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A place to live away from stress, where you can better balance your studies, work, and social life than anywhere else, Canada is undoubtedly an incredible country full of opportunities, no wonder it holds such a prominent position on the list of the best countries in the world.

Studying in Canada

If you are thinking of living abroad for a while to improve your English, delve into your studies, and perhaps perfect or learn a new skill while experiencing life outside of your comfort zone, we have the perfect destination for you: Canada!

Living in Canada

Canada is one of the countries with the best quality of life in the world. Its landscapes will leave you speechless, and the proximity of its people, known worldwide, will put a smile on your face that will be hard to erase during your stay in the country. Are you ready to live the Canadian dream?

Working in Canada

Canada enjoys a very prosperous economy and a growing job market that has made it the perfect country to work for a season, whether you want to develop professionally or just need a job to cover your expenses while studying.

Types of visas

There are many visas that allow staying in Canada, and at Dingoos, we know them all. That's why we'd love to advise you on choosing the visa that suits you best. And, we'll help you with all the visa procedures for free, so you don't have to worry about anything.

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    Main characteristics of Canada

    Canada is known worldwide for being a very welcoming, tolerant, and peaceful country that has opened its arms to people from all over the world for many generations.

    You’ll also recognize its spectacular landscapes, its high snow-capped mountains that host some of the world’s best ski resorts, and its impressive forests and lakes.

    Canada is a very large country that hosts a great diversity of ecosystems and lifestyles that will not leave anyone indifferent.


    Canada on the map

    Canada is located north of the United States, and together with it and Alaska, they form the North American subcontinent.

    Its west coast is bathed by the Pacific Ocean, the south by the Atlantic, and the north by the Arctic Ocean.


    Canada in numbers

    Canada, with 9.9 million square kilometers, is the second-largest country in the world, only after Russia.

    It also has the longest coastline in the world, with a total of 243,000 km.

    If we talk about population, Canada has nothing less than 36 million inhabitants. But although it seems like a lot, given the size of the country, the average number of inhabitants per square kilometer is 4, so you can easily enjoy great peace and tranquility.


    Canada is a very welcoming country

    21% of the population is foreign, with a large majority being second or third-generation immigrants. It’s also noteworthy that there is a lot of Asian immigration, which has contributed a lot to Canadian customs.

    Canada’s relatively recent colonial past makes people very tolerant and have a very open mindset in which they consider anyone who comes from abroad as one of their own.


    Provinces and Territories

    Canada is divided into 10 provinces and 3 territories: Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Nunavut, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland and Labrador, the Northwest Territories, and the Yukon.



    The Canadian government system is widely admired worldwide, as Canada’s education, healthcare, and safety are widely recognized.

    In Canada, there is a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy, with Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister for the Liberal Party

    Main cities in Canada

    Discover the most popular destinations chosen by our students.



    Toronto, with almost 3 million inhabitants, is a very cosmopolitan city with a fast-paced and fun nightlife. No wonder it’s known as the New York of Canada!

    In Toronto, you can enjoy a wide variety of events, concerts, musicals, museums, restaurants… and if you get bored of the city, just outside Toronto are the Great Lakes, one of the great attractions of this country.

    Despite its size, Toronto is a very safe city and it is easy to get around. Just remember to bring a warm jacket to combat the low temperatures and strong winds!

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    Vancouver has 2 million inhabitants and over 30% of them are of Asian descent, contributing to the city’s great cultural diversity.

    Vancouver cites are known for being very welcoming, respectful, and friendly. The people here are more than used to welcoming foreigners as one of their own.

    What we love most about this city is that it perfectly combines the dynamism and opportunities of a big city with the tranquility and comfort of smaller places.

    In addition, Vancouver is surrounded by numerous natural parks that you can visit any weekend to do outdoor sports or have a picnic.

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    Montreal, located in the province of Quebec, is also known as the capital of Canadian culture and was one of the first cities founded in the country. Today, it has more than 1.7 million inhabitants and a great university atmosphere.

    As a fun fact, you’ll be interested to know that ice hockey, Canada’s most important sport, was invented here.

    Montreal has a lot of history and it’s delightful to stroll through its streets in the fall and spring.

    ilustracion foto vivir en montreal

    10 Curiosities about Canada

    If there’s something we love about visiting a new country, it’s discovering all those curiosities that make it unique, and that will serve you to break the ice in many conversations. We tell you our 10 favorite curiosities about Canada to whet your appetite!


    Canada has the most lakes in the world

    Canada has more than 2 million lakes! Of which more than 31,000 have an area of between 3 and 100 km², and 563 have more than 100 km².


    Canada is home to 10% of all the forests on the planet.

    And many of its National Parks are the size of countries.


    Caribou, polar bears, and whales

    Canada is also home to many unique species in the world. In total, it has 2.4 million caribou (a majestic cousin of the reindeer), 15,000 polar bears, and 22 different species of whales swimming in its waters.


    The Great Trail

    Canada is crossed from coast to coast by the Great Trail of Canada, the longest path in the world. With a total of 24,000 kilometers, it’s longer than the Great Wall of China, which is “only” 8,851 kilometers long.


    In Canada, there are 250 recognized ethnic groups

    This simply shows once again the great cultural diversity of the country, which, fortunately for food lovers, also translates into a great culinary variety.


    Country of university students

    In Canada, 1 in 2 citizens has a university education, making this country the most educated in the world.


    Golf is the most played sport

    Although many people think it’s ice hockey, the national sport actually ranks second.


    Canada produces 70% of the world's maple syrup

    Specifically, from the maple trees in the province of Quebec.


    Raft-surf, paddle surfing with orcas, northern lights, and icebergs

    Canada is a country for true adventurers. Here, there are thousands of activities that you can do in stunning natural settings. From surfing on icy beaches, kayaking among icebergs and humpback whales, rafting with huge waves, paddle surfing with orcas…not suitable for the faint of heart!


    Santa Claus has his own postal code: H0H 0H0

    It seems that in Nunavut, the northernmost human settlement in the world and bordering the North Pole, they have enabled a Canadian postal code so that children (and not so children) and Santa Claus can maintain correspondence.

    And now what? Are you more eager than ever to catch a flight and come to live the adventure of your life in Canada? Well, don’t worry, at Dingoos, we’ve got you covered. Write to us and we’ll help you manage everything so you can come to Canada as soon as possible, in a super comfortable and easy way. We’re waiting for you!

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