Estudiar ingles en Australia

Study english in Australia: all you need to know

We were also looking for an exotic destination to learn English, and like you, we came to Australia and stayed. Now that we know that this is one of the best countries in the world, we want to share our experience with you and help you achieve your goals.

1. Advantages of studying English in Australia

There are many advantages of studying an English course in Australia, among all of them we would like to highlight the following:


The student visa allows you to work in Australia

In addition, the Australian unemployment rate is around 6%, so you will have plenty of opportunities to find a job. It may not be the job of your dreams at first, but it will allow you to support yourself while you study without having to throw away your savings or borrow money from anyone. Being able to work while you learn English makes Australia an ideal destination for anyone.


The English schools in Australia are top

Why are they so good? Because they need to pass many official filters to meet the high-quality standards required by the Australian government. This strict control does not occur in other countries, where anyone can open a language school with the same ease with which the cookie drawer is opened.


The word Australia will always look good on your CV

A season here learning English or studying a course that makes you excited to learn will open many doors for you!


You will meet a lot of new people

In Australia, you will find more international students in the same situation with whom you will become friends very fast. You will never feel alone because you will also have us by your side to accompany you during your experience in Australia!


Language immersion

What better way to learn English than to immerse yourself in its culture? It will indeed be challenging at first, but with the schools’ methodology and surrounding yourself with the language, you will soon become fluent.


Studying in Australia is an unforgettable experience

There are two times to travel and study English in Australia, now or too late. Don’t wait any longer and write to us to plan your experience.

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    2. Types of English courses

    There are many types of English courses in Australia, as many as schools offer them. And yes, there is one for you, regardless of your current level of English. It will all depend on what you are looking for and your learning needs. Below these lines, we explain which are the most common English courses and how each of them can help you:


    General English courses

    General English courses prepare you to control the primary language needs: reading, writing, speaking and listening. There are several levels (from the most basic to the most advanced). Before starting classes, the school will give you a language test to join the class that corresponds to your level of English.


    Preparation courses for official English exams

    ESOL, IELTS, TOEFL … no matter what official qualification you want to achieve, the objective of these courses is always the same: prepare you to pass the official tests and get your brand new English certificate. Oh yes! When you finish the course, you will be ready to go to the exam and bid for the title.


    Business English courses

    Aimed at professionals, they are specialized English courses optimized 100% so that you can move like a fish in water in work environments. With this type of course, you will learn to function without fear in your profession by acquiring the necessary vocabulary and the correct type of grammatical constructions for day-to-day work.

    But that’s not all: there are also English courses that combine learning with other activities such as surfing. Seriously, there are so many courses on offer that, by sheer logic, some will steal your heart!

    3. Costs of studying English in Australia

    We’ve all asked ourselves that question before taking the giant leap! Is it costly, is it cheap? Can everyone or just a lucky few afford it?

    We will answer your questions in the best possible way: with data. In addition, if you come to Australia with us, a Dingoos Guide will be your advisor. We will advise you about the best for you according to your tastes. We will recommend options based on your budget, and we will give you an approximate figure on the money you should bring with you for your first days according to the city you choose.

    But before that we are going to make some calculations on how much money it can cost to study English in Australia:

    • The student visa will cost you $1.600 AUD.
    • The plane ticket price will be around $1,000 AUD. Remember that members of the #DingoosFamily can enjoy discounts on flight tickets.
    • The 12-week English course can cost you approximately $2,200 AUD. Depending on the destination city and the school, the price may vary, but don’t worry, because we will always look for the option that best suits your budget and objectives.
    • Weekly expenses, including accommodation, will be around $300 AUD. In this article, we detail what those expenses are and their breakdown.

    These would be the expenses far above studying English in Australia. On the other hand, remember that the student visa allows you to work part-time, and this will help you to be able to pay your expenses using your savings as little as possible.

    4. Am I eligible to work while studying in Australia?

    Yes, of course. And that’s one of the good things about Australia compared to other English-speaking countries.

    Because if you enrol in an English course or a VET course, and as long as you do it through an official school, you can apply for a student visa, a visa that allows you to work part-time while you study.

    This is excellent news because Australia is not exactly a cheap country regarding living costs. But in this way, you can work to meet all your expenses and even travel without throwing away savings.

    The chances of finding a job in Australia are high. Even if you have a low English level, getting a low-skilled job with a good salary is possible.

    5. English courses holidays. How do they work?

    Holidays are a long-awaited time for any international student in Australia. The reasons go beyond travelling to some exotic location or staying up late from party to party. And it is that during your holidays, you will be able to work full-time, twice as many hours as during the months of study.

    With some exceptions, it is normal for each student to have the right to one or two months of vacation for every three months of the course. At that time, you must add an extra month of relaxation at the end of the course.

    6. Which visa do I need?

    Now you have chosen the English course you want to study in Australia; it´s time to know the most common visas to make it possible: the Tourist Visa, the Work & Holiday Visa and of course, the student visa.

