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The 6 most typical dishes of Australian cuisine

If you have not been to Australia yet, have Australia come to you through its flavors. In this post we let you know the local dishes and drinks more typical of its cuisine, as well as some recipes that will help you prepare these dishes of Australian food so typical and delicious.

You may be considering the possibility of coming to Australia, you may even have your student visa and even the airline tickets purchased. If you want to know the country before arriving, with these recipes you can prepare a Australian themed dinner or meal and make a quick getaway to this wonderful country.

1. Hamburger with beetroot

Australian food

The hamburger is a dish that is practically eaten all over the world. However, in Australia not only eat the typical burgers.

At 1950, when hamburgers were becoming popular all over the world, Australians wanted to create their own hamburger. That's how they got one of their most typical and native products. It's about the Hamburger with beetroot.

The recipe is similar to the traditional burgers, but they have a special ingredient. It is prepared with chopped Australian beef, 1 fried egg, 2 sliced ​​bacon, 1 sliced ​​cheese, 1 sliced ​​onion, sliced ​​1 tomato, 1 beet on top, pineapple rings, ketchup, lettuce and hamburger bread.

Towards 1970 the fast food chains began to proliferate in Australia. However, the beet burger did not disappear. They can still be found in many restaurants and coffee shops in the country.

2. Prawn cocktail (Prawn cocktail)

Australian food

Although the recipe is not typical of Australia, It is one of the country's specialties since 1970.

The cocktail of ranges is one of the typical foods of Australia. Although with some particularity, the way of preparing this typical Australian dish is very similar to how it is prepared in other parts of the world. The ingredients are peeled prawns, lettuce leaves, English sauce and a little lemon juice. Follow this recipe to prepare and taste your own shrimp cocktail.

3. Kangaroo on the grill

Australian food

Although the meat of this animal has been a great source of protein for the aborigines for centuries, its consumption was banned in the south of the country until 1980. Today, in Australia there are around 40 million kangaroos. It is a protected animal, but there is a percentage of meat from this Australian national animal that is sold as a result of population control programs.

The taste of kangaroo meat is similar to game meat, a little drier than beef but still very tender. As typical Australian food, you can find and taste a fillet of kangaroo meat grilled in several restaurants in the country. To prepare it yourself, take a look at this recipe.

4. Pavlova cake

Australian food

This typical Australian cake was made for the first time at 1920, when dancer Anna Pavlova visited the country.

Its ingredients are four egg whites, white sugar, lemon juice, meringue discs, icing sugar and red berries. A dessert with a creamy texture, light on the inside and crispy on the outside.

You can find both the best restaurants and any supermarket in the country. In any case, if you are one of "I stew it, I eat it", you can try to cook it yourself by following this recipe.

5. Vegemite

Australian food

It is a dark brown salty paste made from yeast extract. It is considered one of the national foods of Australia and is normally used as an ingredient to spread on sandwiches or toast, although it is also used to make some dishes. It is very popular in Australia and New Zealand.

Being an Australian national brand is not easy to find this product in any supermarket. That's why here we show you where you can buy it online and even How to prepare An authentic Vegemite sandwich.

6. Aussie barbies (Barbecue, the quintessential Australian food)

Australian food

As we already anticipated in the Australian expressions, "Barbies" is the name given to the typical Australian barbecues. They are the quintessence of the country's gastronomy. Australians take advantage whenever they can to make one, either as breakfast after a morning walk or as an excuse to meet friends over the weekend.

There are electric barbecues installed for public use in many places in the city. As for example, in the park of the city center, on the beach or on the bank of the river. Always clean, working and available so you only have to bring the raw material and enjoy!

Typical restaurants in Australia

If you have liked these dishes or drinks typical of Australia, here is a list of some restaurants where you can taste them once you have arrived in the country.


  • Coveo Oyster Bar: Here you will find a great variety of local seafood at a good price, including the shrimp cocktail.
  • Rockpool Bar and Grill: they say it's always full and it's a bit expensive, but it's also said that here they offer the best hamburgers in town, where of course you can not miss the famous beet burger.
  • Mezzanotte: good pizzas accompanied by the typical Australian beer "James Squire". It's in a beach town north of the city called Dee Why Beach.
  • The Backers Oven Café: it stands out for its desserts, sandwiches and good coffee. Do not miss visiting and ask for the distinguished Pavlova cake or the typical sandwich with Vegemite.


  • The Hardware Societe: make your day in Melbourne start on the right foot with a delicious Pavlova cake or toast with Vegemite.
  • The Railway Club Hotel Steakhouse: choose between several types of meat, without a doubt you will be right. All tender and tasty, including kangaroo meat.
  • Kings Steak & Seafood Bar: let yourself be advised about wines and accompany them with meat or fish. A good opportunity to try the shrimp cocktail.
  • Prime House: If you come here, let's try the authentic hamburger with beets.


  • Lock'in Load Bistro: Choose a typical beer of the country and enjoy listening to live music in a very pleasant atmosphere.
  • The Melbourne Super Club: with a letter of more than one hundred wines you will have the opportunity to taste some of the most native.
  • Moo Moo The Wine Bar + Grill: enjoy the best meat of the country with a great variety of wines.
  • The Vue Waterfront RestaurantTry the prawn cocktail enjoying enviable views of the Brisbane Bridge.

Gold Coast

  • The Black Sheep Espresso Bar: Here you can eat several typical Australian dishes. Do not miss it and try the Pavlova cake, a sandwich with Vegemite or a delicious burger with beetroot. You will enjoy the food and the spectacular views of the beach.
  • Omeros Bros Seafood Restaurant: you can choose the shrimp cocktail among several seafood options. Accompany it with a good wine and you will have the perfect dinner.
  • Hurricane's Grill Surfer Paradise: in this restaurant you will find ribs, steaks of various types of meat, including kangaroo. Very good service with several options to choose from.
  • Betty's burgers: Although you have several hamburgers to choose from, do not miss the “hamburuer with beetroot.


  • Waterbar and Grill Steakhouse: it is located in the marina of Cairns. Choose from various types of roast beef with good views of Cairns Bay.
  • Barnecle Bills: Wide range of seafood including the famous shrimp cocktail.


  • Saffron: good local seafood and a long wine list
  • Outback Jacks Bar and Grill: if you want to try another type of meat this is the appropriate restaurant. In their menu they offer meat of buffalo, camel, crocodile, emu and of course kangaroo meat.

Now you have the option of tasting Australia before you come or do it when you arrive. What is certain is that living the experience of traveling and living in Australia can not be complete if you have not tried any of its most typical dishes. Do you want to come? Well contact us and we will give you a personalized service so you can come and enjoy this delicious experience.

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