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Last updated November 30, 2020 at 15:00 (GMT + 10)

As you already know, our goal is to help you fulfill the dream of traveling to Australia and accompany you during your experience in the country. For this reason, we want to keep you informed about how the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting Australia, what measures the Australian Government is taking to control the pandemic and how these measures can affect your experience, Whether you are already in Australia or you plan to travel in the coming months.

Australian COVID-19 News Repository

The best way to intuit the future is by understanding the past and the present. Therefore, below, we have prepared a list with the most relevant news about COVID-19 in Australia. They are arranged chronologically from most recent to oldest:

  • 29/11/2020: The first batch of international students will arrive in Australia on Monday, November 30, 2020 as part of a Northern Territory pilot scheme. (noticia)
  • 25/11/2020: Travelers arriving in Australia must prove that they have been vaccinated against the coronavirus or they will have to spend 14 days in quarantine when international travel resumes next year. (noticia)
  • 23/11/2020: International travel could be reactivated in July 2021, reveals the CEO of Qantas. (noticia)
  • 17/11/2020: Restrictions in the state of Queensland are reduced (noticia)
  • 24 / 10 / 2020: Researchers are testing 48 vaccines in human clinical trials, and at least 89 preclinical vaccines are under active investigation in animals. (noticia)
  • 23/1072020: Prime Minister Scott Morrison agreed to a plan with the states to open national borders before Christmas. (noticia)
  • 16/10/2020: Australia is working on the final details of two pilot programs that will bring international students back to the country. (noticia)
  • 7/10/2020: The Prime Minister, in a press conference after the presentation of the new budgets, has declared that they continue to work with the idea of ​​being able to open borders to international students at the beginning of March 2021. (noticia)
  • 7/10/2020: The Australian government offers the possibility of recovering the fees to Work and Holiday holders who have not been able to enjoy their visa due to Covid-19. Return request through ImmiAccount with this form. (noticia)
  • 2 / 10 / 2020: New Zealanders from coronavirus-free areas will be able to travel to Australia under a trans-Tasman travel bubble, Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack has said. (noticia)
  • 29/09/2020: Health Minister Greg Hunt says Australians could get the Covid vaccine in January or February 2021. (noticia)
  • 02/09/2020: Acting Immigration Minister Alan Tudge has hinted that Australia will open its borders to the world when the Covid-19 vaccine becomes available globally. (noticia)
  • 19/08/2020Australia will be one of the first countries in the world to receive the Covid-19 vaccine, thanks to an agreement between the Australian government and the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. Under the agreement, all Australians will be able to receive the Covid-19 vaccine from Oxford University for free, should the trials prove successful. (noticia)
  • 17/08/2020: 300 international students will be able to fly to Adelaide on 1/09/2020 as part of a pilot program in which the Australian Government will evaluate the reopening of borders for student visa holders (noticia)
  • 02/08/2020: Victoria state authorities establish a 6-week isolation period in the city of Melbourne (noticia)
  • 23/07/2020: Currency forecasts indicate that Australia will reopen its borders to international students between January and June (noticia)
  • 20/07/2020: Australia resumes visas for offshore students and announces that it will let them apply for a second visa for free if due to covid they do not have time to finish their studies under their first visa (noticia)
  • 07/07/2020: Australia to allow international university students to return before all state borders open (noticia)
  • 30/06/2020: QLD, the state that most opposed the opening of interstate borders, announces that it will reopen its borders on 10/07 for all states except Victoria (noticia)
  • 17/06/2020: Prime Minister reveals that he does not believe the borders will be opened until next year (noticia)
  • 12/06/2020: Prime Minister announces that Australia is preparing to host international students (noticia)
  • 05/06/2020: Australia Announces Advances in Covid-19 Vaccines (noticia)
  • 04/06/2020: Qantas and Jetstar announce that they return to fly within Australia thanks to the lifting of restrictions (noticia)
  • 01/06/2020: QLD announces that it will reopen its bars in June (noticia)
  • 27/05/2020: The calendar for the restart of tourism after the coronavirus is published and the date of the first flight is revealed (noticia)
  • 28/04/2020: Gradual lifting of restrictions based on territorial status (noticia)
  • 26/04/2020: The government launches an app to track citizens in contact with a positive for Covid-19 (noticia)
  • 07/04/2020: Surfers Paradise, Coolangatta and The Spit beaches will be closed with access only to locals (noticia)
  • 06/04/2020: Restrictions on numbers of people in supermarkets (noticia)
  • 30/03/2020: Schools begin to give virtual classes and will continue to be open for those children who want to continue going in person
  • 29/03/2020: No more than 2 people on the street (excluding exceptions). Stay home except to exercise, go shopping, and work / study if you can't do it from home. (noticia)
  • 27/03/2020: As of 28/03/2020, Australians returning to Australia have to stay in quarantine for 15 days in hotels specified by the government (noticia)
  • 25/03/2020: Border closure in QLD and 14 days of quarantine for all who cross the border (noticia)
  • 22/03/2020: Sydney closes three of its beaches due to mass influx despite social distance restrictions (noticia) 
  • 22/03/2020: Closure of non-essential establishments (noticia)
  • 20/03/2020: Groups of more than 100 people indoors and 500 people outdoors are prohibited. The restriction of 1 person for every 4 square meters is established (noticia)
  • 19/03/2020: Border closure as of 20/03/2020. Anyone who is not Australian is prohibited from entering Australia (noticia)
  • 15/03/2020: All travelers entering Australia must isolate themselves for the first 14 days of stay in the country (noticia)
  • 05/03/2020: Australia prohibits entry to South Korea and establishes entry protocols for Italian citizens (noticia)
  • 29/02/2020: Australia bans entry to Iran (noticia)
  • 01/02/2020: Entry restrictions to China (noticia)

