estudiar ingles en malta

Studying english in Malta: everything you need to know

Studying English in a Mediterranean paradise is possible in Malta. On this beautiful island, you’ll find excellent English schools, job opportunities in hospitality and leisure sectors, and pristine beaches… a winning combination, if you ask us!

Ready to learn more about why and how to study English in Malta? Keep reading!

Why study english in Malta?

Estudiar inglés en Malta es decir sí a vivir una experiencia inolvidable. Esta pequeña isla en mitad del mediterráneo esconde secretos que han cautivado a los públicos más dispares, desde grandes imperios, productores de Hollywood y a los turistas europeos más selectos. Ahora te toca a ti descubrir por qué estudiar en Malta es sin duda una buena idea.

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Why study english in Malta?

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    Study english in Malta at prestigious schools

    Malta was a former British colony and has been one of the favorite European destinations for learning and improving English for years. That’s why you’ll find the campuses of major British and even American universities and schools in the main cities, such as the London School of Commerce, Middlesex University, and the International Maritime Law Institute.



    Learn english in Malta with anglophone teachers

    Thanks to Malta’s history as a British colony, english is the official language in the country, alongside Maltese, and nearly 100% of the population speaks it fluently.

    Furthermore, English is the official language used in universities, other educational institutions, and public establishments in Malta.


    Cost of living is affordable in Malta

    Did you know that Malta is one of the most budget-friendly destinations for studying English out there? Well, we’re telling you now: it’s true!

    The cost of living in Malta is much lower than in other English-speaking countries like England, Canada, or the United States.

    But the quality of life, especially if you enjoy the beach and the sun, is fantastic


    Malta is a movie scene

    If you come to study English in Malta, you’ll see what the producers of over 100 major Hollywood films saw: charming Mediterranean landscapes and perfectly preserved cities ideal for the backdrop of major titles like “The Da Vinci Code,” “Troy,” “The Count of Monte Cristo,” and even “Popeye“! Yes, the most famous sailor on television has a movie, and an entire village was built on the island of Malta to shoot it. Today, it’s a theme park. Don’t miss it if you come here!


    Centuries of history greet you from Malta

    Greeks, Romans, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Arabs, Christians, French, and British all passed through Malta, leaving behind a well-preserved legacy. This small island boasts significant archaeological findings like the Ggantija Temple and a vast historical heritage consisting of magical walled cities, churches, cathedrals, and fortresses.


    Mediterranean climate, Mediterranean customs

    What is it about the Mediterranean that everyone loves so much? Hot summers, perfect for the beach, and mild, bearable winters.

    In Malta, each season has its charm, and the best part is that the temperatures are ideal for outdoor activities such as going to the beach, discovering hidden coves, and strolling along its docks and cities at sunset.


    Malta is perfect for exploring the underwater world

    Malta is a paradise for divers of all levels thanks to its crystal-clear waters teeming with marine life, stunning rock formations, and sunken ships.

    Water temperatures can be a bit chilly in winter, around 15°C, but on a good day, visibility can reach up to 40 meters—making it worthwhile, don’t you think?

    If you’re a fan of shipwrecks, you’ll find several well-preserved World War II ships in Malta


    Malta is a foodie paradise

    Studying English in Malta is an opportunity to savor a rich and varied cuisine for as long as you choose.

    One of the great things about a country that has received so many civilizations throughout history is that its cuisine has been enriched by all of them, resulting in delicious dishes.

    In Malta, you’ll find ingredients typical of the Mediterranean diet, with influences from Spain, France, Britain, the Arab world, Africa, Italy, and more. So, expect dishes made with vegetables, rice, pasta, and puff pastry pies (the most famous are called pastizzi, and you must try them. You’ll thank us later).


    Malta is synonymous with party

    Students and tourists come to Malta with the sole purpose of having a good time. We could say that Malta is like a second Ibiza, full of bars, casinos, and nightclubs where you can dance until dawn.

    Additionally, throughout the island, numerous festivals and parties with diverse themes take place, from honoring patron saints to celebrating the harvest.

    And if that’s not enough, Malta is home to the Glitch Festival, where international DJs and artists take the stage to make you dance non-stop.

    Types of english courses

    If you come to study english in Malta, you can choose from a variety of english courses tailored to all types of students, needs, and goals.

    In Malta, you can improve your English regardless of your level and find general English courses or more specific ones, such as expanding your vocabulary in the business field or preparing to become an English teacher.

