Work in hospitality in Australia

Work in hospitality in Australia

If you are interested in finding a job that allows you to pay for your stay in Australia, pay attention to this article because hospitality may be your best option.

Work in hospitality and study at the same time

If you come with the student visa, you will have the option of combining your studies with a part-time job (20h / week), which is more than enough to pay for your accommodation and meals, or even to get an extra money to travel for the country. For these cases, a good option is to work in hospitality in Australia.

Many international students try a job in hospitality in Australia since in terms of schedules, it is quite compatible with their classes. In addition, the salary is not bad, around 17AUD / hour.

Positions available to work in hospitality in Australia

Depending on the level of English you have, you can apply to more or less qualified jobs within the hotel industry. To give you an idea, these are the jobs you can find from hospitality in Australia:



Its function is to bring plates and drinks to each of the tables. For this position it is not necessary to have an advanced level of English since you will only have to say the name of the plate when you leave it on the table and go back running for the next one.



He is in charge of taking orders from each table. You have to know the menu and the menu of the day. For this position it will be necessary to have a good level of English since you will have to describe the dishes and answer the many questions that diners will ask you. Check out this post where we give you some tips to get a job as a waiter in Australia.



Not all restaurants have an employee for this particular job. It is basically the one that receives the clients upon their arrival at the restaurant. You have to ask how many people they are, if they want to sit inside or outside. They are accommodated at the table, the menu is delivered and the drink order is taken.


Barista and Researcher

He is in charge of preparing coffees, tea, milkshakes, cocktails, etc. It is a well-paid position and you do not have to have a level of English too high since you do not work for the public. Find out here everything you need to work as a barista in Australia.


Bar tend

Its function is basically to prepare alcoholic drinks behind the bar. You usually work under pressure and you need to know the name of all drinks as well as have a good level of English to understand and serve customers well. Here you have all the information you need about the RSA certificate, necessary to serve alcoholic beverages in Australia.


Kitchen hand

He is the kitchen assistant. You can spend several hours peeling potatoes but not having a good level of English will not be a problem to be able to get and carry out this work.



He is in charge of collecting the glasses from the tables. You have to have good ability to make towers with glasses and dodge customers, but you do not have to be fluent in English.



It is the dishwasher. It is responsible for removing food scraps from dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Then pick up the clean dishes and again clean the next one. You don't need to control English but you usually work under pressure as clean dishes are constantly needed.

How to find work in hospitality in Australia?

  • To find work in hospitality in Australia you can apply to different online hospitality agencies. For example, Peter Rowland Catering, Delawere North, Spotless, Pinnacie People, VIP Personnel - Hospitality Recruitment.
  • In addition to applying to job offers online, it is important that you go personally to the place where you have applied. Take the opportunity to bring your CV in aussie style and show a good attitude. In Australia this is something that is highly valued.
  • If you have previous experience in the hospitality sector do not forget to include it in your CV. This will make it easier for you to find work in this sector.
  • With regard to the visa, the longer it lasts, the better. Employers in the hospitality industry look for employees for long periods and not for a couple of months.
  • A smile is always important in a job for the public, so be prepared to smile so you can find a job in the hospitality industry as soon as possible.
  • If after leaving your CV you do not receive news, call or go personally again to show interest.

As you can see, to work in hospitality in Australia you don't need to meet too many requirements. Just have a minimum level of English and a visa that allows you to work. Of course, to keep your job in hospitality you can use some of these recommendations.

Recommendations to keep your work in hospitality

  • If your level of English is not very good and you start working as a dishwasher, take the opportunity to enroll in an English course. It will help you gain fluency to be able to apply to other more qualified jobs in the hospitality industry.
  • If you do not have much experience in the hospitality industry and your English is not too good, it will be very normal for the first days to be a bit stressed. But calm, as soon as you know the names and types of drinks that your Australian clients usually ask for, you can even enjoy and take advantage to practice your English.
  • In a job for the public it is important to have a good attitude and physical appearance. Therefore, try to be well groomed and be as polite as possible.
  • Serving drinks, carrying a tray or several dishes in one hand is not an easy task. So if you do not master it, it will be good for you to practice a little at home before facing one of these situations at work. Here is a video that will help you practice.
  • In Australia, in order to serve alcoholic beverages you need to have a card that certifies that you are authorized to do so. It is the RSA, it costs about $ 40 and you can get it by completing some online tests here.

If you are attracted to the idea of ​​coming to work in hospitality in Australia, do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you to solve your doubts and we will be happy to accompany you before and during your entire Australian adventure.

Other unskilled jobs

Unskilled jobs are all those for which you don't have to have a specific academic background. In addition they do not usually require a high level of English, the best known unskilled jobs are:

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