What is the current status of COVID-19 in Australia?

As you already know, the World Health Organization has declared the Coronavirus as a pandemic. At Dingoos we are monitoring daily the news about COVID-19 in Australia to keep you informed in real time.

According to the latest data provided by the Australian health authorities on November 30, 2020, 27.904 cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Australia.

(Source: Australian Department of Health)

Prime Minister Scott Morrison explained on May 7 what the Covid-19 crisis recovery route in Australia. This route consists of 3 phases and the different states will implement when each phase will be effective, having as a deadline to implement all the phases the last day of July.

de-escalated infographic australia

Australian Government Official Sources


Official WhatsApp of the Government

To be informed at the time and also officially, the government has created this WhatsApp channel managed by a muzzle to which we can consult any of the doubts that they propose to us. You just have to write the number of the question you want to ask and they will answer you instantly.

Australian government official whatsapp


Australian Government Official App

Among other features you can check your symptoms if you have doubts about yourself or someone around you and also activate notifications of the latest news. This app is available for iOS y Android

Australian government covid-19 app


Current Health situation

En this link, you will find all the official information on the COVID-19 updated and coming from the Ministry of Health (Department of Health).


Hygiene advice

Here You will find some resources that the Ministry of Health also offers on tips to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.


Jobs Hub: web to look for work

As a result of the situation we are experiencing with COVID-19, the Australian Government has launched this official website to find work in all sectors. We leave you for here the link.

Working in Australia under COVID-19

Discover all the news that comes out related to work in Australia.

Prevention measures

Due to the high contagion factor of COVID-19 We recommend that all of our students follow the preventive measures proposed by the Australian Government and health authorities. 

covid19 prevention measures

Furthermore, it is important that we all apply the social distancing measure y let's avoid displacement make them expendable.

In the following video from the World Health OrganizationYou will find recommendations to protect yourself and others from being infected.

covid 19 in australia

Restrictions for traveling to Australia

The Australian Government has established travel restrictions for entry to Australia to all people coming from abroad except Australian citizens, permanent residents or their immediate relatives. This measure took effect on Friday, March 20, 2020 at 9 pm

On May 7, Scott Morrison explained what the recovery route from the Covid-19 crisis in Australia will be like. In his speech he stated that in the 3 phase, which will start at the latest on the last of July, reopening of borders for international students considered.

Furthermore, in one of the questions that the Prime Minister is asked about these considerations, he replies that he is aware that international students they will have to quarantine when they enter and they will have to be tested, but that he is willing to make all the necessary efforts to recover the economy.

For more information about travel restrictions we recommend visiting this Australian Government page where they update the information.

