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Best jobs for students in Australia

One of the best things about studying in Australia is that the Student Visa allows you to work so you can finance your stay. It’s actually quite easy for students to find jobs in Australia.

So, if you come, you can take a course that interests you and combine it with 24 hours a week of work during school hours and 48 hours during vacations. The minimum wage in Australia is between $23.23 AUD per hour, although in many jobs and cities you get more. In any case, working part-time, a student can afford to live in Australia.

So that you are prepared before you arrive, we are going to tell you which are the best jobs for students in Australia. Please note that depending on your level of English and experience you will be able to join one or the other. In addition, if you get any of these certificates to work in Australia, you will have a much easier time getting a job in Australia. Of course, as you improve your English, you will be able to access other more qualified jobs with better salaries.

Working as a waiter or barista

trabajar en hospitality en australia

You’ll need to speak English fluently because you’ll be communicating with the public directly, but keep in mind each employer will have its own rules. Some restaurants have different positions, and serving waiters might not be the ones taking customer orders.

If you just need to serve, then you might not need to be as fluent as other colleagues. The same applies if you’re looking for, say, kitchen hand or dish-washing jobs. These positions are generally paid at around AUD 20.00 per hour.

Please also note that in order to work as a barista in Australia you’ll need a specific certificate. This is applicable to all positions where serving alcoholic drinks is required. If you join Dingoos you’ll be able to undertake a barista course and get your RSA certificate for a reduced fee. Check out this link with tips to work as a waiter in Australia.

  • Higher qualifications aren’t required, but any hospitality experience will help.
  • English proficiency level required: medium/high.

Cleaning jobs

cleaner australia

Working as a cleaner in Australia is a great option for students. Working times are generally flexible and the pay is good. Having a good command of English is not required.

You’ll get to work for cleaning companies as well as for private residences, hotels, restaurants… Working as an independent cleaner is also an option. There are websites like Helping where you can offer your cleaning services. You can also find job opportunities through sites like Gumtree.

Your salary will largely depend on the area and the company you work for, but these jobs are generally paid at around AUD 20.00-AUD 25.00 per hour. Remember the minimum wage is set at AUD 18.20 per hour.

  • Qualifications generally not required.
  • English proficiency level required: low.

Mover jobs

trabajar de removalist en australia

Many students choose to work as movers, but this is generally recommended for people in good shape who like to stay active. This covers all sorts of jobs for moving companies but also opportunities as delivery person helper, as would be the case for a supermarket or a furniture house.

Here are some tips to work as a removalist in Australia. You’ll very likely need to show your driver’s license, so check out this post if you don’t have an international license or need to get an Australian permit.

You’ll generally get paid around AUD 18.00-AUD 22.00 per hour.

  • Qualifications are generally not required, although specific knowledge might be required for certain tasks (e.g. appliances assembly).
    English proficiency level required: low/medium.
  • Trabajar de repartidor

Delivery jobs

trabajar de repartidor en australia

If you have a drivers license you’ll also have the opportunity to work as a delivery person, either on a motorcycle (check out how to get a license in Australia) or by car. You’ll generally be required to know your way around the city and to have a certain level of English fluency.

These jobs are paid at anywhere from AUD 18.00 (standard pay) to AUD 25.00 (night deliveries, bank holidays) per hour. Bike deliveries are also an option for short distances.

  • Qualifications generally not required.
  • English proficiency level required: low/medium.

Nanny/au pair jobs

trabajar de aupair en australia

To work as a nanny in Australia you’ll need a good command of English, a Blue Card, and previous experience with children. These jobs are paid at around AUD 200.00-AUD 300.00 per week. Here’s some more information on working as an au pair in Australia. Some families might be looking for someone who has a drivers license and is willing to help with chores around the house.

  • Qualifications required.
  • English proficiency level required: medium/high

Farm work

trabajar en una granja en australia

If you work at a farm you’ll be in charge of tasks like taking care of livestock, harvesting, and cleaning. It all depends on what your employer needs assistance with. Farm work isn’t always paid, as sometimes housing and food are included as part of the agreement. Learn about student Nicolás Gamaza’s experience working at a farm in Australia to find out more about this type of jobs. This website includes information on working as a volunteer for organic farms.

  • Qualifications generally not required.
  • English proficiency level required: low.

Gardening work

trabajar de jardinero en australia

If you have gardening experience (cutting grass, watering plants…),
this might be a good fit for you. Pays are similar to those for cleaner jobs, and you’ll have the opportunity to spend a lot of time outdoors.

  • Qualifications required.
  • English proficiency level required: low/medium.

Language teacher

trabajar de psicologo en australia

Teaching your native language is a great option. You can work as an independent teacher and use online platforms to find potential students or work for language schools.

  • Qualifications required.
  • English proficiency level required: medium/high.

Independent professional

trabajar de ingeniero en australia

If you have a business plan you’d like to develop, Australia might be the right place to do so. You can register as an independent worker while on the Student Visa, and you won’t have to pay a fee as is the case in other countries. Just get registered and get to work!

If you’re into marketing, programming, physiotherapy, or arts and crafts, you’ll be able to start your own business. Read this article to find out how to work independently in Australia.

  • Qualifications required.
  • English proficiency level required: medium/high.

Working as a lifeguard

trabajar de socorrista en australia

If you plan to work as a lifeguard in Australia, you’ll need a certification from the Australian Government. To work as a lifeguard, you’ll need to pass several qualification levels. The first certificate will allow you to supervise pools, and as you get more experience and qualifications you’ll have access to other lifeguard positions.

  • Qualifications required.
  • English proficiency level required: medium/high.

Fruit picking jobs

recoger fruta en australia

Seasonal fruit pickers are in high demand in many Australian regions. This is the perfect job to do during your holidays as it’ll allow you to travel and make some extra money. Do keep in mind it’s not one of the best-paying jobs. Check out how to work as a fruit picker in Australia and learn about fruit picking seasons in each area and job conditions.

  • Qualifications generally not required.
  • English proficiency level required: low

The longer you’ve been in Australia, the easier it’ll be for you to get a job you truly like, either related to your studies or better suited to your personal preferences.

Here are the main websites to find student jobs in Australia. If you want to start working as soon as you set foot in Australia, check out our tips to find a job.

If you’re thinking of studying and working in Australia, we’re here to help you in every step of the way… Including helping you find a job! Reach out – it’s free!

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