    English courses in Malta typically range from 15 to 30 hours per week, and you can choose between morning or afternoon schedules.

    Let’s take a look at them!


    Inglés general

    If your goal is to improve your English from a beginner level to “sky’s the limit,” you can try a general English course.

    These courses are designed for you to learn and establish the foundations of the four basic pillars of the English language: writing, reading, speaking, and listening.

    You can start these courses at any level and progress until you’re ready to take official English exams like IELTS or Cambridge


    Preparation for official exams

    Preparation courses for IELTS and Cambridge official exams are very useful for those who want to study at a university or apply for certain visas, as it is often one of the requirements requested.

    • IELTS: In the preparation courses for IELTS exams, one of the most recognized English language certification institutions worldwide, you will learn everything you need to pass the speaking, reading, listening, and writing sections of the exam.
    • CAE: Cambridge is another major institution where you can certify your English proficiency, and its qualifications are widely recognized by governments, universities, and other public and private institutions worldwide. In these courses, you will quickly learn grammatical structures and vocabulary to pass the exams and achieve the score you need.

    Academic english

    Academic english courses are ideal for those who already speak English but want to expand their vocabulary and solidify their knowledge for university studies in English.

    During academic English classes, you will learn grammatical structures, expand your vocabulary, practice your speaking, and improve your overall speech and presentation skills, which are very useful for starting university or any other type of English-language study.


    Business english

    Business english courses are designed to help professionals improve their English to expand their personal brand internationally. These courses prepare you to work in English in multicultural environments and help you gain confidence in yourself and your English, so you can succeed in the corporate world.

    In business english classes, you will gain vocabulary related to business and marketing and learn to present, persuade, and sell your ideas and services with much more professional English


    Inglés intensivo

    Intensive english courses are ideal for those who are eager to learn English but do not have much time.

    These courses are a condensed version of general English courses. They usually last less than 6 months and are typically 30 hours per week.

    Requirements for studying english in Malta

    So far, we have discussed why and what to study in Malta. Let’s now see how to make it possible.

    Depending on your nationality, these are the requirements you will need to meet to study English in Malta:


    Requirements for European Union Citizens

    The requirements for studying English in Malta are few, and if you have a European passport, they are non-existent. Just choose a school, get your plane tickets, and welcome to Malta!


    Requisitos para ciudadanos de Latinoamérica excepto Ecuador y Bolivia

    On the other hand, if you have a Latin American passport, such as Colombian, Mexican, Argentine, you can apply for a visa on arrival by meeting the following requirements. But there’s an exception! Ecuadorian and Bolivian passports have different requirements. Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can assist you in processing your visa and managing your arrival and stay in Malta completely free of stress.

    Stay up to 90 days

    If you plan to study a course of less than 3 months or 90 days, you can do so with a Schengen Short-Stay Visa, or C-Visa for short. When you arrive at the airport and the customs officer checks if you meet the requirements, they will stamp your passport, and you can roam freely in Malta for up to 3 months.

    The requirements to obtain your C-Visa are:

    • A valid passport with at least 3 months of validity.
    • An acceptance letter from the school where you will be studying.
    • Purchase medical insurance for the entire duration of your stay in Malta with coverage of at least €30,000.
    • Have accommodation reservations for the entire duration of your stay.
    • Have a plane ticket to leave Malta at the end of the 90 days.
    • Demonstrate that you have sufficient funds to cover your expenses in Malta.

    Stay longer than 90 days

    If your plan is to study in Malta for more than 90 days or 3 months, you can do so with a student visa. To apply for this visa, the first thing you’ll need to do is enter Malta with the C-Visa for tourists, following the requirements mentioned in the previous section.

    After 30 days of arriving in Malta, you can apply for your student visa.

    Want to study in Malta for more than a year? No problem! In this case, you will need to apply for a Residence Permit just before your student visa expires.

    But let’s start at the beginning, obtaining the student visa. Here are the requirements:

    • A valid passport with at least 3 months of validity.
    • 2 ID-sized photos.
    • Acceptance letter from the school.
    • Proof of payment to the school.
    • Proof of accommodation reservation.
    • Complete the visa application form.
    • Medical insurance for the total duration of your stay with coverage of at least €30,000.
    • A return flight ticket that matches the end of your course.
    • Demonstrate that you have sufficient funds to cover your expenses in Malta (€784.70 per month).

