Ciudad de Byron Bay

Living in Byron Bay

The quintessential hippie town of Australia, known for its laid-back vibe and incredible beaches, is the paradise of the most bohemian surfers.

The coolest and most bohemian town

Living in Byron Bay means being in the northern part of New South Wales, about 100 kilometers south of the Gold Coast and 770 kilometers north of Sydney. It has a permanent population of about 5,000 inhabitants, not counting the hundreds of tourists who come in search of adventure and fun every year.

A city that thrives on tourism, with a bohemian and relaxed atmosphere like the iconic hippie city it was back in the 1960s and 1970s. Surfers, painters, naturalists, and artists live in this city supporting its sustainable development, always preserving the city’s most natural characteristics. There is usually more activity on weekends, among other things because of the Byron Flea Market, a very characteristic market where you can find almost everything: clothing, handicrafts, ceramics, jewelry, etc.

If you want to immerse yourself in the 100% Aussie hippie and surfer atmosphere, with good weather all year round and incredible beaches, choosing this destination to live your Australian adventure will be an advantage for you. On the contrary, if you are looking for the atmosphere of a big city, this may not be your best destination.

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    What's accommodation like?

    Two of the main streets in downtown Byron Bay are Jonson Street and Shirley Street, where you can find many fashion shops and barefoot people walking under a sun that warms without burning. A little further on is Main Beach, Byron Bay’s main beach, full of authentic surfers from all over the world.

    Weekly prices for accommodation in Byron Bay depending on location are:

    • Single room between $240 – $340 AUD/week.
    • Shared room between $200 – $240 AUD/week.

    *Price range between a more peripheral and central area.

    Best Areas to Live in Byron Bay


    Byron Center

    Living in the center has its good and not so good things. Among the great ones is that you can get around on foot without any problems; you’ll be very close to the school you enroll in, and also, most of the restaurants, cafes, and shops are here, so you’ll probably end up working in downtown Byron Bay, so you’ll also be close to work.

    However, this won’t be your ideal place to live if you’re dreaming of tranquility and living surrounded by nature since the center is quite bustling.



    This neighborhood is usually somewhat cheaper, and within the neighborhood, you have quite a few services. It takes about 10 minutes by bike to get to the center of Byron Bay, and you have the beach nearby.


    Lili Pilli Byron

    Just by reading the name, don’t you already feel like living here? Well, wait because on top of that, it’s a super nice area, full of vegetation and single-family homes usually quite separated from each other. Plus, you can bike to town in about 15 minutes, so it’s super cool.

    If when you imagine yourself in Australia you see yourself in a little house, with a great garden, and encountering various little creatures every morning, this is your neighborhood to live in. However, the beach is not as close, and there is almost no service offer.


    Other Areas

    There are other areas to live relatively close to Byron Bay, but you will need a car (or very strong legs). For example, there’s Bangalow, a 15-minute drive away, where you can find a room in very cool houses. Suffolk Park is also well known, about half an hour by bike from downtown. It’s a residential area with lots of vegetation, close to the beach, and with plenty of catering services, supermarkets, shops, etc. Here you can find a better house at a similar price to what you could have in downtown Byron Bay.

    vivir en byron bay ilustrada
    Byron Bay

    How does transportation work?

    Being a relatively small city, the best option for getting around will be by bike. You can rent one, although if you’re going to spend a season, it’s best to buy a second-hand one.

    Many of our students who live for a while in Byron Bay decide to buy a second-hand car or motorcycle to move more comfortably around the city. This also gives them more autonomy when visiting other nearby cities like Gold Coast or Brisbane, for example. If you’re interested in this option, check out our guide to buying a car in Australia.

    You also have the option of getting around by bus. There is a station on Johnson Street, in the city center.

    In any case, as we said at the beginning, in Byron Bay, you can move around without any problems on foot or by bike, as you won’t have to travel long distances to go from one place to another in the city.

    Food and shopping

    In Byron Bay, you can find film or music festivals, visit one of its markets where you can taste organic food, enter one of the artisanal shops where they sell jewelry or visit the Stone Wood brewery, where you can taste their different types of beers while having a snack. And if you’re into nightlife, you’ll find it here too. The most popular places are Rails and The Beach Hotel, located in the city center.

    The average price of a weekly grocery shopping basket is around $80 – $90 AUD, although this is very relative, it depends a lot on each person. If you eat in large quantities or buy brands, your shopping can amount to $100 – $120 AUD.

    As advice, we recommend that you buy fruits and vegetables every Thursday at the organic and local Farmers Market on Butler Street.

    Leisure and Social Life

    For those seeking a relaxed life, connected with nature, plans in a bohemian atmosphere, and getting away from the noise and hustle of big cities, Byron Bay is undoubtedly a great choice.

    In Byron Bay, social life revolves around surfing and nature. You can make thousands of plans on the beach and meet people from all over the world surfing. If you’re going to start in this sport, we recommend you visit The Pass beach. It’s perfect for beginners.


    Facebook groups in Byron Bay

    With the Spanish & Latin Americans in Byron Bay group, you’ll find it easier to find accommodation, work, a new surfboard… It will also be great for meeting people, making plans, and solving some doubts. Take a look and request to join to start discovering Byron Bay right away.

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    Spanish & Latin Americans in Byron Bay

    Our Dingoos with experience in Byron Bay

    What's the climate like?

    With a humid subtropical climate, summers are warm and humid, and winters are mild. The average temperature in summer is around 27°C. The minimum in winter is around 11°C.

