Work as a cook in Australia

Work as a cook in Australia

Are you a “kitchenette” and are you thinking that maybe you could professionalize yourself? If you like to cook and you think your future job could go along that line, in Australia you can get it.

Why come to work as a cook in Australia?

  • Very rich gastronomy: you think that Australians only do barbecues. Well no, they value the gastronomy and in restoration options nobody wins. Restaurants with cuisines from all corners of the planet - Indian, Thai, Colombian, Mexican, Japanese, Italian ... - you can find in the big cities and tourist places. In addition, the Australian cuisine itself has taken influences from these cuisines and creates rich dishes.
  • Cooks are valued: just as they value gastronomy, they value chefs. This means that in most restaurants the conditions are good, and that in the high and medium level salaries are quite high.
  • You can start working easily: thanks to the student visa, as soon as you arrive you can combine your studies with work, to gain experience and to be able to pay for your stay. In positions such as assistant kitchen, you will learn and acquire the experience you will need to get better jobs.
  • You can choose quite freely the Australian city in which to liveIn the big cities as well as in the tourist ones, there are many cook positions, so if you want to work as a cook, you can do it in a lot of places.

How to get a cook job in Australia?

Do you feel like coming? Well now let's see how you can get a job as a cook in Australia.


If you have previous experience

If you already have experience and have cooked in your country, from the beginning You can get a job at your level. Bring yourself letters of recommendation, which will always come in handy. If the menu shows the type of restaurant it was, capacity for diners, type of cuisine, etc. better than better Of course, if you have a degree, translate it and bring it to you.

But how to start? As we said, the easiest and fastest access will be given to you by the student visa. To achieve this you will need to enroll in an accepted course and you can work part-time during the school time. The subject of the course may be linked to cooking, but if you already have enough experience and training, you may be more interested in improving your English or other aspects. There are many courses available, ask us.


No previous experience

You like cooking, but you have never worked as a cook. Then, it will be good to be trained in the kitchen, not only to work in Australia, but to be able to develop your profession where the wind blows you.

The good thing about Australia is that while you are working you will be able to work in the hotel industry. Maybe not as a cook, but as a kitchen assistant or similar to learn the world and, of course, get enough to pay for your stay. Note that The minimum wage in Australia is around $ 19,40 per hour, so, even if your position is very low-qualified, it will give you to live.

Take a look at how to plan your stay in Australia and if you have any questions contact us, we will inform you of everything so that in less than what you imagine you are working as a cook in Australia.

Other qualified jobs

Qualified jobs are all those who have a certain degree of specialization, mostly vocational.

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