    And remember, if we haven’t mentioned your country or you want to know the most up-to-date information for your specific case, please write to us, and we will be happy to assist you.

    Types of visas for studying english in Malta

    If you have a European passport, you can skip this section, as you won’t need any visa to study and/or work in Malta.

    However, there is a list of countries whose students do not need to apply for a visa if they plan to study in Malta for less than 3 months. This list includes all Latin American countries, except Ecuador and Bolivia.

    For everyone else, there are two types of visas that will allow you to study in Malta:


    Short-Stay Schegen visa

    This visa is for students from all countries who need a visa to study in Malta. With the Short-Stay Schengen Visa, you can study courses lasting up to 3 months.


    Student Visa

    Unlike EU countries, if you are from a Latin American country and want to study for more than 3 months, you will need to apply for a Student Visa.

    This visa is applied for once you are in Malta (except for Bolivia, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic) and has the same duration as the course you have enrolled in.

    Additionally, with this visa, you can work 20 hours a week during the course and 40 hours a week during vacation periods.

    Do you have questions or want to start the process of studying in Malta? We’re eager to help.

    Contact us, and one of our Dingoos Guides will assist you in resolving your doubts and will accompany you throughout the process, free of charge.

    Forget about the stress of reading thousands of pages of visa information, searching for schools, and preparing documents. At Dingoos, we’re here to make your life easier and your experience of studying in Malta smoother and hassle-free.

    How Much Does It Cost to Study English in Malta?

    To calculate the cost of studying English in Malta, you’ll need to consider several factors, such as the type of English course you will take, where you will stay, what mode of transportation you will use for daily commuting, and how much money you will spend on food and leisure.

    These costs will vary greatly depending on your lifestyle, academic goals, length of stay, and even your country of origin (the farther you are from Malta, the more expensive it will be to fly here).

    Let’s look at some numbers to give you a more precise idea of how much you will spend on studying English in Malta:

    • English Course in Malta: from €160 to €340 per week, depending on the school, type of course, duration, and payment method.
    • Visa: The student visa costs €70.
    • Flight to Malta: Starting at €24 from Madrid or €280 from Mexico.
    • Health Insurance: Between €8 and €15 per week.
    • Shared Apartment Rent: Between €150 and €300.
    • Monthly Expenses: From €120 to €200.
    • Internet + Calls: €10.
    • Transportation: €25.

    The best schools for studying english in Malta

    In Malta, there are many schools where you can study English, but not all of them are equally good.

    Here are the top-rated English language schools in Malta according to our students.


    International House Malta

    International House Malta has three branches in Malta, located in St. Julian’s, a beautiful resort in Paradise Bay, and the university city of Msida.

    Each branch has comprehensive facilities. Additionally, all students can complement their English studies with other leisure and cultural activities.

    At International House Malta, you can choose from intensive English courses, general English courses, professional English courses, teacher training, and preparation courses for official IELTS and Cambridge exams.


    Atlas Language School

    Atlas Language School is located in the picturesque coastal village of Pembroke, a short walk from St. Julian’s.

    The school has its own building with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. Among its facilities are large and bright classrooms, a well-equipped cafeteria, and a study room where you can spend time with other students like yourself.

    Atlas Language School has a maximum of 15 students per class, ensuring personalized attention and smooth learning.

    Courses at Atlas Language School include general English, intensive English, junior programs for younger students, and preparation for IELTS and Cambridge exams.


    EC English Malta

    EC English Malta is a charming school located in St. Julian’s. Its international atmosphere is ideal for meeting students from all over the world with whom you can share your experience and discover everything Malta has to offer.

    At EC English, you can study various types of English courses, including general English, intensive English, professional English, exam preparation, and exclusive courses for mini-groups, offering extra personalized attention.


    AM Language

    AM Language has been open for over 30 years and has consistently ranked among the top English schools in Malta.

    The school offers a friendly and serious learning environment, allowing you to improve your English quickly through effective and innovative teaching methods.

    AM Language offers courses in general English, intensive English, preparation for IELTS and Cambridge exams, as well as more specialized courses in professional and academic English.



    BELS is an English school with over 20 years of experience, focusing on teaching practical and communicative English.

    With small class sizes, BELS provides personalized attention from native teachers to all students, regardless of their level.

