, it will be very easy for you to combine everything you want to do. Get ready to discover the magic of a country full of riches. No wonder it is called the "Emerald Isle."

    Working in Ireland

    In Ireland, you can legally work while you study, making it the perfect destination for those who want to add some work experience to their CV, or simply earn money to cover their expenses, in addition to knowledge.

    Visa types

    With a European passport, you will not need a visa to study and work in Ireland. If you are from Latin America, specific requirements for your nationality will apply. Whatever your case may be, at Dingoos we will help you with the paperwork you need.

    How to study english in Ireland? Steps to follow:

    If you are clear that you want to come to study in Ireland, with Dingoos, you will have it very easy. Follow these simple steps, and one day almost without realizing it, you will be taking a flight to the adventure of your life in Ireland.

    Step 1: Contact Dingoos

    To begin, fill out this form, and we will contact you as soon as possible to get to know you and start planning your study plan in Ireland.

    Step 2: Choose a course and school

    Do you already know which is your ideal neighborhood? Great! Now is the time to search for your course and school. Your Dingoos Guide will track down all the local educational offerings to find a school and a course that meets your goals.

    Step 3: Enrollment in school

    Once you have decided on a course and a school, your Dingoos Guide will help you obtain all the necessary documents. Then, they will take care of processing your enrollment and any other paperwork. So you don’t have to worry about anything. Great, isn’t it?

    Step 4: Student visa application

    With your approved enrollment and in case you need a visa to study in Ireland, your Dingoos Guide will help you with all the paperwork to successfully apply for your student visa to the Irish Immigration Department.

    Step 5: Buy flights and pack your bags

    Alright! Bureaucracy is finished. Now is when things really start to get interesting. It’s time to start preparing for your – drumroll please – arrival in Ireland!

    We’ll put you in touch with one of our dear Dingoos Integration Coordinators. They are experts at finding the best flights and know everything, from what you should pack in your suitcase to where it’s best to start looking for a house.

    If you have any doubts, they’ll resolve them for you.

    Step 6: Start a new chapter in Ireland

    The big day has arrived. Good luck takes us straight to Ireland! A few goodbyes, a “but you’ll come see me, won’t you?” and a “buckle up, the flight is about to take off” and… you’re in Ireland!

    But don’t worry, even though you’re far from home now, we’re right by your side. One of our Dingoos Integrators will be waiting for you at the airport to give you your Dingoos Welcome Pack and accompany you to complete the first procedures so you can function independently in Ireland. Things like getting a SIM card, opening a bank account at an Irish bank, and even helping you with your first supermarket purchase.

    Can I work in Ireland while studying english?

    It depends on your country of origin and the type of visa you’re studying on.

    If you have a European passport, you can work and study in Ireland without restrictions.

    If your passport is not European, you will have to meet a series of requirements.

    Below we detail each of the requirements you must meet to study and work in Ireland depending on your nationality and the length of time you will be residing in Ireland.

    We also provide you with some tips to help you find work in Ireland.


    Having a valid passport

    European passport

    If you have a passport from anywhere in the European Union or Switzerland… you’re in luck! You don’t need any visa to study and work in Ireland.

    The only document you will need is your European Health Insurance Card to receive health care in the country.

    Argentine, Mexican, or Chilean passport

    If you have a passport from any of these three nationalities, you’ll be happy to know that you won’t need to apply for any visa before traveling to Ireland, as they will stamp your tourist visa as soon as you land in the country.

    What you’ll need to keep in mind is that you won’t be able to work in Ireland until, once you’ve spent 90 days in the country, you apply for the IRP (Irish Residence Permit). With it, you can work 20 hours a week for the duration of your course and full-time during vacations.

    And you may be wondering: What is the IRP?

    Well, in short, it’s like an Irish identity document, with your biometric data, your name… To apply for it, you’ll need to attach proof of residence and proof that your course lasts more than 90 days.

    On the other hand, unlike those with European passports, medical care will be paid for, so you’ll need health insurance.

    If you’re from Chile or Argentina, there’s another visa that will allow you to study and work in Ireland, the Working Holiday Visa, which will allow you to study and work for up to 12 months. Visit our page on visa types in Ireland to learn more about the Working Holiday Visa.

    Colombian, Peruvian, and Ecuadorian Passport

    If you have a Colombian, Peruvian, or Ecuadorian passport, you will need to apply for a visa before traveling to Ireland. Specifically, to study and work in Ireland at the same time, you will need to apply for a student visa or Stamp 2.

