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What if you could work while enjoying Ireland?

trabajar en irlanda

Ireland and its beautiful green and rocky landscapes have much to offer to those who want to work abroad for a season.

Whether you want to find a job to cover your expenses while studying English or are looking to find your dream job to develop and grow professionally, Ireland is full of well-paid opportunities for everyone.


Advantages of working in Ireland

Working in Ireland has many advantages for those who are looking to experience working abroad, earning money, and improving or learning English.


You will learn English quickly

In Ireland, you will live your whole life in English, which will help you to loosen up in the language of Shakespeare without even realizing it. Additionally, in Ireland, you can take an English course at quality schools that will undoubtedly help you to lay the foundations of the language and add some formal English to the slang you learn at the local pub.


Flying to Ireland is cheap

Especially if you are traveling from Europe. Ireland has an international airport in Dublin that receives hundreds of flights daily, and where most of the major low-cost airlines make stopovers.


Culture, history, and beer

Ireland has a long history in which hundreds of civilizations have had their moment of glory. The landscapes, Irish people, and constant drizzle invite you to dream of leprechauns, fairies, and lake monsters that you will now love to discover by getting lost in Ireland.


Jobs for everyone

In Ireland, finding a job to start earning some money without being very fluent in English is possible. Positions like dishwasher or delivery person are easy to get and perfect to get you out of trouble and get you up and running as soon as you get off the plane.


If you have a European passport, you do not need a work permit

If you have a European passport, Ireland will be your favorite destination to work in an English-speaking country, as you will need nothing more than your ID to move to the country and start working and studying in Ireland.


Good quality of life

Work-life balance and working conditions in Ireland are very good. Schedules are respected, decent salaries are paid, and most importantly, they are in line with the cost of living. This means that you will leave work on time and have enough money to do something fun with your friends later.

What requirements do I need to work in Ireland?

Well, if your goal is to work in Ireland, there are a number of requirements that you will have to meet. Some are mandatory for everyone, and others will vary depending on your nationality or the type of work visa you apply for.

In general, the requirements to work in Ireland are:

  • Have a valid visa
  • Apply for your IRP
  • Apply for your PPS
  • Open a bank account
  • Have an Irish phone number.
  • That said, let’s now look at all the requirements in depth.

Visas to work in Ireland

Let’s start with the most important thing: What visa do you need to work in Ireland?

The truth is that there are many opportunities, depending not only on your nationality but also on your work experience or whether you want to combine studying with working in Ireland.


Without a visa

As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, if you have a European passport, for example, a Spanish, Swiss, or Italian one, you can work in Ireland full-time without having to do any extra paperwork.

Just make sure you have your valid passport (renewing it in Ireland is possible, but it’s better to come prepared from home, right?) and apply for your European Health Insurance Card to be able to go to the doctor in Ireland for free.


Stamp 2: Study and Work Visa

The Stamp 2 is popularly known as the student visa, and with it, you can work 20 hours a week during the course and full-time during the holidays. It is valid for up to 8 months and can be renewed a maximum of 2 times, allowing you to study and work in Ireland for a total of 2 years. If this is your visa, write to us, and a Dingoos Guide will contact you to inform and help you with all the procedures.


Working Holiday Visa

The Working Holiday Visa is a very convenient visa for all those who want to combine studying and working in Ireland. With the Working Holiday visa, you can work in Ireland for a year and study for a maximum of 6 months.

The only drawbacks are that it is not possible to extend the visa for a second year and that places are somewhat limited: only 200 visas of this type are granted per year.

The Spanish-speaking nationalities that can apply for the Working Holiday Visa are Argentina and Chile.

Although if you have a passport from Australia, Canada, Chile, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, or the United States, you can also apply for this visa.


General Employment Permit

If you are a professional with some work experience or with attractive skills for the Irish job market, you can work in Ireland by applying for a General Employment Permit.

The General Employment Permit is valid for 2 years and can be renewed up to 3 times. After working in Ireland for five years, you can apply for your resident visa to stay in the country and work legally for as long as you want without having to worry about renewing more visas.

To apply for a General Employment Permit, it is essential that you have a job offer that is not listed on the lista de puestos de trabajo no elegibles created by the Irish government.

