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How to get your Visa Sponsor in Australia?

What is the Visa Sponsor?

To work "on your own" (traditional phrase where there are any) in Australia, you will need a Visa Sponsor.

Basically, it is a work visa that allows you to stay in Australia with a maximum duration of 4 years. To obtain it, it is necessary that a company takes care of its processing and also, that the job is within the occupational list (CSOL) published by the Australian Government.

The most realistic way to get a company to request your Visa Sponsor is to start working in Australia modules with the student visa in a low-skilled job, and subsequently, from there to know companies that can process your Visa Sponsor to allow you to work on your own.

5 tips to get your Visa Sponsor in Australia

1 Move a lot

You do not know where your hole may be. The more people and companies you know, the greater the possibility that one of them decides to bet on you. It is not just about finding the job that best aligns with their studies and experience, but also personal contact and word of mouth.

In addition, there are places in Australia where more profiles are required than others. For example, if you are specialized in finance, maybe your ideal city is Sydney, if you are a mining engineer, it will be Perth ... It is important to keep this in mind when looking for a sponsor.

2. Take advantage of your stay to improve everything you can your level of English

The level of English required is usually quite high. We are talking about a C1. We recommend having it certified as soon as possible. Many of our Dingoos students get it with an English course in Australia. Also, thanks to the student visa they can work and pay for their expenses in Australia.

Student Visa in Australia

3. Make sure your CV and letter of recommendation are perfect

Both at the level of writing, format and content. Ideally, supervise people who already work in your sector in Australia. It is also important that they are written with a perfect level of English.

4 Prepare interviews thoroughly

It is very important to prepare a job interview. From Dingoos we will give you a hand to prepare you in your job search.

5. Show your soft skills

The training and experience you have acquired are very important. But so are your soft skills, these are the ones that make a person show reliable, empathic, who knows how to work in a team, etc.

If you are thinking about coming to live in Australia, from Dingoos we recommend that you come with a student visa, since it will allow you to work at the same time you study. If you need help with your processing do not hesitate contact us, so that we can give you a hand with the processing?


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