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You are in Australia thinking about renewing your visa. Wow, time flies, huh? You arrived recently and soon you have to leave. And you just realized that when you live intensely, time passes very, very fast.
Australian visa renewal

Staying for more is the most normal thing in the world on this side of the ocean. It is a syndrome that all of us who have dared to cross to come to Australia experience at some point.

We know what it feels like, we have lived it many times and we know hundreds of people it happened to, it is happening to them right now or it will happen soon. For that reason, as we have lived even in our own meats, we know very well how to help you.

How do we help you renew your visa in Australia?

It will be your Dingoos Guide who will advise you on the best way to renew your visa, providing you with different course options and introducing yourself to the Visa Expert who will help you with all the procedures so you can stay in Australia and continue enjoying the trip as long as you want. .

Do not spend another half a second thinking about paperwork to extend your visa. Call us, relax and keep enjoying Australia while we do everything for you. All you have to do is continue with your plans, do not cancel even a break, plan your next roadtrip... Dingoos take care of the rest!

Contact us and we will inform you of the best offers so that you can renew your student visa cheaper than you think. Ah! And it doesn't matter if you came to Australia with Dingoos or not: even if you want to change your air, we will be happy to offer you what you deserve.

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Frequently asked questions about visa renewal


How far in advance should I start the renewal procedures with a student visa?

We recommend that you start your process at least 1 or 2 months before the expiration date of your visa, if you already came with Dingoos and you do not remember when your visa expires, do not worry, You can ask your Dingoos Guide without problem.


Can I enroll in a different course than the one I was studying?

Yes, you can enroll in another course as long as it is of the same level or a higher level, but remember that it is not good to change courses many times since that could put the application to your visa at risk.


Can I change cities when I renew my visa?

Of course! You can choose any of the cities in Australia. If you want to do a little research on them download here you can look at all of them.


How much does it cost to renew the student visa?

The first renewal from within Australia has the same price, $ 620 AUD, but the second renewal from within Austrtalia has an extra $ 700 AUD, so the total will be $ 620 + $ 700 = $ 1.320 AUD. It is also good that you know that If you renew with Dingoos, we will not charge you any additional cost.


How long can I renew my visa?

You can renew your visa as long as you need, from 3 months to 4 years or more, as long as what you study has a continuity.


How long does it take for the Australian Government to respond to the visa renewal?

It can take from 1 day to 2 months, the deadlines are very long but normally it takes between 2 and 4 weeks.


What is bridging A visa?

It is a temporary visa. Bridging A visa allows you to stay in Australia legally when your current visa has ended and you have not yet received any responses to your new visa application. When you renew your visa with any type of visa, Bridging A visa is automatically generated until you are granted the new visaWith Bridging visas you have the same rights that you had on your previous visa.


Can I include my partner in the visa renewal?

Of course! With the student visa you can include your partner so that they can accompany you and the best of all is that they will also be able to work and will not have to study. The price of the couple's visa is $ 460 AUD.

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Whenever you have any doubt, whenever you need something that we can help you with, we will be there to assist you and advise you. In Dingoos we will be “your family away from your family" While we are here, you will never be alone.

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