Live in Canada

O Canada! This country is on the checklist of every self-respecting traveler.

vivir en canada
Its landscapes will leave you speechless, and the proximity of its people, known worldwide, will bring a smile to your face that will be hard to erase during your stay in the country.

Its consistent snow throughout the year is a delight for winter sports enthusiasts, such as skiing and snowboarding. Moreover, if you’re looking for a place to live away from stress while balancing studies, work, and social life, Canada is undoubtedly your answer. And it’s not surprising, as it holds a prominent position on the list of the best countries to live in.

Do you want to know more about the advantages of living in Canada and what life is like in the country? Keep reading and start daydreaming about all the possibilities Canada offers.

Why live in Canada?

Looking for reasons to justify the desire to live in Canada? Well, here are 9 reasons that will encourage you to stop thinking and make your dream come true.


Tranquility and safety

The pace of life in Canada is calm. Even in major cities, there is a sense of peace, and despite being lively, there are no massive crowds that dominate other world capitals. In addition to this, the people in Canada are very peaceful, making it one of the countries with the lowest crime rates in the world. Thanks to this, Canada holds an impeccable 9.7 in the ranking of countries with the best quality of life.


Educational system

Canada once again leads the ranking, this time as one of the countries that offers better educational quality accessible to all young people, both local and international. The Canadian government is one of the largest investors in education globally, resulting in highly prepared workers. This has led major companies to establish their headquarters in Canada, offering good jobs with high salaries, also for international workers.


Studying english

If you want to study English, you should consider Canada as a great option. Less crowded than the United States, safer, with a better quality of life, and relatively closer than Australia or New Zealand. Additionally, the Canadian accent is much easier to understand.



Did you know that Canada has 10 million square kilometers of wonderful mountainous landscapes, lakes, fields, and forests? From the ice of the Arctic tundra and its snow-covered peaks to its numerous National Parks a short distance from major cities, Canada will easily take your breath away. Your weekends and vacations will be filled with skiing, whale watching, kayaking excursions, mountain treks, and camping into the wild.

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Economy and job opportunities

Canada has one of the most prosperous economies globally, thanks to its low unemployment rate, high salaries, and great quality of life. This makes job opportunities in Canada very lucrative, as working under these conditions is a dream come true for many. Moreover, in Canada, it is possible to work legally while studying, allowing you to get a job and earn money to cover your stay in Canada without any problem.



One of the best feelings in the world is arriving in a new country and feeling welcomed. In Canada, you will have that feeling as soon as you set foot on its lands. The Canadian government supports integrative policies and has always welcomed people from around the world with open arms. That’s why Canada has a multicultural population, and every year thousands of workers and students from around the world choose Canada as the place to call home.


Great social awareness

Canadians are known for having a great social conscience and actively protesting against measures they consider unfair. Moreover, they are very compassionate people who often offer help to anyone in need without expecting anything in return. Once you start living in Canada, you will feel the warmth and affection of its people.


Friendliness of Canadians

If there’s something that also characterizes Canadians, it’s their friendly and amiable nature. Thanks to their pro-immigration policies, Canadians are accustomed to welcoming foreigners, whether they are workers or tourists, and the best part is that they love it. In Canada, you will feel like one of them as soon as you arrive, not only among groups of foreign students or workers but also with lifelong Canadians.


The atmosphere of its cities

Canadian cities are known worldwide for their great multicultural scene at all levels. This offers a wide variety of activities and plans that will make it impossible for you to get bored: museums, all kinds of shops, shows, coffee shops, craft breweries, and many more events that will make any season in Canada your favorite season.

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    How are salaries in Canada?

    As we were saying, the quality of life in Canada is very high, and this translates into a high minimum wage.

    The minimum wage in Canada is $2013.79 CAD per month, and the average salary is around $4647.21 CAD per month, depending on the area where you live and the sector in which you work.

    Normally, working in non-skilled positions, your salary will be closer to the minimum wage, but that is more than enough to cover your expenses and enjoy the experience of living in Canada. In Canada, you can cover all your expenses with around $1100 CAD per month.

    Additionally, it’s worth noting that in Canada, tips are mandatory and are distributed among all staff, providing a significant extra income in your monthly earnings. For example, a waiter can earn between $3872.67 CAD and $4647.21 CAD per month.

    How much does it cost to live in Canada?