    No matter your level, BELS offers courses in general English, intensive English, academic English, and preparation for official IELTS and Cambridge exams. In addition to their academic offerings, BELS provides accommodation in their own facilities, with host families, shared apartments, and hotels.


    Clubclass English Language School

    Clubclass is located just steps away from the beaches of St. George’s Bay, Paceville, and St. Julian’s. It is accredited by the Ministry of Malta and offers English courses that guarantee foreign students’ language learning.

    The school boasts modern facilities with everything you need for learning and socializing with other international students in its beautiful common spaces.


    Getaway School of English

    Gateway School of English offers various types of English courses, with specialized courses such as English for aviation, English for medicine, English for engineering, legal English, and English for communication being the most interesting.

    At Gateway School of English, you will learn from experienced native teachers in small groups. The school’s facilities are spacious, well-lit, and equipped with everything you need for your student life, including good Wi-Fi, computer rooms, a library, and interactive whiteboards.



    At IELS, you can study a wide range of English courses, regardless of your level, all in small groups.

    IELS stands out as one of the largest and best-equipped English language schools in Malta. Here, you can learn using the latest technologies while benefiting from the warmth and expertise of their team of experienced native teachers.


    Inlingua School of Languages

    Inlingua School of Languages was founded in Malta in 1980 and has since expanded worldwide, with over 300 centers in 38 countries. Their main branch in Malta is in the center of Sliema. In addition to English courses designed to help you achieve your goals, Inlingua School of Languages also offers accommodation, ensuring that you have everything you need to enjoy your learning experience.

    How to study english and work in Malta?

    Studying and working in Malta is the best way to have a 360-degree experience where you’ll gain more than just a language: you’ll learn to stand on your own two feet and take pride in financing your stay with your hard work.

    However, if you want to study and work in Malta, the first thing you’ll need to do is determine what type of visa you’ll need for Malta, as the conditions depend on your visa.

    Students with European passports who do not require a visa to study and work in Malta can work without any hourly limits.

    If you do not have a European passport, you will need to come to Malta to study for a minimum of 6 months to apply for a student visa.

    This way, you will have the right to work a maximum of 20 hours a week during the course and 40 hours a week during vacation periods.

    How Dingoos can help you?

    If you’re eager to study English in Malta, Dingoos is here to assist you every step of the way.

    At Dingoos, we have a team of young professionals, both in and outside of Malta, who will provide you with free guidance and support throughout the process, from the moment you decide you want to experience life in Malta until it’s time to pack your bags and bid farewell to Malta.

    One of our Dingoos guides will help you choose the best school, assist you with visa processing, find accommodation, book flights, and even greet you at Malta’s airport to assist with your initial procedures.

    Additionally, you’ll become part of the #DingoosFamily, a fun community where you can meet other students like yourself, make plans, enjoy discounts, and more.

    Are you ready to come study English in Malta? We’re here to welcome you with open arms. See you soon!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Time for questions! Here, we'll address the most common questions that our students have about studying English in Malta. If you don't find a suitable answer for you, feel free to write to us, and we'll assist you!

    How long does an English course in Malta last?

    It depends on you, your level, and your goals. In Malta, you can study English courses ranging from 1 week to 3 years.


    When do English courses in Malta start?

    English courses in Malta typically start every Monday of the year.

    If Monday is a holiday, the start date is moved to Tuesday.


    What time are English classes in Malta?

    English classes in Malta usually have morning and afternoon schedules. While you can sometimes choose your preferred time, it’s also true that the schedule may vary depending on the school and the type of course.

    Morning classes are typically from 9 am to 12 pm, and afternoon classes from 1 pm to 4:30 pm.


    What type of English will I learn in Malta?

    In Malta, you will learn British English, although you will encounter many different accents in your daily life due to the island’s multicultural environment. This is a great opportunity to fine-tune your listening skills and learn even more English.


    How are students divided in English classes in Malta?

    English classes in Malta are divided into levels following the official CEFR guidelines.

    • Beginner: A1 – A1+
    • Intermediate: A2 – B1 – B2
    • Advanced: C1 – C2

    My English level is very low; can I still study English in Malta?

    Absolutely! In Malta, you can study English regardless of your level. On the first day of the course, you will take a placement test to be grouped with other students at a similar level. As your level improves, you will progress to higher-level groups, allowing you to learn more over time.

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    Are you familiar with vocational training courses in Canada?

    Vocational training courses are the best option if you already have a moderate to high level of English and intend to work in Canada.
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