Reception and integration in Australia

It seemed that he was never going to arrive and suddenly look at you, it is the D-day (D of “Leave my country for a few months and fly to the other side of the world”) and there you are, at the airport, with your suitcase full and that stomach bug that precedes a round of penalties, the first kiss or yes, I want.
Reception in integration in Australia

Ok, all very nice, in a few hours I am in Australia and I start a new life, but now I have thousands of questions. What will happen when I land? Will someone come to receive me? Will I feel very alone considering that there are three times as many kangaroos as there are people?

The answer to all those questions is the same: relax and enjoy, because with the exclusive integration services by Dingoos everything will be fine. Our goal is that as soon as you land in Australia, enjoy your adventure from the first minute.

reception and integration

What does the Reception and Integration service in Australia include?

Once you land in Australia, you will have the help of two very special people: the Integration Coordinator and Dingoos Integrator. Both will help you with the steps before and after you arrive in Australia, below we explain how:

How does the Dingoos Integrations Coordinator help me?


Reserving the accommodation for your first weeks

The Integration Coordinator will help you to book your accommodation in for the first weeks in a backpacker of trust Of course, you have the last word on where to sleep: but, he / she will make several recommendations based on price and quality and it will be you who chooses one or the other depending on your needs. Like all the services we offer, this is a 100% free service.


Helping you with the transfer from the airport to the city center

The Integration Coordinator will be responsible for booking your transfer from the airport to the city center of your city. In case your destination city does not have an airport, we will help you by booking the transfer service from the airport in the following cases:

  1. If your destination city is Byron Bay: To enjoy the transfer service from the airport you must land at the Gold Coast Airport (COO).
  2. If your destination city is Sunshine Coast or Noosa: We will arrange the reservation of the transfer service from the airport to the center of your city as long as you land in Brisbane.

How does the Dingoos Integrator help me?

Once you land in Australia, you will meet your Dingoos Integrator, and it will be he or she who will accompany you and help you make the first steps so you can enjoy Australia from the first moment. This is how the Dingoos Integrator will help you.


Activating your Australian mobile line

Thanks to our agreement with the Lebara telephone company, your Dingoos Integrator will give you a free SIM card and help you activate your Australian number so you can call your family and tell them that you have arrived better than good.


Accompanying you to the bank to confirm your bank account and get your debit card

Once we have your mobile line activated, your Dingoos Integrator will accompany you to the bank to confirm your bank account which you had already opened from your home country. By confirming that you are the account holder, you will be able to operate with it and they will also send you the debit card in the following days. Now you can pay in Australian dollars without your bank charging you commissions and forgetting to go all day looking for places to exchange currencies.


It will help you with the TFN application

Within the integration services, your Dingoos Integrator will help you request the Tax File Number (TFN). This number is essential to combine your studies with a job in Australia, a real must to do both.


Your OSHC insurance card will be requested

When you arrive in Australia you will already have your policy contracted and activated, but we will help you to request your medical card so that you always carry it in your wallet in case you fly.


It will accompany you to request your transport card

So you have total freedom of movement and can go wherever you want whenever you want, your Dingoos Integrator will accompany you to request this valuable card and also explain how it works. From now on you will be free to get on all the buses you want, young man padawan.

Other advantages that we also include in the integration service

Do you like what you have read so far? Well there is more! Because as experts in Australia, we will be there whenever you need us through our Student Attention Department, which will offer you among other things:


Job search support

With a 6% unemployment rate, in Australia it is very easy to find a job. And if you also know the market and apply a series of best practices in your search, it will be even easier. With our expertise and support to find work in Australia, you will have plenty of opportunities to access the labor market as soon as you arrive in the country.


Contact with other students

Friends forever and from day one. At Dingoos we will put you in contact with other students and Work & Holidays even before coming to Australia so that when you get here you will know them. If there is one thing we can guarantee you, it is that you will never be alone!



In Dingoos we are not to stop for a minute, so every two times we put together a plan ten. Events of all kinds, of all colors and for all tastes with which you will always have something to do today, tomorrow and the past.

Dingoos assistant
We are here to enjoy your decision to immigrate to Australia from the first minute of day one!

In short, as we know that sometimes official procedures can be complicated (especially if your level of English is not the best in the world), we will be your shadow during your first days in Australia and we will accompany you to carry out all the necessary procedures. In addition, once installed, we will continue here to help you with everything you need. As you see, being a Dingoos are all advantages!

Other services you will enjoy being Dingoos

In addition to helping you with your arrival in Australia, we will accompany you with ...
Mobile icon

Australian mobile line activation

When you arrive in Australia we will give you a SIM card and we will help you activate it so you can tell everyone that you have arrived well and start uploading stories.

Abn and tfn icon

TFN Request

We will request your TFN so you can start looking for work as soon as possible. We will also explain how to apply for the ABN in case you want to work as a freelancer in Australia.

Transport icon

Transportation card

The only thing you need to get around the city by bus, subway or tram is a public transport card. When you arrive in Australia, we will accompany you to get yours.

Accommodation search icon

Support in search of accommodation

In Dingoos we will advise you, we will give you advice and solve all your doubts to help you find a long-stay accommodation where you feel at home.

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