    With it, you can work 20 hours per week while studying and full-time during the vacation period. It has a minimum duration of 8 months, and you can extend it for up to 2 years. If you enroll in a university program, the visa will have the same duration as the course. To apply, you need to have:

    • A valid passport
    • An acceptance letter from the school, which they will give you once you have enrolled in an accredited program with a minimum duration of 25 weeks.
    • Proof of payment for the course.
    • Health insurance.
    • Demonstrate that you have sufficient funds (€500 per month of stay in Ireland) to cover your stay in the country
    • Letter of intent.
    • Pay the student visa fee: €300

    Like their Latin American neighbors, once you have spent 90 days in the country, Colombians, Peruvians, and Ecuadorians can apply for the IRP (Irish Residence Permit) to work in Ireland.


    Applying for your PPS Number

    Or what is the same, the Irish social security number. A necessary document to be able to work in Ireland. You will only need to apply for it once, and with it, you will also have access to the country’s social welfare benefits and public services.

    Remember that if you travel to Ireland with Dingoos, we will help you apply for your PPS Number so that you can combine studies and work in Ireland.


    Opening an Irish bank account

    So that you can receive your monthly salary, it is important that you have an Irish bank account. Remember that your Dingoos Integrator will help you with this management, just for being part of the #DingoosFamily.


    Having an Irish mobile line

    In order to include a telephone number on your CV and for interested companies to use it to contact you, it is more than recommended that you have an irish telephone number.

    If you travel to Ireland with Dingoos, don’t worry about this requirement because your Dingoos Integrator will help you activate your Irish mobile line when you arrive in Ireland.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you have any more questions about studying in Ireland? Look for yours in the following questions. And if you don’t find it. Write to us! At Dingoos, we are always happy to help you.


    Can I work if I go as a tourist?

    It depends on your country of origin. If you have a European passport, you can.

    If not, you may need a study or work visa to be able to work


    What are the cheapest english courses in Ireland?

    The prices of the courses vary depending on the school, the program you choose, and the number of hours per week.

    Still, usually, the longer the courses, the cheaper the week is for you.


    Can I go to Ireland just to work?

    Only if you have a European passport or a valid work visa.


    Can I work and study in Ireland as if it were any other European Union country?

    If you are Spanish, yes. With just your DNI, you can enter Ireland and work and/or study as much as you want.


    How long can I stay in Ireland with a tourist visa?

    If you have a European passport, you can do all the tourism you want in Ireland.

    If you are from another country, such as Latin America, you can go on vacation to Ireland with a tourist visa for up to 3 months.


    How long does it take to get a student visa?

    Once all the procedures are done, a student visa for Ireland is usually granted in about 3 to 4 weeks.


    Can I renew my student visa while studying in Ireland?

    Yes, you can renew it up to 2 times, although sometimes you may be asked to leave the country to carry out the procedures. Also, you cannot stay in Ireland with a student visa for more than 2 years in a row. Contact us and we will guide you through the entire process.


    How far in advance do I need to start the process to study in Ireland?

    We recommend that you contact us about 3 months before the date you want to start your adventure in Ireland. The process has its phases, but you don’t have to worry about anything, we’ll take care of it!


    Do I have to pay for my entire course in advance?

    No, many schools offer the option to pay in installments so that they can adapt to the students’ needs. Your Dingoos guide will inform you about everything during personalized counseling sessions.


    And if I decide to leave Ireland early?

    No problem. If you have to return to your country before your course ends, we will study your case and help you negotiate with the school to cancel your course.


    How much money is needed to study in Ireland?

    That will depend on the course, the school you choose, and the duration of your studies. But to give you an idea, studying english in Ireland for 6 months can cost you an investment of between €3,000 and €5,000.


    What is the monthly cost of living in Ireland?

    In general, a student invests an average of €800 to €1,200 per month to live in Dublin, so although it is not one of the most expensive countries, we do recommend that you have some money saved. But this figure depends a lot on the city where you live since the cost of living in Dublin that we have given as an example is somewhat higher than that of other cities in Ireland.


    What are the best cities to live in Ireland?

    Dublin, Cork, Galway, and Limerick.


    How many hours do you study in Ireland?

    On average, international students study 20 to 25 hours per week.


    How to study and work in Ireland?

    The easiest way to study and work in Ireland is through an english course. In addition to practicing the language and obtaining an official certificate, if you hire a 25-week course, you will have the right to work for 20 hours a week. If you have nationality from any European Union country, you can work without hiring an english course.


    How much does a foreign student earn in Ireland?

    On average, about €828 per month.


    How easy is it to find a job in Ireland?

    With a medium to high level of english, you can find very good job opportunities in Ireland.


    How many hours can a student work in Ireland?

    With a course of more than 25 weeks, you can work with a student visa for 8 months, working 20 hours during your studies and 40 hours during vacation periods.

    How does Dingoos help you study in Ireland?

    The Dingoos team will accompany you every step of the way on your adventure to study in Ireland. From when you decide you want to come until you are already in Ireland, there will always be someone on the team to help you and answer your questions. Discover everything we can do for you!

