Contracting health insurance

Insurance may not be the most fun part of preparing a trip, but it is mandatory and you should do well because you never know when you may need it (let's pray so you never have to use it!).
Travel insurance for Australia

Protect yourself against unforeseen health

Traveling with health insurance is one of those things that you hope not to use but that it is also advisable to have. Australia and Canada are countries where healthcare is quite expensive. Therefore, If at any time you need medical attention, it is better to have health insurance that covers you or help cover medical expenses. In addition, you will feel safer to be able to take full advantage of all events and leisure plans We organize in Dingoos.

secure hiring

Jumping is much easier when you know there is a net underneath. At Dingoos we will be your safety net while you are in Australia, that's why we will help you to contract health insurance that covers you before any unforeseen. 😉

Forget paperwork with Dingoos

If you come abroad with Dingoos, We will look for and request your travel insurance for you so that you dedicate your time to other more cool things, such as looking for swimsuits that match your flip flops or preparing a farewell party with all your friends.

Now you can forget about the paperwork involved in coming abroad, because we will take care of doing all those bureaucratic procedures that nobody wants to do for you.

Medical insurance for the student visa

At Dingoos we are experts in hiring and managing insurance to travel abroad. It is something that we manage day in and day out, so we know very well what the subject is about!

Si vas a travel with a student visa to Australia:

It is mandatory that you take out travel insurance for Australia called Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). This must cover the entire duration of your visa and the price will vary depending on the time you are here. For example, if you are going to spend a full year in Australia, the approximate price is $ 480 AUD annually (or what is the same, about $ 40 AUD per month).

There are several insurance companies approved by the Australian Government that offer this type of OSHC health insurance. In Dingoos we will help you managing the contract with the one you like the most since we have an agreement with all of them:

If you are going to travel with a student visa to Canada:

It is mandatory to take out travel insurance, unlike in Australia, here you can choose any travel insurance company that covers assistance and hospitalization.

We recommend you Travelfine as it works very well for this type of travel and has many useful coverages for travelers like you.

This service of contracting and processing of the insurance It is completely free for everyone who comes to Australia or Canada with a student visa. It will be the Dingoos Visa Expert who will be in charge of managing it during the process of obtaining your visa so that you forget everything.

Work & Holiday visa insurance

In the event that you come to Australia or Canada with the Work & Holiday visa, you can also enjoy this service, which is included in our Welcome Pack for W&H, and also a person from the Dingoos team will manage it for your absolute tranquility and carefreeness.

In short, hiring your travel insurance will be very easy and you won't have to search and search for documents among a mountain of papers… that's what we're here for! If you have questions about how we can help you with your travel insurance contract, do not hesitate to contact.

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