Work in construction in Australia

Work in construction in Australia

Australia is in full expansion, and unlike Spain, it does not seem that any real estate bubble will explode, rather the opposite.

Why work in construction?

Many cities are growing very fast, so many people want work in construction in Australia. Although it is not the main engine of the country, if it is true that today, the construction sector in Australia is very important.

Although it is a job that requires some physical effort, working in construction in Australia can be a good option if you have just arrived in the country and you still do not have enough English to perform other more qualified jobs. In addition, right now it is considered one of the most stable jobs due to its high demand.

What are the requirements to work in construction in Australia?

  • You will have to come to Australia with a visa that allows you to work such as the Student Visa, The Work & Holiday Visa or the Sponsor Visa, for example.
  • Upon your arrival, you will have to request the Tax Flie Number (TFN), which is something like your social security number in Spain.
  • Get your ABN. To give you an idea, it's something like registering as a freelancer in Spain. Advantage? In Australia it's free.
  • To work in construction in Australia, it is mandatory to have the White Card. It is a certificate that shows that you have the knowledge in construction, that you know the safety standards and know how to act in case of emergency.
  • You will need to have your own kit. Safety boots with steel toe ($ 36 AUD), helmet ($ 20 AUD), yellow phosphorite shirt ($ 10 AUD), gloves and safety glasses ($ 15 AUD).
  • Although it is not essential, construction companies value that the applicant has a driving license and own vehicle since the works are usually quite far from each other.

Schedule and availability

Offers to work in construction in Australia usually last a short time. On many occasions offers are posted to start work the next day and for the whole day. This is a disadvantage for those who come to Australia with the student visa since they can not work more than 20h per week and the attendance to the classes of the course that are enrolled are obligatory. A good alternative is to choose a school that offers courses with few classes, for example, you only have to go to class one day a week.

How to find construction work in Australia?

There are several online platforms in which jobs are hanging jobs in construction, for example. Two that work quite well are Gumtree o Seek.

As in Spain, in Australia there are also employment agencies and temporary employment agencies that also offer jobs of all kinds, in this case construction. These are some of these agencies:

Another way to get work in construction in Australia is to contact directly with companies in this sector. Although they do not have job offers published, it is not uncommon for them to offer you work. These are some of the construction companies in Australia:

Travel insurance

Health in Australia is very expensive. To give you an idea, spending a hospitalized night can cost you about $ 3.000. For this reason, although it is not mandatory to contract medical insurance with all visas, if it is recommended to do so, and more if you intend to work in construction in Australia.

Travel insurance Chapka offers very good coverage and have a type of insurance based on the visa with which you travel to Australia. In this way, they have a medical insurance to travel to Australia with the Work and Holiday Visa, having a work visa or with tourist visa, Por ejemplo.

If you are interested in working in construction in Australia and have any questions, contact us. We will give you a personalized service to solve all your doubts

Other unskilled jobs

Unskilled jobs are all those for which you don't have to have a specific academic background. In addition they do not usually require a high level of English, the best known unskilled jobs are:

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