Work as a lifeguard in Australia

Work as a lifeguard in Australia

Working as a lifeguard in Australia can be a dream for many and doing so on the wonderful Australian beaches has to be a joy.

How to work as a lifeguard in Australia?

To work as a lifeguard in Australia it is essential that you train or complete your training in the country. For this, there are 2 types of qualifications that allow you to work as a lifeguard in Australia:

How does the Australian training system work?

The Australian lifeguard training system is based on several levels or medals (bronze, silver, etc.). As you complete more learning modules and overcome the physical and theoretical tests, more level is reached.

In this link you will find the necessary requirements to get the degree of Australian Lifeguard Service that will allow you to work as a lifeguard in Australia.

The first step gives you the necessary qualification to be a lifeguard in swimming pools (bronze medal) and from there you can increase the titles to go to better positions.

If your dream is to be a lifeguard in Australia, don't give up on him. Of course, we anticipate that these courses are not valid for obtaining a student visa. However, there are many other courses related to sport, for example, swimming monitor, which will give you access to this visa.

Get in touch with us and we will guide you on the different courses and procedures necessary for you to come to study and work in Australia. We will be happy to help you achieve your goals!

Other qualified jobs

Qualified jobs are all those who have a certain degree of specialization, mostly vocational.

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