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Biometric tests to travel in Canada

Getting everything ready to start your Canadian adventure and have you stumbled upon biometric tests? Well rest assured, although they have a somewhat disturbing name, biometric tests are simply a slightly more advanced way of collecting data that will be essential for you to enter Canada. Read on to find out exactly what they are, what they are for, and where to get them.

What are biometric tests for Canada?

On the subject of simplify and facilitate entry of people in the country, Canada is once again in the lead. This time using science to his advantage to manage bureaucratic procedures in a much more efficient and reliable way.

The biometric tests consist of collecting a series of photographs of your face from different angles and taking your fingerprints in order to facilitate identification all personas they come into Canada.

The biometric data of each person are unique and non-transferable, therefore, it is mandatory to request them enter canada they also help gobierno a talk out or easily detect anyone who is a danger to safety or security. canadian healthcare.

Who needs to provide the biometric tests for Canada?

If you thought you were going to get rid of this, we regret to inform you that this is most likely not the case. And it is that anyone who is not Canadian and wants enter Canadato study or work, you will have to present your biometric tests next to your application for a permit or visa.

Thus, it will be mandatory to present the biometric data for anyone requesting:

  • A tourist visa.
  • A Work and Holiday visa.
  • A student visa.
  • Permanent residence.

As a great exception, if you are coming as a tourist and your passport can apply for an eTA, you will not have to present your biometric tests.

Also, once you present your biometric tests, these are valid for 10 years, so if you renew your visa for Canada, you will not have to take the tests again, yay!

How much do biometric tests cost for Canada?

El price of biometric tests is $ 85 CAD and you will have to pay it together with the fees visa process when you make the request.

How to provide biometric tests to study in Canada?

If you are thinking of doing the visa procedures on your own, now we are going to tell you exactly how to complete the process with <strong>success</strong>.

Although really, we advise you to get in touch with us. In Dingoos we do all these bureaucratic procedures bored by you and also, we help you choose the course that best suits you, organize your trip and take care of you during your stay in the country, so that you can live lto experience of your life in Canada.

That said, let's see the steps you will have to follow:



Step 1: Fill out the application for your visa or permit for Canada

By selecting the type of visa you are going to apply for and starting to fill out the application, the Canadian government page will detect if you need to present your biometric data.


Step 2: Pay the fees for your visa and biometric tests.

If so, you will have to pay the Biometrics Fee next to fees for your visa.

Once you complete the payment of the two rates and within a maximum period of 24h you will receive an email requesting your biometric data.


Step 3: Make an appointment at your nearest VAC center

Now you will have to ask for a date (essential) and go to your VAC center (the Visa Application Center approved by the Canadian government) closest so you can spend your biometric tests.

You can check what VAC center corresponds to you in she is ready.


Step 4: Go to your VAC center

The day has come to pass your tests! Remember to bring your passport paper that you received by email requesting your biometric data and a good face: they will take photos of you that will last in Canadian databases for the next 10 years… and we don't want any disappointment!

And ready!. Now will be the same VAC center the one who sends your biometric data al Canadian immigration department to finish approve your visa application.

What happens when I land in Canada?

Al get to canada, a immigration agent will take care of check your identity, verifying that you are the same person who applied for the visa.

Although it is a serious process, it is not very complicated. At major airports, a machine will scan your fingerprints and it will check that it matches the ones it has compiled from your visa application. 

Once your identity has been verified, the immigration agent will be responsible for ensuring that you comply with the requirements to enter Canada as it tourist, student or workerIt depends on the visa you have applied for.

And finally ... will put el stamp in the passport that guarantees you stay in the country for at least 6 months, depending on what your purpose is in Canada. Now is the time to live your adventure in Canada!



Why does the Canadian government collect biometric data?

The biometric data are the most reliable way to identify a person and thus be able to manage with more ease, speed and security the entrance of workers, tourists and students who seek to contribute something to the country.

Over 70 countries worldwide use this identification system to manage their immigration programs, as it greatly facilitates the work of immigration agents


Can my visa be denied in my biometric tests?

No way! The biometric data They are an exam and you will not have to prepare or prove anything special, just that you are! For this you They will take photos and scan your fingerprints. 


What can I do if I don't have a VAC center nearby?

You will have to go to the one closest to you. This is a mandatory step and you will have Day 30 to deliver your biometric tests once you receive the request letter. So we recommend that locate the VAC center that you have closer and organize yourself to make an appointment and go within the established period.


Can I perform my biometric tests if I am outside my country?

Yes, you can check the list of official VAC centers and make an appointment to pass your biometric tests at the center that is closest to you.


I have already provided my biometric data along with my previous visa for Canada, do I have to take the biometric tests again?

No, the tests are valid for 10 years.


When I processed my visa they did not ask me for biometric tests, do I have to take them anyway?

No, the biometric tests are mandatorys only for new visa applications. If your visa is already approved, you will not have to do them.

As you have seen, although it seems something of science fiction, the biometric tests is a very simple procedure that you will have to do to start your adventure in Canada.

If you have any further questions or want to forget about the bureaucratic part to focus only on organize your trip and pack your suitcase, get in contact us. At Dingoos we are experts in Canada and we will take care of facilitating all the procedures for you to come to Canada quickly and quietly.


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