If you had already bought a plane ticket to travel to AustraliaWe recommend you call your airline to request the modification of your airline tickets.
If your course start date is approaching and the borders are still closedDo not worry, your Dingoos Guide will help you delay the start date of your course. We have already spoken to schools to guarantee that this date change will be free.

How do travel restrictions affect my visa?

If you already have a visa and you have not been able or think that you will not be able to travel to Australia on the date you had planned, do not worry. Your visa will remain valid and from Dingoos, we will take care of notifying the situation to your school to delay the start date of your course. Likewise, we will inform you in detail of the possible consequences that this delay in dates may have on your academic planning.

As reported Dan thean, the Australian Minister of Education, the Australian Government will offer its full support to international students affected by travel restrictions to reduce the impact on their education.

What if I am in Australia and want to return to my home country?

As you know, the Australian Government has taken measures to avoid massive contagion of the population and they are working tirelessly to ensure everyone's safety. Because Australia is one of the least densely populated countries in the world, it has an advantage in fighting the spread of the virus.

If, despite this, you prefer to return to your country of origin, we recommend that you contact the embassy or consulate of your country in Australia. In the following link you will find the contact of embassies and consulates of other countries in Australia.

We also recommend looking for the official profile of your country's embassy on Twitter as they are an official source and share information in real time about the recommendations of the Government of your country.

Have schools closed in Australia?

Most of the schools that had been facilitating their students virtual classrooms In order to continue with their classes from home they have already returned to the modality of classroom classes.

All schools are following the prevention measures recommended by the Australian health authorities. If a COVID-19 case is reported, schools are required to notify their students and will take appropriate security measures.

Some schools are even offering students who are still in their home countries due to travel restrictions the possibility of starting their courses through virtual classrooms to prevent COVID-19 from affecting your academic plans.

If it should be the case that a school is forced to stop offering classes, they will send a communication to their students detailing the procedures and return / cancellation policies. In any case, your visa would not be affected by the closing of the school.

Here we leave you a video of the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, reporting at a press conference about some of the measures that his Government is applying in which he refers to the situation of the schools.

News abc australia

What to do if I am in Australia and notice any of the symptoms of COVID-19?

If you develop any of the symptoms of COVID-19, you should call a doctor and make an appointment for an evaluation, or call the telephone number for the Coronavirus Information Center in Australia (National Coronavirus Helpline) +1800 020 080 or at 131 450 if you need help with translation.

Before booking the medical appointment, we recommend that you contact the insurance company with which you have contracted your OSHC health insurance policy. so that they advise you on how you should act and also on your health coverage and the pre-existing medical conditions that apply.

  • With your Allianz OSHC or OVHC policy You can request a virtual consultation called to +13 67 42 or request a video conference with a doctor. In this link You will find more information about how the teleconsultation service works. They have also created a specific website with information and frequently asked questions about Coronavirus.
  • If you hired the OSHC policy with Nib, although they do not have their own teleconsultation service, they have enabled the following telephone number to ask questions: or calling 1800 775 204 for a quick, easy and high-quality service.
  • If your OSHC policy is with the company AHM, you must call 134 148.
  • If your OSHC policy is with the company BupaYou can contact them by calling or calling 1300 884 235 for a quick, easy and high-quality service.
  • Other options available are Health Direct, an Australian Government platform with a free helpline at the +1800 022 222 or call National Coronavirus Health Information through the telephone +1800 020 080.



Symptoms of COVID-19

While the pandemic lasts, it is important to be vigilant in identifying if you suffer from any of the symptoms of Coronavirus infection. These are mainly fever, dry cough, sore throat, tiredness, or difficulty breathing. Other possible symptoms associated with COVID-19 may include chills, body pain, runny nose, and muscle pain.

Australian Government aid to international students

The Australian Government has promoted some assistance campaigns to help international students who have decided to remain on Australian soil during the COVID-19 crisis.

In the following links we explain in detail What does each of these grants consist of and how can you request them?:


Are the AUD 550 financial aid for workers every 14 days also for international students?

No. At the moment, only Australian or permanent residents will be able to access these grants. However, many international students and work and holidays are already registering in Jobseeker In case the Australian Government decides to extend this aid also to holders of temporary visas.


Do I have to continue paying the rent for my house?

