Work as a swimming monitor in Australia

Work as a swimming monitor in Australia

If you come to Australia with the intention of working as a swimming monitor, what better way to inform you through our student Irene.

We introduce you to Irene González

After finishing her teaching career, Irene came to Australia with the Work and Holiday Visa. Here he got all the qualifications of swimming instructor and he was exercising until he returned to Spain. Now he returns to Australia, this time with the student visa to take a course of Sport and Recreation.

In this interview, Irene tells us about her experience working as a swimming instructor in Australia. It gives us a lot of super useful information, so read on if you're interested in getting a swimming instructor job in Australia.

What requirements must be met to work as a swimming instructor in Australia?

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Swimming monitor title in Australia

It is necessary to have a swimming monitor degree to work as a swimming monitor in Australia. AUSTSWIM is the institution that regulates swimming monitor qualifications in Australia, as well as the schools that offer the necessary courses to obtain these degrees.

There are different types of qualifications that allow you to work as a swimming instructor in Australia, from infant swimming monitor to swimming monitor for adults, passing swimming monitor for babies or even for people with special needs. Here You can find more information on all types of qualifications to work as a swimming instructor in Australia.


What jobs do you access with the Basic Swimming Monitor Course?

To basic level swimming monitor jobs, they are usually called "Learn to Swim Programs" You can practice throughout Australia and also in many other countries.


Is It Hard To Get That Swimming Monitor Degree?

Not at all. Regarding the practical part, you only need to know how to swim, since the physical tests are very simple. You will have to swim a bit in the "crol" style, a bit "braza" and a little "espalada". For the theoretical part, you will have to fill in a small dossier (6 sheets maximum) with the practical sessions of exercises that you would do in a class.

Yes, you will need to have an English level equivalent to an 6.0 in IELTS or a First Certificate in Cambridge to be able to take this degree because it is important that you can communicate with the children and with the parents, so it will not hurt if you practice the vocabulary related to swimming.


Where Can I Take The Course To Get That Swimming Monitor Degree In Australia?

On the official AUSTSWIM website you have all swimming schools where both the theoretical and the practical part are carried out.

There are enough so the best thing is to choose the one that gets you closest and the one that offers you the best chance of staying After doing the internship. Normally those that offer courses of different levels and those that have more children are the ones that will give you more options to stay.


How Long Are The Courses To Get That Swimming Monitor Degree?

In two weeks you have it. The courses are from 15 or 20 hours, normally during two weekends.


How much do the courses cost to get that swimming monitor qualification?

Normally, the swimming monitor course costs about $ 400 AUD, but do not be scared. Although it is a bit expensive, it really is a good investment. When you start working, you will have recovered in less than a month.


And it deserves the penalty to take off the title?

Absolutely. It gives you license to work 3 years (renewable). It is 100% an investment, since there are many swimming and insured work schools during the summer months. In winter, although less, you can also find a swim monitor in indoor swimming pools.

In addition, Australia has many children and many parents interested in their children learning to swim.

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First Aid and CPR

To be able to practice as a swimming instructor in Australia you will need to have the First Aid (first aid) and CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) certificate.

I recommend the CBD Collegue because it's cheaper (around $ 60 AUD) and offer both First Aid and CPR courses, which you can get by attending only one day of class, in one or two hours at most.

Here you can find all the information about the First Aid and the CPR

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The blue card

In order to access any work in Australia that is related to or caring for minors, you will need this certificate. It is a card issued by the Australian government that will allow you to carry out any work in which there may be a direct deal with children, either in the education sector or the health sector.

Here is a complete guide where we tell you step by step the process that you must follow to get your Blue Card in Australia.

As you can see, it is very easy to work as a swimming instructor in Australia. You only need to make a small investment that you will recover super fast and 15 or 20 days to have everything you need to be able to exercise in Australia as a swimming monitor. And if you still have any questions, get in touch with us, we are here to help you.

You still don't have enough English to get the swimming monitor qualification in Australia? Well don't worry. You can come first to study an English course that prepares you to obtain the official English degree while you work part-time in some other less qualified job. You will improve your English super fast and live a truly enriching experience.

Other qualified jobs

Qualified jobs are all those who have a certain degree of specialization, mostly vocational.

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