Perth City

Living in Perth: the great city of the western cost of Australia

Its incredible sunsets, its unique nature and its location make it an increasingly striking place to live the Australian experience.

The capital of Western Australia

Perth is the state capital of Western Australia. It is the largest city on the Australian west coast, with almost two million inhabitants. In spite of its size, people who decide to live in Perth, usually emphasize that it is a quiet city.

Maybe one of the drawbacks The main thing about living in Perth is that it is very far from the main cities of the Australian east coast. On the other hand, this can mean a great advantage If your priority is to practice English and get to know the Australian culture in depth. The fact of being away from the rest of the cities, means that there is less tourist movement, thus maintaining the authentic Australian essence. For example, only in Perth, you will find the Quokka; an adorable mammal that lives in the rottness island, just an hour from the port of Fremantle.

The sunsets on the west coast they are the best in Australia, characterized by their reddish color. In addition, it is a great place to practice kitesurfing or windsurfing, as it is one of the cities where the wind blows most often.

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Perth City, Western Australia

Our experienced Dingoos in Perth

How is the accommodation?

Let's say that the price of accommodation in Perth is not as expensive as in Sydney but it is not as cheap as in Cairns. It is at a mid-point, although, of course, the price of accommodation in Perth will depend on its location and its amenities. Here we offer you the average weekly rental prices in Perth according to your location:

  • Single room in a three bedroom apartment in the city center: $ 235 AUD / week.
  • Single room in a three-room apartment outside the city center: $ 155 AUD / week.

If you come to Australia with Dingoos, remember that we will hire you a backpacker for the first days. So, in addition to meeting people who are in your same situation as soon as you arrive, you can calmly look for your definitive accommodation in Perth.

How does transportation work?

Perth public transport is very well connected. The bus lines connect the entire city, not only with the center, but also with the peripheral neighborhoods and beaches. With a ticket you can travel in any direction for 2 hours. You can also use the train, the tram and the taxis, so if you decide to do without renting a car it will not be a problem either.

Food and leisure

The average price of the basket of the weekly purchase in Perth is around $ 50 AUD. Of course, what most influences the price is the quantity and quality of the food. In any case, if you want to save something on your weekly purchase, take advantage of the offers and substantial discounts that are usually available in large supermarkets just before closing time.

Regarding leisure, there is a lot of bar culture, especially in the city center. For its narrow streets you can make good tours of beers ($ 6 AUD) and wines ($ 15 AUD).

How are the salaries?

El Average salary in a part-time job is $ 548 AUD / week. As in all Australian cities, the high cost of living is offset by high wages. Therefore, you can live in Perth as a student and work part-time to pay for your stay in this city.

How is the weather?

Its climate is very Mediterranean, so you can enjoy intensely throughout the year of multiple outdoor sports and thus, take full advantage of the day to day. Perth is the hottest city in Australia: the average temperature in summer (from December to February) is 31ºC, with a rather humid environment that is relieved by the sea breeze, which they colloquially call "The Doctor of Fremantle". The average temperature in winter (from June to August) is 18ºC.

Tourism: What to see in Perth?

If you are coming to live in Perth or are thinking of visiting it as a tourist, we recommend that you go at least to the following places:


Kings Park

The largest park in the world. You can stroll along its paths and gardens and from here you can see great views of the city and the Swan and Canning rivers.


Swan River

Before joining the sea, the Swan River is sculpted along the city center. It is nice to take a walk along its banks on foot or by bike, or even travel by ferry.



It is one of the most characteristic neighborhoods of the city. A good plan both night and day. The night plan is to dine and have a drink in its discos and pubs in the area. During the day you can go to the market, the state library or the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, for example.


Rottnest island

19 km from Perth is Rottnest Island, which you can reach by boat in just one hour. Here you can meet the famous quokkas, snorkel or just relax on its beautiful beaches.


Bell tower

One of the most characteristic buildings in the city of Perth. With 82,5 meters high, this huge musical instrument has 12 bells and a super modern and avant-garde structure.


Cottesloe Beach

Of the 19 heavenly beaches that Perth has, in this you can enjoy the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen. It is undoubtedly an essential visit.

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Cottesloe Beach

Leisure and social life

A comfortable city to move around and where you will not miss anything, with many beaches, unique enclaves and the best sunsets in Australia. The fact that it is isolated from other Australian cities will allow you to soak up the Aussie language and culture.


Facebook groups in Perth

To be aware of plans, job offers, room or rental apartments available and much more. Do not hesitate to join this Facebook group because it will make your life in Perth easier.

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Spanish & Latinos in Perth

Did you know?

  • Perth is one of the cities with more sun in the world: an average of 8 hours of sunshine a day, 365 days a year.
  • She had other names before her name was Perth: the aborigines called her Borloo and the British colonizers Swan River Colony.

If you are interested in spending a season in Perth, studying or combining your studies with work, contact us. We will help you solve your doubts, plan your trip and make your stay in Perth very rewarding.

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