Work as a cleaner in Australia

Work as a cleaner in Australia

Many of the young people who come to Australia with the student visa to study and work, have worked at some time as a cleaner Australia.

Why work as a cleaner in Australia?

The reason? Because it is an easily accessible job, well paid (around $ 24 AUD / hour depending on the city) and with high offer. It is true, that it is not a very qualified job and that it may not be the work of your life, but if you just arrived and you are interested in starting work as soon as possible but you still do not have a sufficient level of English to work facing the public , surely it is the right job for you.

There are internet portals to look for work as an independent cleaner. For example, a very good one is Helpling.

You can register online easily, select the area where you want to work and the days and hours you are available. That way, if someone is interested in hiring your cleaner services, they will know where and when you will be available, and they will contact you to hire you. Many times, in less than a week you can see yourself wearing gloves, the mop and your first Australian salary.

What requirements do I have to meet to be able to work as a cleaner Australia?

  • Criminal record. It costs $ 90 AUD and it's very easy to apply online.
  • TFN (Tax File Number). It has a function similar to the Social Security number that we use in Spain. This is a unique nine-digit labor identification code for each worker.
  • If you work as an independent cleaner you will also need the ABN (Australian Business Number). You can apply online here.
  • A photocopy of your passport and visa that allows you to work in Australia as the Student Visa.
  • If you work as an independent cleaner on the Helping platform, for example. You will need to have your own cleaning products. You can spend around $ 80 AUD, but do not worry because very soon you will have recovered the investment.

If you don't have fluent English yet, don't stop yourself from coming to Australia. You can come with the student visa, enroll in an English course and work part-time as a cleaner. Soon you will improve your level of English and if you prefer, you can find other more qualified jobs.

If you want more information on how to work as a cleaner in Australia contact us.

Other unskilled jobs

Unskilled jobs are all those for which you don't have to have a specific academic background. In addition they do not usually require a high level of English, the best known unskilled jobs are:

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