    Icono asesoramiento

    Personalized advice

    What, when, how, and where do you want to study? At Dingoos, we are experts in developing a tailored plan to meet your needs based on your preferences, interests, and budget.

    Icono matriculacion curso

    Course enrollment

    We not only help you choose the course that suits you best but also take care of enrolling you in the school you choose so that you don't have to lift a finger.

    Icono tramitacion visado

    Visa processing

    As experts in visas, we know that the paperwork to obtain one can be a hassle. That's why we will help you throughout the process to successfully apply for your student visa!

    Icono seguro australia

    Insurance hiring

    At Dingoos, we search for and hire a great health insurance policy at a small price so that you can live life and enjoy your visa without fear of anything.

    Icono contacto con estudiantes

    Contact with other students

    Are you afraid of coming alone to Ireland? Don't be, at Dingoos we will put you in touch with other students even before arriving in Ireland so that you are always well accompanied.

    Icono busqueda de vuelos

    Cheap flight search

    We help you buy your flight to Ireland at the best price thanks to our experience in the sector and our exclusive agreements with airlines.

    Icono cuenta bancaria

    Bank account opening

    We help you open your Irish account step by step from your home country so that you can pay in dollars as soon as you arrive.

    Icono busqueda alojamiento

    Accommodation hire for the first days

    We will help you book your accommodation for the first few days. So, after the long trip, you can take a shower, rest, and meet other students who have just arrived too.

    Icono traslado desde aeropuerto

    Transfer from the airport

    We will arrange for your pickup at the airport to take you right to the doorstep of the backpaper we have reserved for you.

    Icono integracion

    Reception and integration

    Relax and enjoy, because your Dingoos Integrator will be with you as soon as you arrive in Ireland to welcome you and accompany you through all the necessary procedures to start your adventure.

    Icono movil

    Mobile line activation

    When you arrive in Ireland, we will give you a SIM card and help you activate it so you can tell everyone you've arrived safely and start uploading stories.

    Icono transporte

    Transport card

    All you need to move freely around the city by bus, metro or tram is a public transport card. When you arrive in Ireland, we will accompany you to get yours.

    Icono busqueda alojamiento

    Support in finding accommodation

    At Dingoos, we will advise you, give you tips and answer all your questions to help you find long-term accommodation where you feel at home.

    Icono busqueda trabajo

    Support in job search

    Ireland is full of job opportunities, and we will teach you some tricks to help you identify them and find a job that will help you settle in.

    Icono planes de ocio

    Events and leisure plans

    Every month, we organize lots of events and activities for our students: surfing, diving, barbecues, beers, excursions... Needless to say, you are more than invited!

    Icono descuentos estudiantes

    Student discounts

    We have lots of exclusive agreements with local, national, and international companies designed for you and that you can enjoy as part of the #DingoosFamily.

    Icono workandholiday

    W&H Welcome Package

    If you are thinking of coming to Ireland with the Work and Holiday Visa, we offer you an all-in-one package at a spectacular price that includes lots of services that no one else will offer you.

    Icono atencion al cliente

    Student support

    Whenever you have any doubts, whenever you need anything we can help you with, we will be there to assist and advise you. At Dingoos, we will be "your family away from your family." As long as we are here, you will never be alone.

    Icono renovacion visa

    Visa renewal

    When you decide to stay longer in Ireland, which you will, we will advise you on the best way to renew your visa and help you with all the paperwork.

    Icono asesoramiento

    Welcome Pack delivery

    When you arrive in Ireland, we will give you our exclusive and useful Welcome Pack. This way, you will have everything you need for your first aussie days at hand.

    Do you want to study in another country?

    Keep reading and find out everything you need to know to study in Australia, Canada, Malta, and the United Kingdom.

    Studying in Australia

    Studying in Australia is not the hardest thing in the world, but it's not as easy as waking up one day with crossed wires and saying "today I feel like going to the other side of the world for six months, I'm going to pack my bags."

    Studying in Canada

    Si estás pensando en vivir una temporada fuera de casa para mejorar tu inglés, profundizar en tus estudios y tal vez perfeccionar o aprender alguna habilidad mientras vives una experiencia fuera de tu zona de confort, tenemos el destino para ti: ¡Canadá!

    Studying in Malta

    With a varied and quality educational offer, Malta is the perfect city to spend the months of your life learning english and discovering one of the most charming islands in the Mediterranean while enjoying an unforgettable experience.

    Studying in the UK

    Studying in the UK is a great opportunity to learn english, study anything you can think of in one of the best institutions in the world, professionalize, and take your first steps in a very dynamic job market.

    episodio 5 podcast la huella

    La Huella

    Dingoos' podcast

    In episode 5 of #LaHuella, we review everything you need to know to study in Ireland along with a very special guest: Sandra Lominchar, Coordinator of Integrations in Dingoos.
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