Work as a delivery boy in Australia

Work as a delivery boy in Australia

Being a delivery man in Australia is a good option for those who come with the student visa and want to earn extra money to cover their expenses.

Why work as a deliveryman in Australia?

Many international students who come to Australia to study and work decide to try this job, as it is an easily accessible job for those who do not yet have a sufficient level of English to perform other more qualified jobs.

In addition, the schedule is totally flexible which allows you to combine it perfectly with the studios. The majority of international students look for a part-time job that allows them to pay for their stay at the antipodes, and this is one of those jobs.

What is working as a deliveryman in Australia?

Basically, the job consists of deliver food delivery. Usually, the deals are made by bike, although there is also the possibility of making the motorcycle deals. Of course, both the bike and the motorcycle have to be of oneself, the company you work for does not usually include the vehicle.

In this way you can buy a used bike from $ 60 AUD upwards and soon you will have amortized it. Motorcycles tend to be somewhat more expensive (between 700 and 2.000 AUD), but having it will allow you to make more deliveries in less time so it may be an investment worth taking into account.

The best companies to work as a deliveryman in Australia



Deliveroo It is a well-known delivery company hiring many international students in Australia. For its workers it includes a backpack and thermal bag, jacket, t-shirts, waterproof pants, mobile phone holder and an external battery.

Once you have all the equipment, just download the mobile application and register as a worker. Here are the links to download the application for both Android as if to iOS.


Uber Eats

Another well-known delivery company in Australia is Uber Eats. It is very easy to work with them, you just have to deliver some of your personal documents (driver's license, passport, insurance) for the company to verify your background. Once your application is approved, you can go to the headquarters of your city to pick up your bag with which you will transport the merchandise. Finally you will have to download the Uber Eats application (iOS y Android), register and start working.

Hours and working conditions

It's such a flexible job That you decide when you work. You just have to activate the application when you want to work. The app detects the area you are in and when there is an order, it notifies you. If you want to make the deal you accept it and the Google Maps app opens. This gives you the directions until you reach the restaurant where you pick up the order. From there again to the bike and take the order to the delivery address, also following the directions of Google Maps.

Normally the distances are usually between the 300 and the 2.000 meters, so it's a job that also helps you stay in shape. It is an easy and very quiet job. In addition, cycling in Australia is very comfortable and very safe since there is a bicycle lane in all cities.


Normally they usually pay 9 or 10 AUD per cast. To give you an idea, there are usually a couple of deals per hour, so if you work 20 hours per week (the maximum allowed with the student visa) you can charge about 360 AUD a week What is not bad.

If you come to Australia with a visa that allows you to work full time as the Work and Holiday Visa, and you take it seriously, you can get to charge 720 AUD per week, which translates into almost 3.000 AUD per month.

If you are interested in working as a deliveryman in Australia and have any questions, contact us. We will give you a personalized service to solve all your doubts.

Other unskilled jobs

Unskilled jobs are all those for which you don't have to have a specific academic background. In addition they do not usually require a high level of English, the best known unskilled jobs are:

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