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It doesn't matter which city you go to: there will always be something to see on the other side, somewhere you have to go to every day, or a friend who invites you to a movie and popcorn in their flat on a Saturday night. Luckily, the main cities of the country have a card that will allow you to take as many means of public transport as you want.
Transportation card request

Get around your city with a transport card

Because as much as you like to take long walks in the sunlight or the moon, there are routes that you need to do with public transport: bus, subway, train ... The transport card of each city will allow you to use them all, and in Dingoos we help you request it so you can have it in your wallet from your first day in Australia.

Because the same day you land at the airport, you Integrator Dingoos It will accompany you to request the transport card of your city and will explain its operation, the different areas through which you can move or the stations and stops that are best for you to go to one place or another depending on where you live or plan to live. Thus, you can start moving free as the wind through your new city and plan your next destinations.

transport card

Each city has its transport card

If you want detailed information about transport in the different cities of Australia and Canada, upload that we take you on a tour of each of them:



Brisbane: Go Card

The transport network in Brisbane has buses, trams and even ferries. The transport card is called Go Card. The cost of each trip will depend on the area where you move, but to give you an idea here you can take a look at the prices.


Gold Coast: Go Card

The best way to get around in Gold Coast is the tram: it has 16 stops that cover 13 kilometers. Buses are also a good option, and both are connected in such a way that you can make transfers between one and the other. The Gold Coast Transport Card is called Go Card and you can check all their web rates.


Melbourne: Miky Card

The Melbourne Transport Card is called Miky Card and allows you to travel by train, bus and subway. It has a price of 6 dollars and works like a wallet card: you recharge it with money, and depending on the area where you go the trip will cost you more or less.

If you are going to move with it on a daily basis, we recommend converting your card into Miky pass and so you will save a handful of dollars. If you want to take a look at all prices according to zones, visit their official website.


Perth: SmartRider

The Perth transportation card is called SmartRider. There are several versions, but to give you an idea, the SmartRider Standard works like a wallet card and costs $ 10 AUD that works as an initial recharge. Each time you use it, they will deduct money from your balance depending on the area you travel to.


Sydney: Opal Card

The card you will use to move around Sydney is called Opal Card And it works as a rechargeable card that you can use to move by bus, train, tram and ferry. The first recharge is $ 20 AUD, and from there you can recharge it as many times as you want with a minimum amount of $ 10 AUD each time. The price of the trip will vary depending on the area you are going to.



Toronto: Presto Card

The card you will need to get around Toronto is the Presto Card. The price of the card is $ 6 Canadian dollars and then you can recharge it with the amount you want, the good thing is that you can not only recharge it at the stations but also through an app, these cards can be obtained at the station machines and in various stores around the city.

With this card you can travel by metro, bus and tram.


Vancouver: Compass Card

La Compass Card It is the best transport card if you want to make more than one trip through Vancouver, you can get around by metro, bus and train, the price is $ 6 Canadian dollars and you can recharge it later with the amount you want, the best of all is that it has an app very modern and you can also carry your card on your phone, so you will never forget it.



Montreal: Opus Card

La Opus Card It is the transport card to move comfortably through Montreal by metro and / or bus, the price of the card is $ 6 dollars and then you can recharge it when you need it, you can get the card at any of the metro and bus stations.

After reading all this, have you not wanted to leave the house and get on the first bus that passes, like crazy? Very soon you will also be able to do it in Australia or Canada.

The Transport card application is one of the services that your Dingoos Integrator will offer you during your integration in the destination country. If you want to know what else we can help you with, here you can consult all services by Dingoos.

Other services you will enjoy when you arrive in Australia

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