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These three letters that can sound like Chinese mean Tax File Number. For us to understand each other, it's like the Australian social security number; which employers will ask you to register as a worker and withhold your taxes. It is mandatory and indispensable to be able to work legally in Australia.
TFN Australia application

How does Dingoos help you get your TFN?

In Dingoos we will accompany you during your TFN application. It will be the Dingoos Integrator who will help you request it during your integration process, just after landing in Australia. Thus, you can start looking for work from day one.

How will we request your Tax File Number?

As we explained at the beginning, in order to access a job you will need to have your Tax File Number (TFN) And to request it you will need only 3 very simple things:

  • The address of your address in Australia.
  • Your passport number
  • That your student visa is in validity period.

The temporary reference number of your TFN

El Tax File Number It can take up to 28 days to arrive by mail to your address once we request it together. However, as soon as you start your studies (an essential requirement with the student visa), you can already look for a job and work even if you do not have your final TFN. Yes, as you read it!

How is that possible? Very easy! At the time of the online application to your TFN, we will give you a temporary reference number which will serve to justify to employers that you are waiting to receive the final TFN.

Also, thanks to the TFN You can recover the taxes that correspond to you when making your Australian income statement or what is called here Tax Return.

Eye! Requesting the TFN is completely freeIf you enter a web page where you are asked to pay an amount, it means that it is a scam.

Once you have Australian bank account and your Tax File Number Now you can start working and start saving money to continue traveling and visiting all the corners that Australia has for you.

Do not miss this video made in Dingoos which will be super useful to review and strengthen all the concepts you just read

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One of the thousand good things that Australia has is that with the student visa you can work 20 weekly hours in study period and 40 hours in holiday periods.

This gives you the opportunity to combine your studies with work, on the one hand to be able to afford your stay in Australia and on the other to take advantage of the learning that comes from working in another country at the level of language and work experience.

If you have any questions or want to know more about this topic or about anything else, do not hesitate and contact us and we will be happy to help you out.

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