Work as a doctor in Australia

Work as a doctor in Australia

Are you thinking of going to work as a doctor in Australia? Well, very good idea, because Australia is a country in which the medical profession is in high demand.

Why work as a doctor in Australia?

It is a very large country with many patients and few doctors, so although the process to practice medicine in Australia is not short, it will surely be worth it when you get it.

You can work as a doctor in Australia, which translates into high salaries, good living conditions, advanced society and well-being, adequate climate ... in short, a little paradise, right?

So let's get to the point, do you know the requirements to work as a doctor in Australia? Let's see them.

Requirements to work as a doctor in Australia

  • The first requirement is English. Doctors who want to practice medicine in Australia must demonstrate a competent level of language. Thus, you will have to have at least a 7 in all parts of the academic IELTS English degree or at least a B in all parts of the OET.
  • Once you have overcome this first obstacle, you will have to validate your title of human medicine to be able to join a doctor in Australia.
    For this you will have two ways; on your own (you will have to be the one who takes care of all the procedures), or through recruitment companies (they serve as a guide in each of the steps you will have to take until you enroll as well as present the documentation and carry out the procedures necessary for you).

How to become a doctor in Australia?

The competent body to evaluate and validate your studies in medicine is the AMC (Australian Medical Council). Its purpose is to ensure that the standards of education, training and evaluation of the medical profession are appropriate in each case in order to promote and protect the health of the Australian community.

First, you will have to send the necessary documentation to evaluate your particular case. The necessary documentation is:

  • Your original title of human medicine.
  • Translation of your sworn title.
  • English title IELTS or OET.

Once the documentation has been submitted, AMC will evaluate your case. There are two options; that you are not equivalent or that you are partially equivalent. If your case is the second, you will be a little closer to being able to become a doctor in Australia.

Thus, the next step will be to conduct a theoretical and a practical exam. The theoretical exam can be done inside or outside Australia and costs AUD $ 2.350. The practical test can only be done in Australia and costs AUD $ 3.120.

You are almost registered as a doctor in Australia. Now there are the last two ways to enroll and thus be able to work as a doctor in Australia.

If you are a medical specialist as a surgeon, you will most likely have to complete your training in addition to doing 12 months of supervised practices for later, to be able to work on your own. And the other option, if you are a general practitioner, you can first access a “limited” membership and work as a doctor in Australia in the area called “area of ​​need”. Normally these are areas where doctors are especially in demand, areas where there are few doctors such as rural areas.

If you are interested in coming to work as a doctor in Australia and have any questions, contact us. We will give you a personalized service to solve all your doubts.

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