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What’s our work culture?

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Service comes first

Our students have left their comfort zone, jumped on a plane to the other side of the world, and started a new chapter in their lives miles away from home. They’ve trusted us throughout the process, and so being there for them is what gives a meaning to our job. This is why our main objective is to provide a high-quality service catered for the needs of every student.

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We’re all in this together

Our team is made up of student counselors, visa experts, marketing and finance specialists, human resources experts… We each have our own tasks but we share a common goal: enjoy what we do and provide the best service to each and every person who chooses to study abroad with us.

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Be proud to leave a mark

No two team members are alike even if they’re in the same position, and that’s what makes life special. Each of our employees leaves their special mark on everything they do and becomes a key part of our big family.

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Working remotely: big yes!

The world is our office. We have members all around the world, across different continents and time zones, and we all can work together perfectly to make this project grow.

Cualidades de los dingoos

What our Dingoos team is like

Good, hard-working people

We’re passionate about our job, but we’re good people above all. Doing good for others is the true key to success.

Lovers of travelling

Living or have lived overseas isn’t a must, but it definitely helps. There’s nothing like helping people through a situation we’ve lived in ourselves.

One big team

There’s no “I” in “TEAM”. If something’s good for you, it’s great for all of us!

We’re active and proactive

Why say something if you can do it? We always keep our word, but we genuinely focus on making things happen. Trying new things that will help us improve is a big part of our business model.

Proceso de contratacion Dingoos

Hiring process

1. First contact

We’ll arrange a call with our Human Resources department to find out why we need you and why you want to be part of the team.

2. Meet your future mates

First impressions matter. We’ll introduce you to a member of the department you’re interested in so you can talk things through and see how you feel.

3. Ask and we’ll listen

Now it’s time to talk about serious matters like your pay and employment benefits.

4. Introductory test

We’ll send you a sample project test so you can prove what you’re worth and show us what it is that you can bring to the team.

5. Meet your future manager

You’ll get to meet your future department manager so you can get to know each other.

6. Let’s see those references!

What your previous manager or colleagues have to say about you is precious to us. If an old supervisor can give us some insight into your previous work, we’re all ears!

7. Here’s our offer

If we’re satisfied and you’re ready to become a dingo, you’ll get our offer to join the team.

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Pros of being a part of the #DingoosFamily

Join a great team

There were four of us once, and there are now over 50 employees. You’re all we need!

Work-life balance

Our flexible approach to work is what our colleagues value the most.

Work from anywhere in the world

Whether you’re based in China, Australia, Chile, Colombia, Spain, or Fiji: all you need is a computer and a stable internet connection.

Help us conquer the world

We know where we started and where we want to go next. Trust us – the best is yet to come.

Job Offers

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Sandra Lominchar

If you think you’re the right fit for our team, get in touch!

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Descubre quienes somos y todo lo que podemos hacer por ti. ¡Te esperamos!

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