Work as a gardener in Australia

Work as a gardener in Australia

Are you coming to Australia with a student visa and looking for a part-time job to combine it with your studies? We are going to give you a good option: work as a gardener.

Why work as a gardener in Australia?

If you like plants, outdoor handicrafts and your English is still not good enough to perform skilled jobs, gardening may help you get your first income in Australia.

What is working as a gardener in Australia?

The work consists basically in the care of gardens. What is true is that there are differences between the tasks to be performed depending on the type of client you have. Normally they are distinguished three types of clients; individuals, urbanizations or companies.

In the first two cases, you will have to mediate directly with the client or the president of the community, usually charging for each job separately. If you manage to work for a company that has gardens in its facilities, for example, you can even be on the payroll. Although it is true, that this last case, is not the most common.

In any case, the typical tasks of a gardener are usually the following:
The plantation.

  • Irrigation.
  • Spraying with chemicals to protect plants against pests.
  • The cut of the lawn.
  • Hedge trimming and pruning of plants.
  • The elimination of weeds and garbage.

If you like to work abroad, this will be a good job for you, and Australia has a very pleasant climate almost all year round. That is, you will have to have the capacity to perform a physically hard job, since you will have to dig dirt or lift and load heavy objects. In short, you will have to know how to adapt to doing different types of practical tasks, in most cases getting your hands dirty.

Thus, with a responsible attitude and the ability to comply with certain health and safety procedures, you can work without problems with specialized equipment and chemical products.

Regarding salaries, usually vary quite a lot depending on the type of tasks and the extension of the garden. Usually they usually pay between $ 17 and 22 AUD per hour.

How to get a gardener job in australia?

There are several online job portals where you can search for jobs to work as a gardener in Australia. Some well-known with Gumtree o Seek, Por ejemplo.

Also, there is an online platform that connects applicants with employment dementia. Is called AirTasker and it has been installed in Australia relatively recently. In addition to gardener, many job offers of other types are posted. The operation is very simple. We explain it to you below.

Other unskilled jobs

Unskilled jobs are all those for which you don't have to have a specific academic background. In addition they do not usually require a high level of English, the best known unskilled jobs are:

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