    If you plan to come alone to study, you will need to have good savings since the cost of living in Canada is high. But if you plan to work, it will be very easy to cover your expenses, including travel, and it may even allow you to save money during your stay in Canada. Here’s an overview of your average daily expenses in Canada:



    A room in a shared apartment will be your best option, both to save money and to have a much richer experience in Canada. Renting a room in the city center will cost you between $600 CAD and $900 CAD per month, and it will be cheaper if you choose to live in the outskirts or in less-known cities.



    Another essential and delightful expense. Grocery shopping in Canada won’t cost you much. If you shop wisely without indulging, your monthly food expenses will be around $300 CAD. The best way to save money on your grocery basket, access fresh products, and support local agriculture is through farmer markets. Find the one closest to you and make it your regular stop to buy quality at a good price.



    If you plan to live in Toronto and use public transportation frequently, we recommend saving money by getting a Weekly Pass ($43.75 CAD for adults and $34.75 CAD for students and seniors) or a Monthly Pass ($146.25 CAD for adults and $116.75 CAD for students and seniors). With these passes, you can travel unlimitedly for a week or a month, respectively. The prices are much better than buying individual tickets. Note that the cost of a single bus ticket in Toronto is $3.25 CAD or $2.10 CAD.



    There are many free activities to do in Canada, such as enjoying its incredible natural landscapes. But if you want to spend a weekend enjoying everything the city has to offer, you can buy a movie ticket for $13 CAD or attend a theater play for $20 CAD or $100 CAD, depending on the show.

    For partying, we recommend taking advantage of happy hours, where drinks are usually half price, allowing you to have a beer with your friends for less than $5 CAD.

    Although you will find work quickly, we recommend saving at least $5.000 CAD before embarking on your adventure in Canada so that you can cover your expenses for the first few weeks without stress.

    How to Live in Canada? Visas

    Living in Canada legally is relatively simple. Let’s explore all the visa options the country offers:

    Visit Canada as a Tourist


    Tourist Visa

    If you are Spanish or Mexican, you’re in luck because you don’t need to process any visa to come to Canada as a tourist. You just have to apply online for an eTA, an electronic travel authorization. It is valid for 5 years, and during this time, you can enter the country as a tourist for periods of up to 6 months.

    To enter Canada smoothly as a tourist, you may need to present, upon arrival, a return flight with a date earlier than the expiration of your eTA.

    Traveling as a tourist to Canada is a good option if you want to explore the wonders of this country or if you want to consider all the options before choosing a city to settle in with another type of visa.


    Visitor Visa

    It is the visa that tourists from most nationalities have to apply for from the Canadian government. It is also known as a Temporary Resident Visa, and it can be requested online or in person. You will have to apply for it whether you plan to travel around the country for a maximum of 6 months or if your flights have layovers at a Canadian airport.

    Live in Canada with a Student Visa

    If you want to study and work in Canada, this is your visa. With it, you can work up to 20 hours per week during the class period and full time during vacations.

    And yes, working part-time will be enough to cover your expenses.

    Also, if you decide to study at a public College and have come to Canada with your partner, he or she can also work full time. To qualify for this, you must be married.

    To apply for the student visa, you will have to choose and pay for a course of at least 6 months and demonstrate that you have enough funds to support yourself in Canada during your study period.

    Keep in mind that English courses are excluded from this agreement, and you cannot work legally if you come to study English. The eligible courses for working while studying in Canada include degrees, certificates, Co-ops, and university degrees.

    One of the great advantages of this visa is that, once you complete your studies, you can access a Post Graduation Work Visa and easily extend your stay in Canada.


    Post Graduation Work Visa

    This visa is granted after completing at least 8 months of studies in a public college in Canada. With it, you can work legally full time for a period equal to the duration of your studies, up to a limit of 3 years.

    International Experience Program

    Every year, the Canadian government offers about 1000 visas to young Spaniards between 18 and 35 years old to come and live and work in Canada.

    If your goal is to obtain Canadian residency, one of these visas could be your master key, as once in the country, there are multiple options to stay, such as being sponsored by a company or choosing to work in some remote villages where, by living for a year, they guarantee you permanent residency.

    These visas are only granted once in a lifetime, and you have to be quick! They usually sell out half an hour after they are released.

    In this program, there are three types of visas:


    Working Holiday Visa

    You can work full time in any job for a year and study for up to 6 months.


    Young Professional

    It is for recent graduates who have a job offer related to what they have studied.


