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Australia Vs Canada, where is it better to study?

The eternal question: is it better to study in Australia or Canada? When the two options are excellent there is no single answer, there are types of people and preferences. There is the key! Therefore, depending on how you are and what you are looking for, one option or another will be better for you.

Positions to ask, the ideal would be not to have to choose and to be able to study one time in Australia and another in Canada, but since not everyone can live this double experience, the most normal thing is to opt for one destination or another. Which one is better for you? Which one suits you best? What city and what country are you made for?

There's only one way to find out ... find out all about two of the most incredible countries on the planet!

General characteristics of Australia and Canada

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Australia is one of the largest countries in the world, but its population is very small in proportion. With their 7.741.220 square kilometers and its approximately 25 million (of which more than 7 and a half million are of foreign origin), it has the second lowest population density in the world: 3 inhabitants per square kilometer. To give you an idea, there are more babysitters than people!

El official language of Australia is the English, although some indigenous dialects are also spoken in a very localized way and it is common to find people speaking in Chinese, Italian, Greek or Spanish. In terms of its inhabitants, Australia is a young country. The average age is around 38 years, and the predominant religion is Christianity.

The temperatures are one of the great points of difference compared to Canada: in Australia they usually range between minimum of 12º and maximum of 37º, being a warm climate most of the year and the perfect complement to your sunny days on the beach, in which it is usual to spend many hours in the street enjoying the good weather and water activities.

In terms of employment and educational opportunities, Australia has a very low unemployment rate (only from 7'5%); and of its 43 universities, 7 enter the top 100 of the best in the world. It is not by chance that hundreds of thousands of international students choose Australia as their destination each year!



Canada is even bigger than Australia, with a whopping (pun intended) of 9.985.510 square kilometers and almost 38 million, of which there are also 7 and a half million that come from other countries. The population density, therefore, is also very low, and is placed in 4 inhabitants per square kilometer.

In Canada there are two official languages, the english and french, with what is a full-fledged two-for-one. More than less, who spends a season in Canada ends up chattering a little bit of both. The average age of the population is slightly higher than that of Australia and stands at 41 years.

Australia and Canada, in terms of temperature, are like the sun and the moon: Canada has a cold weather most of the year, with minimums reaching the -25 and maxims that at most raise mercury to 35 º. A perfect country for lovers of winter, snow and home plans, although be careful because if you like snow sports here you will swell.

La unemployment rate is higher than in Australia and is in the 8,6%. Canada has 96 universities, and 3 of them make it into the international Top 100. More than 640.000 students chose Canada as their destination last year, which helps you get an idea of ​​the incredible opportunities that exist here for both study and work.

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In which country do you live better, Australia or Canada?

Everything is relative. They are two incredible places with a great quality of life, one of the best countries in the world to live. So much so that, in this matter, we could say that they are practically a technical draw.



Australia is one of the safest countries in the world and economy is solid like few others, with uninterrupted growth for more than 25 years and a average wage which is located in the $ 50.167 annually.

It is a very open-minded country, in which 33% of the population is foreign, and so multicultural that it houses 270 different ethnic groups. In addition, the quality of life is very top, and good proof of this is that almost half of its population has a university degree and has one of the seven best health systems audiences of the world.



Like Australia, Canada is about one of the safest countries in the world, with an economy that also enters the market on its own merits top 10 worldwide. The multiculturalism It is also a key factor in the idiosyncrasy of this country, since the 22% of the population is foreign and up to 200 different ethnic groups coexist. Also, Canada has one of the top 3 health systems in the world.

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How much does it cost to live in Australia and Canada?

Neither country is cheap, that's true. But it is also true that salaries are usually proportional to the cost of living, and this is a ratio that increases as you spend more time in the country, you manage languages ​​better and obtain a higher job qualification. Regarding the dollar, currently the Canadian and the Australian have more or less the same equivalence (penny up, penny down).



All it will depend a lot on the city in which you live, but we could say that a good figure to live comfortably in Australia would be around $ 1400 monthly AUD. Accommodation can cost a maximum of $ 800 per month. Add to that about $ 250 for food, about $ 150 for transportation, and $ 200 for entertainment (going out to dinner, having a beer…) and you have it.

