Processing of the student visa

Do you want to study in Australia? You are at the right time and in the right place! Because our team of visa experts certified in QEAC will advise you and take care of processing your student visa for Australia totally free. Sounds good, right?
Visa processing for Australia

Get comfortable: we do the paperwork for you

How do you read it! We will take care of doing all those things that always give you a little bit of laughter so that you, while, dedicate yourself to plan the cool things of your trip, such as the places you want to visit yes or yes or the things that can not be missing in your bag.

How do we do it? First we will help you choose the Australian city where you want to study, as well as the school and the course that interest you most. You already have it? Great, now is the time to process your student visa…. Do not put that face! The processing may sound very formal, but for that we are here: to handle all the paperwork both in school enrollment and visa processing.

What will we need for the processing of your visa?

No worries, kill the documents that we need to present yes or yes so that your application is solid and you get your visa unless you sing a rooster are the following:


Your valid passport

Very important that it is not expired! And if you have dual citizenship, we will recommend which of your passports is best to apply to the Australian Government (it is possible that, depending on your country of origin, the Australian Government reserves the right to ask you for extra documentation. Therefore, if you have two nationalities, we will always recommend that you apply with the one that a priori less obstacles will put you).


The COE (Confirmation Of Enrolment)

This document will be provided to us by the school once we have enrolled you in your course.


GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) letter writing

It is undoubtedly the document around which your entire application revolves. This is a letter of intent in which you must argue the reasons why you want to study in Australia. We are experts in GTEs, so we will help you with your writing and translation into English so that it is perfect.

We take care of your visa application ...

We don't just help you: we do it for you. We will create your Immiaccount account and upload all documents and information to the Australian Immigration Department online platform.

… And we follow the process to make sure everything is going well

It may happen, for example, that there are documents that vary depending on your student profile or your nationality and ask you at some point in the process. Therefore, at all times you will have the help of your Dingoos Guide and our team of Visa Experts, authentic specialists in the processing of student visas that will be pending of the process and will tell you if there is any additional document that you must present.

Remember the cost of the student visa for Australia it's $ 620 AUD, or what is the same: around 382 euros, 1.385.594 Colombian pesos, 293.560 Chilean pesos or 420 USD.

If you want more information about the requirements for the processing of your Australian visa, check out the official website of the Government of Australia or ask us what you want without commitment.

You know that at Dingoos we are always here to throw a cable!

QUEAC certified agents

Remember that to apply for a student visa you will need the help of a necessary official certified agent. In Dingoos we have a qualified and accredited team with the official QUEAC certification.

Other services you will enjoy in Dingoos

This does not end here: from Dingoos we offer many other services.
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Hiring insurance

In Dingoos we look for you and hire a great health insurance at a small price so that you can live life and enjoy your visa without fear of anything.

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Contact with other students

Does it make you dizzy to come alone to Australia? Don't have it, in Dingoos we will put you in touch with other students even before arriving in Australia so that you are always well accompanied.

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Search for cheap flights

We help you buy your flight to Australia at the best price thanks to our experience in the sector and our exclusive agreements with airlines.

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Opening the bank account

We help you open your Australian account step by step and from your home country so you can pay in dollars as soon as you arrive.

Do you dream of Australia?

Contact us and a Dingoos guide will contact you as soon as possible :)
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