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Work as a driver in Australia with Uber Driver

Follow this super guide that we bring to you and discover how easy it is to work as a driver in Australia with uber Dirver, especially if you come with us.

As you probably know, in Australia you can work with the student visa, also as a freelancer. If you are looking for work in Australia: watch what we bring you today! The possibility of working as a driver in Australia with Uber while studying what you want and how to do it. You will get a good income that will allow you to pay for your stay in Australia.

What is it like to work driving in Australia with Uber Driver?

Working for Uber Drive is similar to being a taxi driver, but without waiting at the stops for passengers to arrive. Through an application, Uber sends you the available services, you accept them and you take care of them.

For Uber you work as a freelancer, this means that you have to have your own car, either owned, lent or rented, and that you can decide how many hours and at what time you perform your services.

What requirements must you meet to work as a driver in Australia with Uber DriveR?

Now we are going to meet the requirements that you must meet to be a driver on Uber Drive:


Car type

In Uber they accept different types of vehicles with which you can drive. Depending on the car you have, the income you receive will vary. UberX, for example, is the lowest category and in which less requirements are made for the vehicle, but it is also in which less money is received per hour.

Of course, the car has to be new, be very clean and have good mechanical maintenance, bodywork, etc.


You have to be over 21 years old

The minimum age for driving in Uber is 21. Also, you will have to have a driving license for Australia.


The insurance must be in your name or appear on it

You may be considering borrowing or renting a car from a friend or acquaintance. In this case, keep in mind that this insurance will have to be in your name or you have to appear as insured in the policy.

How to start driving in Australia with Uber Driver?

These are the steps you must take to drive for Uber:


Sign up online

The first step in working at Uber is to register online. Once you indicate the place where you are going to develop your work, they may ask you for additional requirements that the cities or territories where you are going to circulate require.


Upload your documents

In order to drive with Uber, you must have the following documents up to date:

  • The valid driver's license in the state or territory where you intend to work. Some require you to obtain an accreditation to drive commercial vehicles. For example, in the state of Victoria, you will have to go through it to get health tests, justify your legal situation in Australia, etc. Here are the steps you must take to get the license in Victoria. Find the city in which you want to work and check the requirements for it.
  • Your passport.The insurance of the vehicle in which you appear as insured.
  • A photo of shoulders up in which you see your face without sunglasses.
  • That all vehicle documentation is in order for the place where you intend to work. For example, keep the REGO up to date.

Get a vehicle inspection

Even if you have all of the above in order, you will need perform an inspection on your vehicle so that Uber makes sure that it meets your quality and safety requirements. The inspection location changes depending on the city you are going to drive to. For example, to drive in Melbourne, these are the conditions and places where you can perform the inspection.

Inspection centers are directly linked with Uber. Thus, once your vehicle passes it, the center will directly send Uber the Ok and you can start driving.


Rent a car to drive with Uber Dirver

If you do not have a valid car to work as a driver with Uber Dirver, you want to work part-time or only for a few months, you may be interested in the option of rent a car from Uber. It is a very comfortable alternative because you will save much of the paperwork, including credit checks and also the vehicle maintenance itself.

If you intend to work as a driver with Uber Dirver in the long term, you also have the option of car rental with option to purchase. Both options have little commitment and you can join the community of Uber drivers and shared travel professionals.

Advantages of working in Australia with Uber Drive

We go with some advantages of working with Uber Drive:

  • You can choose the hours to work. This will be good for you to combine it with your studies or other activities that you want to develop in Australia.
  • In Australia, registering as a freelancer is free, there is no autonomous fee. Therefore, the taxes you pay will always go in relation to what you earn. See how the freelance issue works in Australia.
    Payment is made every week, so you won't have to wait long to receive your income. If one week you need more money, you can work more hours and another, because you have exams or need more time for you, you can drive less.

Some disadvantages of working with Uber:

  • Getting a car and all the documentation in order will mean a good investment of time and money. Therefore, you should assess whether it is worth considering your expectations and the time you plan to spend in Australia.
  • You will need to have a good level of English to be able to perform well in this job.

A simpler job to get is the dealer, which can also be done by bike. Take a look at all the companies that offer this service, including Uber Eats.

Also, don't forget that Australia has a very low unemployment rate, and that it is usually quite easy to find a job. If you decide to come to Australia with us, we will help you during your planning and stay here, also supporting you in your job search. See all we can do for you if you come to work and study in Australia.

Other unskilled jobs

Unskilled jobs are all those for which you don't have to have a specific academic background. In addition they do not usually require a high level of English, the best known unskilled jobs are:

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