    International Co-op Internship

    With this visa, you can access 12 months of internships in a company related to your studies.

    Permanent Residence with Express Entry Visas

    Do you want to obtain permanent residence in Canada? One of these visas is for you.

    To apply for any of the Express Entry visas, you will have to fill out a form detailing your profession, qualifications, English level, and work experience. All of that adds up points, and if you get the necessary points, you are granted permanent residence with which you can live and work in Canada without a time limit.

    Want to know more about Canada?

    Keep reading and discover everything you need to know about studying, working, and types of visas in Canada.


    We want you to get to know Canada. That's why we tell you about its main characteristics, how its cities are, and some curiosities about the country that will not leave you indifferent. Let's go to Canada!

    Studying in Canada

    If you're thinking of living abroad for a while to improve your English, delve into your studies, and maybe perfect or learn a new skill while experiencing life outside your comfort zone, we have the destination for you: Canada!

    Working in Canada

    Canada has a very prosperous economy and a growing job market that has made it the perfect country to work for a while, whether you want to develop professionally or simply find a job to cover your expenses while studying.

    Types of Visas

    There are many visas that allow staying in Canada, and at Dingoos, we know them all. That's why we'll be delighted to advise you to choose the visa that suits you best. Plus, we help you with all visa procedures for free so that you don't have to worry about anything.

    Accommodation in Canada

    Decided to live in Canada? Here, we show you the best accommodation options.

    As advice, we recommend that before booking anything online, you spend the first few nights in a hostel and start your room search from there. This way, you can firsthand experience the neighborhoods, see the types of accommodations, get to know your future roommates, and choose what best suits your needs and preferences. Besides, a hostel is the perfect place to meet people in the same situation, and you can search together.

    The cost for a night in a hostel is around $30 CAD.


    Sharing an Apartment

    Sharing an apartment is the best option for accommodation in Canada, both economically and socially.

    Depending on your budget, you can rent a room just for yourself or share with another person.

    As a country with a large influx of students and foreign workers, there are many different options for shared housing.

    Room prices in the city center range from $600 CAD to $900 CAD, depending on the area, services, and the size of the housing.

    On the outskirts, you can find better prices, and connections to the city are usually good since Canada has excellent train and bus services connecting metropolitan areas with cities.

    Canada is a melting pot of nationalities, so we recommend going with an open and curious mind to fully enjoy sharing an apartment with people from different cultures who will contribute a lot to your experience.


    Living with a Family

    Another good accommodation option to immerse yourself in the local culture from the beginning and alleviate many concerns is to stay with a host family.

    The cost of a homestay is between $740 CAD and $1000 CAD and includes expenses and three meals a day.

    With this option, you can focus on your studies, make friends from the start, and, additionally, benefit from living with a local family that may have a lot to offer culturally. Many host families are often descendants of Chinese or Indian immigrants, allowing you to experience Canadian multiculturalism from within.


    Student Residence

    If you want to start your adventure in Canada and focus solely on your studies, a student residence is your option. You’ll be spared from having to find an apartment close or well-connected to your study center and transportation costs, as student residences are usually very close or on the same campus as the institution.

    In a student residence, you’ll experience the university spirit in its purest form. You’ll make friends for life from all over the world and can participate daily in campus life with numerous cultural and social activities.

    Rooms are single or shared and come furnished with the basics: bed, desk, and wardrobe. Bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and the laundry room are usually in common areas and shared with other students.

    Moreover, you can choose whether meals are included or not, making it an all-inclusive option for the first few weeks without stress.

    The prices of student residences vary depending on the accommodation options you choose.



    Staying in a backpacker is the perfect option for the first few weeks while looking for your permanent home in Canada. It’s also suitable for those planning to travel a lot and don’t want the commitments of a long-term contract.

    Backpackers are hostels designed for backpackers. Their main advantages are that you pay per night, it’s economical, and it gives you the opportunity to meet people from around the world in the same situation as you.

    They usually have a fun and lively atmosphere, so it’s not suitable if you don’t like to see people coming and going all the time.

    Some backpackers allow you to pay on arrival, others require advance reservations, and some may ask you to become a member. Depending on the area and the influx of people, some backpackers also set a maximum stay of one week. As for the rooms, they are shared by 4 or 8 people, and bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry facilities are also shared and located in common areas. In some hostels, your reservation includes breakfast.