Think that, in addition, you have to add to this the round trip tickets (about $ 1500 AUD- $ 2000 AUD) and the price of the annual insurance, which will be close to $ 500 AUD per year, so we recommend having about 5000 dollars saved for your first three months in Australia



In Canada we have a cost of living higher than Australia, $ 1700 CAD per month, perhaps because it is necessary to spend a little more on food and entertainment. We could say that accommodation can cost a maximum of $ 900, to which you should add 150 for transportation, 350 for food and about 300 for entertainment.

As in Australia, you should have an initial savings of about $ 5000 CAD to last your first three months in the country.

How much does it cost to study in Australia and Canada?

Very good question! It spreads more than it costs, take that for granted, but let's go to the nougat. Everything will depend on what you want to study!

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Un English course it will cost you around $ 150-300 AUD per week. The good thing about Australia is that you can work part-time to pay for your English studies while you do your course, you can even do it full-time on vacation.

The VET courses have a price that goes from $ 5400 AUD to $ 12000 AUD yearly; the university they go up a lot in price, costing a year of bachelor's, master's or doctorate between $ 23000 AUD and $ 43000 AUD. Like English courses, VET courses and university studies will also allow you to work part-time during classes and full-time on holidays.



Please note that, unlike Australia, in Canada you will not be able to work with a language course, so you should have a good savings cushion since a course costs around CAD 200-320 weekly.

Professional training courses: Are the career programs or co-ops also known as certificates and diplomas. They last from 6 months to 2 years. One-year courses can cost anywhere from CAD $ 6000 to CAD $ 18.000.

University courses: University courses such as bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degrees are priced per year but payable per semester. Prices per year range from CAD $ 26.000 to CAD $ 35.000.

Working conditions for students in Australia and Canada

In this section, Australia wins by a landslide ... at least in terms of wages. Because the most normal thing is that, as soon as you arrive in a new country and face an unskilled job, your employer pays you the minimum wage. And the difference between Australia and Canada is sooo big.



Australia has the highest minimum wage in the world. So much so that the minimum seems like a joke: since July 2020 it has been in the $ 19'84 AUD per hour. Do the math yourself. Also, remember that with the student visa you can work part-time while you study the other half and full-time in the vacation period.



In Canada, the minimum wage varies according to each province, oscillating between $ 11'30 CAD up to $ 16 CAD per hour. In addition to the difference between the minimum wage in Australia and Canada, it should be noted that in Canada You will only be able to work if you are enrolled in a vocational training course or university degree.

With any of these options you can work part-time during the course and full-time during vacation periods and, in the case of professional training courses with Co-Op, also during internships.

If you study a language course (English or French) you will not be able to work, unless the language course is combined with a professional training course (with or without Co-Op).

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In which country is it easier to obtain residency?

In neither of the two countries is it an easy task, but if you succeed, you will certainly have succeeded, because both permanent residence in Australia and Canada give you the possibility of settling in two countries with a quality of life that is difficult to find anywhere. other site. Let's see what you have to do in one and the other to achieve permanent residence!



La Skilled Migration Program is a program designed by the Australian government to attract new permanent residents that is based on the sum of points according to your personal, professional, civil and work profile. There are three different visas to apply to the program:



There are three ways to obtain permanent residence in Canada: through family ties (as a partner or parents), for refugee reasons or through express entry (Express Entry).

As in Australia, the Express Entry it is a system of accumulation of points. There are 4 different ways to apply for it and get permanent residence:

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In short, although the two destinations offer an immense amount of opportunities, the first big difference between the two is the weather: if you want to live in a practically permanent summer, Australia is your place. If, on the other hand, you are more chilly and the beach is not so popular, you will find in Canada a paradise made for you.

Another thing that you must take into account is your budget: if what you want is to study English but you do not have a great financial solvency, Australia will allow you to work part-time to cover your expenses, while in Canada you will have to draw on savings.

Choose the place you choose, have no doubt that it will be a great decisionn. And at Dingoos we will always be here to help you whatever it is! Do not cut yourself and write to us to solve any doubt or if you need more information about either of the two destinations: we will be happy to answer everything you ask us and we will do it in three two one. Come on, send us a little message! 🙂


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