Work as a nurse in Australia

Work as a nurse in Australia

If you are thinking of going to work as a nurse in Australia, you have come to the right place, here we tell you where to start and what requirements you must meet.

Why work as a nurse in Australia?

As some of our nurse nurses tell us, Australia is a country where specialization is important and the level of demand is high but where they are obtained higher quality contracts and salary, in addition to greater possibilities of promotion.

Thus, Although access is more complicated than in some European countries, it is ultimately worthwhile due to working conditions and the quality of life in the country.

Requirements to be able to validate the nursing degree in Australia

  • Having the degree degree in nursing obtained in a Spanish University.
  • Compile the title of nursing before a notary.
  • Once you have been certified, you must translate your nursing degree. Here are the requirements for translate it properly. At the Australian Embassy there is a list of recognized translators in Spain. Another option to save you problems is to do it with a NAATI translator approved by the Australian Government. At Dingoos we can put you in touch with a NAATI translator who will give you a discount on translations for being members of the #FamiliaDingoos.
  • Have English level required by AHPRA.
  • Have studied at an accredited university or school.
  • Have done internships in hospitals during the studies of at least 800 hours.
  • Curriculum of your career.
  • El grades card.
  • CV with this format and signed.
  • Nursing school certificate where you have been previously registered.
  • The "Statment of work"Of the places where you have worked previously up to the present.
  • In addition you have to send a series of documents for identification:
    • Passport
    • ICHC criminal record certificate (which is done like this).

Process to validate your degree to work as a nurse in Australia

Once you meet all the requirements mentioned in the previous point, you can start the process of validating your degree to work as a nurse in Australia. You must follow the following steps:

  1. Send your validation request to APHRA attaching all the required documents.
  2. Wait for the AHPRA response to your request (minimum 6 weeks). There are three possible resolutions by AHPRA:
    • Your application is approved (it is very difficult that having studied nursing in Spain you will be validated without asking for a bridging course in Australia).
    • Your request is denied.
    • You are referred to a bridge course by sending you a letter of invitation to "bridging course".
  3. Take a bridge course approved by the AHPRA: In order to take this course, you must have received the letter of invitation from AHPRA. Therefore, it is always necessary to start the process in point nº1 and follow the steps indicated by the School.
  4. Send a new application to APHRA attaching the certificate obtained after the completion of the bridge course.
  5. Wait for final approval of your request by APHRA.

In the Dingoos Team, we are lucky to have Sandra Pascual, a Spanish nurse who has already gone through this process of validating her degree to be able to work as a nurse in Australia. So she is the person who can best advise you personally both in the AHPRA registration process and in the choice of a bridge course. You just have to write to us and we will put you in touch with her.

How to choose the bridge course?

While, in this article, you will find all the information you need about the bridge courses in Australia, in which cities and at what dates you can make them, as well as the approximate price of these courses.

What happens if you do not meet the requirements?

Surely, if you don't meet them, it's because of your level of English. But do not worry, if this is the case we propose a couple of solutions:

  1. You can study English in Australia while you work. Sometimes you can work as a nursing assistant or even a phlebotomist (blood collector) through nursing agencies.
  2. You can also improve your CV by doing a VET course related to the health sector in Australia. This way you will get to know in greater depth the Australian health system.

Once you have obtained enough English you can send your application to APHRA and start the process of validating your nursing degree in Australia.

Get in touch and we will put you in touch with the Dingoos nurse who is working here in Australia.

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