    Depending on which visa you choose, you will have certain limitations to take into account. In the following bullet points, we explain the main differences of each visa:

    • With the Tourist Visa, you can study for a maximum of 12 weeks (3 months), but this visa does not allow you to work while you study.
    • With the Work & Holiday Visa, you can study for a maximum of 16 weeks (4 months). In this case, you will be able to work while you study.
    • The Student Visa is undoubtedly the best option if your goal is to study an English course in Australia since, with it, you can study and work unlimitedly for the duration of your visa.

    7. Can I combine an English course with a VET course?

    Of course, you can! Actually, it is the best thing you can do. Keep reading because you are about to find out why.

    • By combining several courses, you will access a longer visa duration, benefiting from more extended vacation periods. This will reduce the cost per week of your lessons because you will have extra weeks of holidays in between courses. That means that if you divide the cost of both courses by the number of visa weeks (holidays included), the weekly cost of your studies will decrease. But that´s not the only advantage; you will also be able to work full-time during your holidays.
    • You will leave Australia with a much higher level of English and a complimentary qualification in another subject thanks to the VET course.
    • You will know more cities in Australia: if you enrol in schools in different cities, you can spend a season in each city.
    • You will save on visa fees since you will avoid having to pay the visa renewal fees once you are in Australia by taking a more extended visa.

    Remember that your Dingoos Guide will be by your side to help you choose a combination of courses according to your objectives and the time you plan to stay in Australia. So it is impossible not to make the best decision!

    8. Best schools to study English in Australia

    Let me know where you live (or where you plan to live), and I will tell you which is the best school to study English in Australia. That easy!

    We have selected for you the best schools in the primary Australian cities. We have been working closely with the following schools, and our students are delighted with the quality of the facilities and the teachers. In any case, you can always contact us if you have questions regarding a specific school not listed below.


    English schools in Sydney

    When someone thinks about coming to Australia to study English, usually the first idea that comes to mind is to travel to Sydney. It is normal, it is the most famous, dynamic and iconic city in this country.

    The schools that stand out the most in Sydney are:


    English schools on the Gold Coast

    Ohhh! The fabulous Gold Coast. In case you still don’t know us, this is where we have one of our Dingoos headquarters and where many of our students study. Living on the Gold Coast is like living in paradise: fantastic beaches, natural parks in the surroundings, a good atmosphere and fantastic weather during the entire year.

    The best schools on the Gold Coast are:


    English schools in Melbourne

    The second-largest city in Australia is Melbourne, it is more bohemian than Sydney, a little cheaper and less chaotic. In fact, it is considered one of the cities with the best quality of life in the world. Surely you are thinking that it sounds great, and you are right, especially if you do not come to Australia thinking about surfing, since the closest beaches to Melbourne where you can practise it, are more or less an hour away.

    About the English schools in Melbourne, we highlight the following ones:


    English schools in Brisbane

    Another of our favourite cities in Australia is Brisbane because it is comfortable and offers many job opportunities and leisure options. As with Melbourne, the only drawback for us is that if you want to go to the beach, you will have to leave the city. In this case, the closest option is the Gold Coast, which is an hour’s drive away.

    In Brisbane you can study English in the following schools:


    English schools in Byron Bay

    Byron Bay is a super pretty town surrounded by fantastic beaches. Studying English here is to enjoy a super paradise vacation even if you work part-time.

    However, despite being small, Byron Bay has outstanding English schools:


    English schools in Cairns

    If you want to live a season next to a tropical jungle, you can take the opportunity to study English in Cairns. You will be impressed with the nature surrounding the city. You will also be happy to know that Cairns might be the cheapest city in Australia.

    In Cairns, we highlight the school:


    English schools in Perth

    Perth is one of the most booming Australian cities. This means that you will find many job offers. Although it is very far from the rest of the major cities, its surroundings are beautiful, and you can make incredible excursions.

    To study English in Perth, we recommend the following schools:


    English schools in Adelaide

    Adelaide is the fifth-largest city in Australia and one of the fastest-growing in recent years. It´s not a popular destination among international students, but this could also be seen as a selling point of Adelaide because you will make a complete linguistic immersion.

    There are two great English schools in Adelaide:


    English schools in Noosa and Sunshine Coast

    Noosa and Sunshine Coast are located on the east coast. Both cities belong to Queensland, the state with the best climate and beaches in Australia.

    The best English school in Noosa and Sunshine Coast is:


    English schools in Darwin

    Darwin is the perfect city for those with the soul of adventurers since this is one of the least known urban centres in the country.

    In addition, Darwin has an excellent English school:

    9. How does Dingoos help you?

    At Dingoos, we will guide you from the moment you contact us until the last day of your experience.

    Because we will not only request your visa, we will also help you choose the course that best suits you, and we will take care of the entire enrollment process. But there is more.

    Take a look at this video on our YouTube channel, where our student, Iñigo, tells us about his experience in the course he is studying at Imagine Education.

    Seeing this video might motivate you to come to study in Australia. If that is the case, let us know, we are waiting for you to come!

    Testimonio de estudiante Iñigo Puentes
    Cursos VET en Australia

    Have you heard about the VET Courses?

    VET courses are the best option if you have already come to Australia with a high level of English.

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