    The cost for a night in a backpacker is around $30 CAD.

    Main cities in Canada

    Designed to make you feel comfortable in the harsh winter, with multicultural environments, a wide variety of leisure activities, and job opportunities. Let’s look at the cities that have made Canada one of the best countries to live in, according to the ONU.

    Canada's Climate

    Warning to sailors, Canada is not made for lovers of heat. If we have to define the climate, one of the first things to highlight is its low temperatures.

    It is important to note that the low temperatures in Canada have a long history, so the country is well-prepared to face the cold, with well-insulated houses, good heating systems, and, in some cities like Montreal and Toronto, underground streets with shops and more so that you don’t have to face the cold every time you need to buy something or socialize.

    Canada enjoys a continental climate, which translates to very cold winters (-25ºC) and very hot summers, with temperatures between 30ºC and 35ºC. However, such a vast country means it has more than just one climate. For example, in the northern part of Canada, it has an Arctic climate, and in Vancouver, temperatures are usually less extreme but more rainy, thanks to its proximity to the ocean.

    vivir en canada naturaleza

    What to do in Canada?

    If you come to Canada, there are a series of things (perhaps too many) that you must do without fail. Maybe that’s why it’s never a good time to leave Canada, and at the end of your stay, you’ll be figuring out how to extend your visa a little longer.

    • Northern Lights: One of the greatest spectacles of nature. You can watch them spellbound from Saskatchewan.
    • See Toronto from 447 meters high: If you’re in Toronto, you have to go up the CN Tower, the city’s symbol and the third tallest building in the world. Through its glass platform on the top floor, you can enjoy panoramic views of Toronto not suitable for those with vertigo.
    • Fishing in the Great Lakes: Canada is one of the best countries to practice this sport, as it has large rivers and lakes where you can fish for trout, pike, and black bass. Check out Ontario, as it has beautiful places for both professional and beginner fishing.
    • Befriend bears in the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks: In the Canadian Rockies, you can visit four iconic National Parks that hide an unparalleled natural beauty and… bears! You can visit the park on foot or by car and enjoy seeing how bears live in freedom.
    • Ice hockey, your new great passion: It is Canada’s official sport and is followed by everyone. In winter, games are played on frozen lakes, and the most followed league is the NHL. The games are very fun to watch, and attending one is one of the best ways to dive headfirst into local culture.
    • Marvel at Montmorency Falls and the Santa Clara Canyon: Very close to Quebec are these waterfalls, higher than Niagara Falls and less crowded, perfect for those who want to enjoy less touristy tourism. Afterward, you can complete your day by walking through the Santa Ana Canyon, a dreamlike place of forests, rocks, small waterfalls, and hanging bridges.
    • Have fun in the snow! Skiing, dogsledding (sleds pulled by dogs), or snowtubing (sliding down a snowy slope in an inflatable donut). If there’s something fun to do in the snow, we’re sure they’re doing it in Canada. Canada also has immense ski resorts, like the famous Whistler Blackcomb, where you’ll have kilometers and kilometers to practice skiing or snowboarding.
    • Niagara Falls: If you want to see with your own eyes one of the most beautiful and visited waterfalls in the world, this is your opportunity. It consists of three large waterfalls that serve as the border between Canada and the United States.
    • Welcome to Ottawa! The capital of Canada deserves a visit. We recommend going in summer, as in winter, temperatures can drop to -35ºC. In its Museum of Canadian Fine Arts, you can see internationally acclaimed works, such as those by the great Andy Warhol.

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    We help you gather all the necessary documents and support you throughout the process. You'll be in good hands and won't feel alone at any time.

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    School enrollment

    We help you find the course that best suits you in the city that interests you the most, and we take care of managing your enrollment.

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    We'll be waiting for you on your arrival and will welcome you as one of our own. We want you to feel part of our community from your first day abroad and become a member of the #DingoosFamily.

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    Living in Ireland

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    Living in Malta

    Malta has a stable economy and a cheerful way of life that invites you to enjoy. Lots of sun, turquoise waters beaches, and cities with many stories to tell come together to make your passage through Malta one you will never forget.

    Living in the UK

    Culture, history, party, nature, and sport. The United Kingdom is for everyone. And beware, so much variety and quality are addictive! You'll love exploring its big cities, seeing a musical, and getting lost in its small towns that seem to be taken from a fairy tale. Dreamy!

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