Work picking fruit in Australia

Working on a farm collecting fruit in Australia

Picking fruit in Australia is a good option for all those who travel to Australia with the intention of working and earning extra money.

Why work picking fruit in Australia?

Basically because this is an easily accessible job, especially for those who have just arrived in the country and do not yet have a sufficient level of English to perform other more qualified jobs.

What are the jobs on fruit farms in Australia?

Here are the top jobs you can do working on a fruit farm in Australia:


Picking - Harvest

It is one of the most common jobs, it is about collecting fruit and vegetables, there are different types of fruit collection, some are done from the ground and others from the trees.


Packing - Packaging

It consists of sorting and packaging fruits and vegetables, it is the closest thing to working in a factory, normally this work is done in a chain.


Pruning - Pruning

After a harvest, it is necessary to prune the trees before the next harvest. Pruning is often done in late fall or winter. It's a job that pays pretty well overall.


Thinning - Thinning

This task involves unloading the trees before the harvest season. Therefore it consists of eliminating the smallest fruits to allow others to grow.


Planting - Planting

The sowing will be very variable depending on the fruit or vegetable in question. Most of the time it is done manually, but the use of machines (tractors) is sometimes necessary for larger trees. Planting meets several tasks including planting seeds in a shed or in the fields.


Weeding - Weeding

This is one of the hardest jobs, it is about removing weeds, sometimes it is done manually with the hand or a shovel and other times with machinery such as a brush cutter.

What fruits are collected in Australia and at what time?

In Australia there is always some kind of fruit to collect, it all depends on the place and time of the year in which you find yourself. To give you an idea, here are some examples:

  • In January and February melons are collected in New South Wales.
  • From March to May, citrus fruits are collected in Queensland.
  • June and July is the time of collection in South Australia.
  • In August, pumpkins are collected in Western Australia, and almost every month of the year.

In this way many young people who come to Australia take the opportunity to Work as a fruit picker to pay for your stay while visiting different parts of the country. If this is your case, here You can see which are the harvesting months of the different types of fruit organized by states and also according to the harvesting demand.

How to find work to collect fruit in Australia?

Many prepare an itinerary according to the time of collection of fruit in different parts of the country and physically present themselves at the right time and place to ask for work. It is not unusual for them to find work to pick fruit in Australia for a few days or even several weeks. Others however, prefer to schedule and secure their trip and work in advance. For this there is an initiative on the part of the Australian government; he National Harvest Labor Information Service (NHLIS). Through this platform, interested parties can call or visit their Web page to know the jobs that are available in each of the Australian states.

At Dingoos we also want to help our students interested in finding work as a fruit picker in Australia, that is why we have located the agricultural towns in Australia and a lot of farms that are dedicated to fruit picking. In addition, we have included some websites and Facebook groups where to look for work in this sector. You've never had an easier time working as a fruit picker in Australia!


Farm villages with fruit picking in Australia

These are the farming towns in Australia that are dedicated to collecting fruit in Australia:


List of fruit picking farms in Australia

Take a look at this listing with over 100 farms dedicated to fruit picking in Australia. It is organized by states and by the type of fruit they collect, so you only have to check what type of fruit is picked in the season that they are interested in working and locating your farm. From there you just have to visit their website, send them an email or even call them by phone. We have included all your data!


Webs to find a job as a fruit picker in Australia

Working conditions for the fruit picker in Australia

It must be said that it is a job that requires a certain physical effort, since the work days are usually long. Usually, the working day can start at dawn and end at noon. Occasionally, 6 or 7 days a week are worked for several weeks as it is important to harvest the fruit at its optimum moment. He average wage per hour for a fruit collector in Australia is usually about $ 18 or 19 AUD per hour, although some fruit growers pay their workers according to the number of baskets they fill.

Take a look at testimony of Nico Gamaza, one of our students who traveled to Australia and worked as a collector on an Australian farm

Extend your Work and Holiday visa for up to two more years picking fruit in Australia

It is one of the jobs that It is on the list of jobs demanded by the Australian Government. If you come to Australia with the Work Holiday Program (PVT), you can extend your visa for up to 2 more years. For this you will have to:

  • Have collected fruit for at least three months.
  • Having worked in a zip code of rural Australia.
  • Fill out the 1263 form (Working Holiday Visa: Employment verification).
  • Accredit with payroll or certificates of the employer the realization of the specific work.
  • Submit the application before the Work Vacations Visa (VVT) expires.

If you are interested in coming to Australia to work as a fruit picker and have any questions, contacts with us. We will give you a personalized service to answer all your questions.

Other unskilled jobs

Unskilled jobs are all those for which you don't have to have a specific academic background. In addition they do not usually require a high level of English, the best known unskilled jobs are:

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