    In Byron Bay, you can live in a swimsuit, flip-flops, and with a surfboard under your arm most of the year. However, don’t forget the sunscreen because in Byron Bay (and Australia in general), the intensity of UVA rays is higher due to the hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica.

    Studying in Byron Bay

    If your intention is to come to Byron Bay to study, we can tell you it’s a great idea. Think about it… beach, sun, surf, people from all over the world, and quality schools… it’s the perfect formula to study while enjoying 100% of the Aussie experience and improving your English. Have you made up your mind?

    To study in Byron Bay, you’ll have to meet very few requirements. Basically, you’ll have to enroll in an English course, VET, TAFE, or university, process your student visa, and purchase travel health insurance. The good thing is that at Dingoos, we help you with all these procedures and much more.

    The time to come and study in Byron Bay is now or too late. What are you waiting for? Write to us and come live the experience of your life.

    Would you like to work in Byron Bay?

    This city offers good job opportunities in hospitality and tourism in general, especially in high season. The minimum wage is $23.23 AUD per hour. So, working part-time (24 hours/week) with an average salary of $480 AUD per week (not counting tips) you won’t have problems covering your expenses while studying.

    With the student visa, you can work part-time during classes and full-time (48 hours/week) during vacation periods. For this, in addition to your student visa, you’ll have to apply for the TFN (Tax File Number), something like the social security number in your country. But don’t worry too much about this procedure, you won’t need to do it until you arrive in Australia and also, if you come with Dingoos, your integrator will help you apply for your TFN when you arrive in Byron Bay.


    What are the most in-demand jobs for students in Byron Bay?

    La mayoría de trabajos que suelen realizar los estudiantes internacionales cuando vienen a pasar una temporada a Byron Bay, son relacionados con el sector servicios. En cualquier caso, si tienes un buen CV siempre podrás optar a trabajos más cualificados. Así, los trabajos más demandados para estudiantes en Byron Bay, son:

    Most of the jobs that international students usually do when they come to spend some time in Byron Bay are related to the service sector. In any case, if you have a good CV, you can always apply for more qualified jobs. So, the most in-demand jobs for students in Byron Bay are:

    Would you like to know more about Australia?

    Keep reading and discover everything you need to know about studying, living, working, and types of visas in Australia.

    Studying in Australia

    Studying in Australia is not the hardest thing in the world, but it's not as easy as waking up one day with crossed wires and saying, "Today I feel like going to the other end of the world for six months, I'm going to pack."

    Working in Australia

    Australia is a very safe country, with unstoppable economic growth for over 25 years and with lots of opportunities and advantages for those who want to come and grow professionally and personally.

    Living in Australia

    Our goal is to make everything clear from the beginning so that you know at all times what you will find on the other side of the world and don't get surprised. Ready?

    Types of Visas in Australia

    At Dingoos, we are experts in Australia and we will accompany you at every step to help you decide which visa suits you best. And once you have it clear, we will help you with all the procedures to make it so easy that you won't even notice.

    Tourism: what to see in Byron Bay?

    If you decide to live in Brisbane, you can’t miss some of its spectacular places:


    Cumbebin Sanctuary

    Just 10 minutes from downtown Byron Bay, at the corner of the Byron market, you’ll find this perfect little corner for a picnic and spend the day surrounded by nature.


    Surf at Broken Heads

    A beautiful, sparsely populated beach with excellent conditions for learning and practicing surfing. Even if you don’t know how to grab a board, an initiation class with your friends can be a great plan.


    Byron Farmer's Market

    Visit this charming market and buy organic products like fruits, vegetables, or legumes at very good prices, grown by local farmers. It’s located on Butler Street, open every Thursday from 8:00 to 11:00 a.m.


    Byron Cape Lighthouse

    One of the main attractions of the city. Open to the public, it’s the easternmost point of Australia, where you can enjoy an incredible sunset and even spot some whales or dolphins. However, we recommend visiting it on weekdays because on weekends there is usually a lot of people, and watching the sunset from this point is the quintessential plan in Byron Bay.


    Tallows Beach and Broken Heads

    Beautiful, sparsely populated beaches with excellent conditions for learning and practicing surfing. Even if you don’t know how to grab a board, an initiation class with your friends can be a great plan.

    International Student Experience in Byron Bay

    If you want to know Byron Bay before you’ve been there, learn about the experience of our student Shantal Cachela living in Australia’s most surfer city.

    vivir en byron bay

    Did You Know?

    • Australia has 10,685 beaches, and some of the best ones are in Byron Bay.
    • 99% of Australians live on the coast, so Byron Bay has many friends.
    • Julian Rocks, in Byron Bay, is considered one of the best diving spots in Australia due to its wide marine diversity. In this wonderful place, you can dive with reef fish, sea turtles, and sharks, among other marine species.

    Many of our dingoos choose Byron Bay to study and work because of its bohemian and relaxed atmosphere. If you feel like starting your Australian experience in Byron Bay, don’t hesitate to contact us; we’ll advise and accompany you on this wonderful journey.

    Do you want to live in Byron Bay in 2024?

    If you’re thinking about living for a while in Byron Bay, take a look at the following video and discover what it would be like to do it in 2024. Because the time is now or too late. We’re waiting for you!

    Other Cities

    We know it’s very difficult to choose a destination, so we want to help you as much as possible and give you the positive and negative points to choose a city to study.

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