In addition, you will have to meet other requirements, such as official qualifications or your employer assuring you of the minimum salary proposed by the Irish government, among others.


Critical Skills Employment Permit

The Critical Skills Employment Permit is intended for all foreign professionals with highly sought-after skills in Ireland, to serve as an incentive for them to permanently reside in the country.

To apply for a Critical Skills Employment Permit, you will need to have a job offer for one of the positions listed in the Critical Occupation List provided by the Irish government, among other requirements.

Apply for your IRP

The IRP is your Ireland Residence Permit. Formerly known as the GNIB card, it is an essential document that you will have to apply for to live and work in Ireland legally if you do not have a European passport.

Apply for your PPS number

The Personal Public Service (PPS) number is a unique identification number that will allow you to fulfill your obligations (pay your taxes) and benefit from social services (public health service or apply for scholarships and grants) offered by the Irish government. To put it simply, it’s like your Social Security number.

Open a bank account in an Irish bank

If your idea is to stay and work in Ireland for a while, we recommend opening an account in an Irish bank, as it will make it easier for you to carry out many procedures, such as receiving your monthly salary on time.

Would you like to study and work in Ireland?

Contact us, and a Dingoos guide will contact you as soon as possible.

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    What are the salaries like in Ireland?

    Salaries in Ireland, while not the highest in the world, are above the average of other European countries such as Spain or Portugal.

    And best of all, even with the minimum wage, you can lead a decent life in Ireland.

    To give you an idea, the monthly minimum wage in Ireland in 2022 was 1707€ net, around 1400€ gross.

    As in any other part of the world, salaries vary according to professions. For example, working as a waiter in Ireland full-time can earn you about 1400€ per month, while in other more qualified professions, the monthly salary would start at 1700€ per month.

    What are the most demanded jobs in Ireland?

    The truth is that in Ireland, you can work in whatever you want, and many times, in your field!

    And it is that Ireland has a very lively job market with more than acceptable salaries in all sectors.

    Obviously, to access higher qualified and better-paid jobs, one of the fundamental requirements is to have a good level of English.

    On the other hand, for other jobs in the hospitality and service sector, the level of English is not so important, and they can become good job opportunities to start gaining work experience in Ireland while you perfect your English and earn money to cover your expenses


    Working as a waiter

    Working as a waiter in Ireland is ideal for those who already handle English better. It is a somewhat tough job, as you will have to attend to the requests of the customers, take orders, serve them at the tables, learn the names of a thousand and one different beers, and, be careful, the trays loaded with pints are heavy. The atmosphere of these places is usually very lively, especially on days when there are football or rugby matches. Without a doubt, a great place to practice your listening skills.


    Working as an au pair

    Working as an au pair in Ireland is a great idea for all those who enjoy spending time with the little ones at home. In addition to taking care of the children, you will probably have to fulfill other tasks, such as cleaning or cooking. Working as a nanny in Ireland is a great way to learn English quickly as it will allow you to speak every day with local people about the most diverse topics.


    Working in the technology sector

    Ireland has become the favorite country of the big tech companies, and giants like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, or PayPal have offices in the country.

    These companies are looking for professionals of all kinds, from computer scientists to managers, marketing specialists, customer service… So they are a good job opportunity for international workers with different objectives and qualifications.


    Working as a glass collector

    Ireland is the country of pubs par excellence, so here you can make money without needing to know much English by collecting glasses. It is an ideal job to socialize and practice the language with locals in a fun environment.


    Working as a barista

    A very common job among foreigners in Ireland is to work as a barista in a café. Here they are common, and you can apply for a position in a big chain like Starbucks or in a local café. The atmosphere is calmer than in pubs, and you can learn about the delicious world of coffee.

    If you are really interested in this type of work and want to increase your chances of finding a job of this type, we recommend you take a barista course, where you will learn all the basics to make a good coffee.


    Working as a Shop Assistant

     Working as a shop assistant in Ireland in a fashion store, such as Zara or H&M in Ireland, is a good option if you already have a decent level of English and feel like working in a busy environment where you can continue practicing it.


