Work as an engineer in Australia

Work as an engineer in Australia

Would you like to be too? Then follow this super guide that we bring you and discover how easy it is to work as an engineer in Australia, especially if you come with us.

Would you like to work as an engineer in Australia? First of all, you should know that it is a very good idea, since Australia offers very good job opportunities, and in the case of engineering professionals even more, if possible.

Engineers in Australia are the professionals most in demand by Australian businessmen. Given that there are different specializations within engineering, we will list each of the engineering specialties plus demands in Australia with their corresponding average annual salary:

  • Mining Engineers (AUD $ 110.000).
  • Operators of chemical, gas or oil plants (AUD $ 100.000).
  • Electronic engineers (AUD $ 90.000).
  • Engineering in construction (AUD $ 92.000).
  • Civil engineers (AUD $ 105.000).
  • Aeronautical maintenance engineering (AUD $ 90.000).

Many Australian companies interested in hiring engineers, prefer to do it with newly qualified professionals to be able to train them in terms of the demands of the position offered, so if you just finished the race may be the best time to make the leap to Australia and add both professional and personal experience.

The ideal profile for an engineering position in Australia are usually candidates with a high level of English, with training in quality and safety and with communication skills, leadership and teamwork.

A good visa option to travel and work as an engineer in Australia is the Skilled Recognized Graduate. This is a specific visa for newly qualified engineers that allows you to work full time for a maximum period of 18 months. Next we will see the necessary requirements to apply for this visa.

Requirements to apply to the Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa (subclass 476)

  • Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) awarded by Engineers Australia, which is basically the validation of your engineering degree. Visit their website to know the documents and requirements you will need to validate your engineering degree. Its price is around 430 euros.
  • Birth certificate that shows that you have no more than 31 years.
  • Completed visa form.
  • Criminal record.
  • English title that certifies your knowledge of the language internationally. Valid titles are IELTS (6.0), TOEFL, OET for engineers or CAE, all of them approved at most in the last 3 years.
  • A photocopy of your engineering degree, having obtained it in the last two years.
  • Transcript of records of the subjects that you have studied during your career.

The visa price is around 237 euros, and between that you collect all the necessary documents and Engineers Australia grants you the MSA it can take about 7 or 8 months until they grant you the visa. So arm yourself with patience because once you have succeeded, it will surely be worth it.

How to work as an engineer in Australia? job search

A good option to look for an engineer job in Australia is to do it through job portals. Below we show you which are the best known websites to find qualified jobs in Australia:

  • Careerone
  • Jobsearch
  • Seek
  • Quick job.
  • Jobnet

If you are interested in coming to work as an engineer in Australia and do not have an English degree to validate your degree, come to Australia and get it here, you will live a unique experience and be a little closer to fulfilling your dream of working as an engineer in Australia. Contact us, we will give you a personalized service to solve all your doubts.

Other qualified jobs

Qualified jobs are all those who have a certain degree of specialization, mostly vocational.

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