Yes, although there are rumors that the Australian Government is considering postponing rent payments for a few months, for the moment there is nothing confirmed. Of course, we recommend that you contact your landlord to explain your situation. Many are being understanding and are lowering the weekly rent or even eliminating it completely.

On the other hand, from Dingoos we have started a campaign to collect signatures to request the Australian Government to suspend the payment of rent to international students in Australia for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic, here You can sign and contribute your grain of sand to the cause.

Frequently asked questions about courses and schools


Are there more students who are postponing their travel dates?

Yes. As of today, we are recommending to all students who were planning to travel during the next few weeks that they postpone the start of their course from January 1, 2021. Date on which we hope that the situation has been resolved and everything can return to normal.

However, if the borders opened before this date and you wanted to advance your arrival in Australia. We will contact the school to try to advance the start date of your course. Most of the schools have already confirmed to us that they will not charge any additional cost thanks to the very flexible exchange policies that the schools have implemented to help international students affected by the unprecedented situation we are experiencing.


I have already paid for my course, can I change the dates to start later?

Of course! And not only that: at Dingoos we have already spoken with all the schools and they have confirmed that any change of date for those students whose travel plans have been affected by the Coronavirus will have no cost. Zero. In addition, your Dingoos Guide will take care of all the procedures to change your date for a new one, the one you choose and without having to worry about anything.


What steps are schools taking in Australia?

All schools are following the prevention measures recommended by the Australian health authorities.


What measures are TAFE centers taking?

Each TAFE center in Australia is continually announcing measures in this regard. So that you are aware of the news of each of the centers, here we leave you a list with links to their pages Update:


I was thinking of studying in Australia, but with this new situation, when do you think I will be able to do it?

According to statements by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, in phase 3 of the de-escalation in Australia, it should be activated during the month of July. In this phase, the possible reopening of borders for international students is considered, but for now, there is no confirmed date on which you can travel and start your studies in Australia. If you want, you can put yourself in contact with one of our Dingoos guides so that it keeps you informed about how everything is evolving and, from there, prepare your experience with time to spare.


What happens if I decide not to pay for my course?

If you decide to stop paying for your course, you will be putting your visa at risk since the school could report you to immigration. In case you do not have money to pay, write us and we will help you negotiate a new payment plan with the school.


If I decide to cancel my course, will the school return something to me?

If you decide to cancel your course, the school would apply the cancellation policy described in the Letter of Offer that you signed during the enrollment process at your school.

Frequently asked questions about flights and restrictions


What if I plan my trip and when the time comes I can't travel?

Nothing happens! We will help you to delay the start date of your course to the time you prefer. And if you decide to cancel your course, we will help you with all the cancellation procedures with the school.


What are the restrictions for those flying to Australia?

Since March 20, 2020, the Australian Government has established travel restrictions for entry to Australia to all people coming from abroad except Australian citizens, permanent residents or their immediate relatives. Please note that travel restrictions are temporary. Therefore, we constantly update the content of this post to bring you any news about the restrictions to travel to Australia.

Remember that if you have any questions about your experience in Australia you can write to the email that we have enabled for this purpose:


When can I travel to Australia?

On May 7, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison appeared to explain what the recovery route from the Covid-19 crisis in Australia.

This recovery will consist of 3 de-escalation phases. Each State will have the power to implement the phases at their own pace, but if current estimates are met, all States should have reached phase 3 of the de-escalation by July 31, 2020.

The goal we all dream of is Phase 3, since in this phase, the Australian Government will assess the reopening of borders for international students. At the moment, a pilot is already being done with 350 international students from Singapore who have traveled to Canberra. It is hoped that if the pilot runs smoothly, they could allow other international students to travel to Australia.

Visa FAQ


What will happen to my visa if I am already in Australia and it expires soon? Can I renew it to stay longer?

Of course! The Australian Government continues to process visas on a regular basis, so if you want to extend your stay in Australia you can do so by applying for a tourist or student visa. If you want more information, Contact your Dingoos Guide or send us a message through Contact Form.


What if I already have an approved visa and cannot travel?

If your course start date is approaching and you cannot travel, don't worry because we will help you delay the start date so you don't miss classes. This change will not have any additional cost since during the Coronavirus crisis, schools are being very flexible.