    Working as a cashier or supermarket replenisher

    Working as a cashier or supermarket replenisher in Ireland is a good idea for all lovers of food and order. Moreover, these are jobs where you can practice English both with your colleagues and with customers. The most popular supermarkets to look for work among foreign workers are Aldi, Tesco, Lidl, and SuperValu.


    trabajar en irlanda hospitality

    Want to know more about Ireland?

    Keep reading and discover everything you need to know about studying, living, and types of visas in Ireland.


    We want you to get to know Ireland. That's why we tell you what its main characteristics are, what its capital is like, and some curiosities about the country that won't leave you indifferent. Let's go to Ireland!

    Studying in Ireland

    Thanks to its strategic location in the northwest of Europe, its varied and excellent educational offer, and its affordable standard of living, Ireland is one of the favorite destinations for all students who want to train abroad.

    Living in Ireland

    Nature, culture, history, party, work, studies... if you live in Ireland, it will be very easy for you to combine everything you want to do. Get ready to discover the magic of a country loaded with wealth. No wonder it's called the "Emerald Isle."

    Types of visas

    With a European passport, you won't need a visa to study and work in Ireland. If you are from Latin America, the specific requirements of your nationality will apply. Whatever your case, at Dingoos we will help you with the procedures you need.

    How to work in Ireland? Steps to follow:

    All right! Do you want to come and work in Ireland? Then keep reading and find out the easiest, fastest, and stress-free way to do it.

    Step 1: Contact Dingoos

    One of our Dingoos Guides will analyze your case and help you design an experience up to your expectations in Ireland.

    Furthermore, once you have decided, your Dingoos Guide will help you carry out all the necessary procedures, such as applying for a visa, taking out medical insurance, or booking your plane tickets, so you can relax and enjoy the experience of going to work in Ireland.

    Step 2: Choose your destination city

    When you contact us, one of our colleagues from the #DingoosTeam will give you first-hand information about Ireland and the different cities, as well as job opportunities and lifestyle, so that with all the information in front of you, you can choose where you want to go to work in Ireland.

    Step 3: Apply for your visa and work permit in Ireland

    Once your Dingoos Guide and you have decided which study or work visa best suits your plan, our Visa Department will help you make the visa application and other relevant documents.

    Step 4: Prepare your resume + cover letter in the Irish style

    So that you can start looking for a job in Ireland as soon as you land, it’s a good idea to make your resume as soon as possible adapted to the Europass model. That is, without a photograph or date of birth.

    In addition, your CV should be accompanied by a cover letter or letter of motivation, which, although it may contain generic information about your experience and studies, is better when it is written with intention for each job you apply for, telling things like why you are an ideal candidate for the job and why you like the company.

    And if you have doubts about this, don’t worry! Your Dingoos Guide will help you create impeccable CV and cover letter.

    Step 5: Next stop: Ireland

    All right! You are ready to start your journey to Ireland. Say goodbye to your friends and family, invite them to come and see you as soon as possible, pack your suitcase, and… see you in Ireland!

    Step 6: Open your account in an Irish bank

    One of your first missions in Ireland will be to open an account in a national bank. This way, your future employers can pay you every month without any problems.

    This type of management can be a bit stressful if you are not familiar with the modus operandi of Ireland, that’s why your Dingoos Guide will accompany you to open an account as soon as you arrive or, if possible, will open it for you before you arrive so you can make use of your money as soon as you land in Irish territory.

    Step 7: Find a job

    To look for a job in Ireland, you only need two things: a little shamelessness and some time.

    One of the best ways to start looking for a job and explore the work environment on-site is to go through the city and leave your CV directly with the manager. This way, you can get an idea of what is happening in Ireland.


    Job search websites

    Another very effective way to find a job in Ireland is through job search portals. Some of the most popular pages for job hunting in Ireland are:

    • LinkedIn: very useful for specialized professionals, to get to know new Irish companies or those based in Ireland, and for networking.
    • It is the most popular employment portal in Ireland.
    • Indeed: A global job search engine. Through this job search engine, you can access offers published on different web pages.
    • Jobs Ireland: It is the official employment website of Ireland.
    • Recruitireland: Specialized portal in job offers for all sectors in Ireland.

    Facebook groups to find a job

    Another option to look for a job in Ireland is to join one of the Facebook groups for Spaniards and Latinos in Ireland, since in these groups, members often share job offers and tips, as well as propose other types of plans and meetups to have fun in your free time.

    Some Facebook groups are:


    Dingoos Work Workshop

    Also, if you are a little overwhelmed by the moment of having to look for a job in Ireland, we have created the Dingoos Work Workshop.

    In this workshop, we will give you specific and useful information on how to look for a job, we will solve any doubts or problems you may have when looking for a job, and we will give you all the keys to make you feel very comfortable in the Irish work environment.

    Step 8: Work and enjoy your experience in Ireland

    Well, that’s it! If you have followed these steps, it is 100% certain that you are already working and living the experience of your life in Ireland.

    How to find a job in Ireland?

    • There are many TOP companies that are looking to incorporate Spanish-speaking staff into their workforce. Google and Amazon are some of them! To find a job in Ireland through these types of offers, include the word “Spanish” in your job search.
    • Prepare for job interviews. They often ask cliché questions like what are your three greatest strengths and weaknesses, so it’s not a bad idea to prepare some answers that fit the job you are applying for.
    • Include references in your CV, in Ireland they give them a lot of importance, especially if they are from other local companies.
    • Volunteering is a good way to gain experience and references within Ireland.

    Don’t miss Marc Eastwood’s tips for finding a job in Ireland that we show you in the following video.

    encontrar trabajo en irlanda


    Do you have any more questions about studying in Canada? Look for yours in the following questions. And if you don’t find it, write to us! At Dingoos, we are always happy to help you.


    What do I need to work in Ireland as a Spanish citizen?

    If you are Spanish and want to work in Ireland, you will be pleased to know that you only need your passport to travel to the country and look for your first job there.

    As a member of the European Union, you will have no restrictions on studying, working, and living in Ireland. There are many job options for Spaniards in Ireland. The key is your level of English, the better you control the language, the easier it will be for you to find a job.


    Can you find a job with accommodation included in Ireland?

    Finding a job in Ireland for Spaniards with accommodation is not the most common, but anything is possible. There are hotels, hostels, etc. that offer accommodation for their employees on the premises, whether they are Spaniards, Latin Americans, or of any other nationality.

    If you travel to Ireland with the intention of studying, another option is to enroll in a school that offers accommodation for its students. Remember that you can combine your studies with a job, so maybe it’s a good alternative to live in Ireland without worrying about the need to find accommodation.


    What are the best websites to find a job in Dublin?

    If you want to work in Dublin, these are the best search engines to find the best job offers in Ireland for Spaniards and Latin Americans: Jobs, Indeed, Jobs Ireland, and Recruitireland.


    In what season of the year is there more work in Ireland?

    Working in Ireland in the summer will allow you to enjoy more pleasant temperatures. Many students decide to travel to the country at this time of the year to enroll in an intensive English course, combining their classes with part-time work.

    There are even job opportunities for Spaniards in Ireland without English. They are low-skilled jobs, but they will allow you to cover your stay in the country while improving the language.

    How does Dingoos help you?

    At Dingoos, we help you carry out all the procedures and paperwork for free, from the moment you think about studying in Ireland until you return home… if you do!

    Write to us, and one of our Dingoos Guides will study your case and offer you personalized information about what your best options are, both in terms of visas and studies, cities, and everything else.

    Also, once you decide that Ireland is your next stop, your Dingoos Guide will accompany you and help you carry out all the procedures, so you don’t have to worry about anything else but packing your bags and heading to the Emerald Isle. We’ll be waiting for you!

    Do you want to work in another country?

    Keep reading and find out everything you need to know to work in Australia, Ireland, and Malta.

    Work in Australia

    Australia is a very safe country, with unstoppable economic growth for over 25 years, and where there are plenty of opportunities and advantages for all those who want to come and grow professionally and personally.

    Work in Malta

    Malta has a strong tourist industry and one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe, so finding work quickly will not be a problem. This way, you can earn money to cover your expenses while living on this beautiful island.

    Work in Canada

    Canada is one of the countries with the best quality of life in the world. Its landscapes will leave you speechless, and the proximity of its people, known worldwide, will draw a smile that will be difficult to erase during your stay in the country. Are you ready to live the Canadian dream?

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