Changing the date of the start of your course will not change your visa if it has already been granted, but you do not have to worry because this will not mean the cancellation of your visa in any case. Your Dingoos Guide It will explain the impact of the change of dates in your academic planning and in case that due to the delay of dates, the duration of your course exceeds the duration of your visa, we will help you to make a new application to the visa when it is time to cover the weeks or months you have left to enjoy in Australia.

Although we are still awaiting an official statement from the Australian Immigration Department, the statements by the Minister of Education of February 12, 2020 have raised rumors about whether the Australian Government is considering allowing the application for an extension of the visa of student at no cost. At the moment, they are just rumors, we will continue to report any news in this regard.


What is the most recommended date to start a new visa process?

We have consulted Australian Department of Immigration and it has confirmed to us that the response times to visa applications may be delayed due to COVID-19. For this reason, our Visa Experts recommend that we go ahead with the collection of information and documents that allow us to have your application ready so that when the date of opening of borders is officially confirmed, we can apply to your student visa as soon as possible and accelerate as well the response from the Australian Immigration Department.

Calculate at least about 3 months before the date you would like to arrive in Australia. For example, if you wanted to arrive in Australia on January 1, 2021, a prudent date to start your visa procedures would be October 1, 2020.

Frequently asked questions about OSHC insurance

safe info oshc coronavirus


Does OSHC insurance cover medical tests to find out if I have COVID-19?

It would cover 85% of what is established by the MBS, since it is a specific test comparable to, for example, a scanner. Any consultation with the GP (GP) is covered.


Will OSHC insurance cover me if I get the virus in Australia and have to be hospitalized?

Yes, 100%. The only thing that would not cover you are pre-existing pathologies, such as diabetes. In these cases, the pre-existence condition establishes a period of 12 months from when you activate your policy upon arrival in Australia, but since Coronavirus is considered a new disease, the insurer would cover all the medical expenses associated with your treatment.


Can I suspend OSHC insurance if classes are suspended?

No. While you are in Australia on a student visa, it is mandatory that you have valid OSHC health insurance. In any case, if you have decided to return to your country of origin prematurely, you can request a refund of the period not enjoyed as in any other case of cancellation of OSHC health insurance.

We solve your doubts about the Coronavirus

As you know, the coronavirus crisis has led us to a situation that is new for everyone and in which new doubts and questions arise every day.

Thus, we have enabled a specific email so you can ask us any questions you have on COVID-19 and how it can affect your experience in Australia.

Write us an email with your questions and our colleagues from the Student Service Department will contact you as soon as possible to help you to solve them.

Who should I contact with the Dingoos team if I have questions?

We are working hand in hand with schools to ensure you can move forward with your study plans. In the event that due to travel restrictions, it is necessary to modify your academic planning, we will help you with all the necessary procedures to make sure that you and the money you have invested in your studies are safe.


If you are already in Australia:

If you are already in Australia, you can contact our colleagues from Student Service (Laura, Marina and Marta) sending us an email with your questions to


If your visa has been approved and you are waiting for the borders to open for international students:

If you already have your visa and are waiting for the Australian Government to confirm the opening date of the borders for international students, our teammates from Coordination of Integrations (Ana, Asier and Sandra), will do a personal follow-up of your case to help you solve your doubts and that you can travel safely.


If you are in the preparation and application phase for the student visa:

If you are in the preparation and application phase for your student visa, you Visa Expert (Sofía, Óscar, Marta, Jaime or Dani) You will have already been informed of the process to follow and the recommendations to minimize the impact of COVID-19 on your study planning and travel plans. This means that you already know that you have nothing to worry about.


If you are in the counseling or enrollment process at school:

If you are still in the counseling or enrollment process at school, the impact of the coronavirus on your plans will be minimal. your Dingoos Guide It will recommend you not to establish a start date for your course prior to January 1, 2021. In any case, if the borders open before this date, we will notify you so that in case you want to advance your arrival date in Australia, we can organize everything with the school.


If you were thinking of coming to Australia but have not yet contacted us:

If you were simply thinking about living the Australian experience but have not yet contacted your Dingoos Guide, you can do so through our Contact Form and we will respond to you within 24/48 hours to organize your academic planning and keep you informed of news about the best time to travel.


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