Welcome Pack Delivery

At Dingoos we have two main objectives: the first is that you never feel alone in your destination; the second, that you never lack for anything. Therefore, when you arrive, we will give you our exclusive and useful Welcome Pack. So you will have everything you need for your first days at hand. Read on and find out what's in it!
Welcome Pack Australia

What is the Welcome Pack?

It is a very special box that you will receive as soon as you arrive at your destination. A box that your Dingoos Integrator will give you when they receive you upon arrival.

Inside, you will find a lot of super useful gadgets that will come in better than good as soon as you land

Welcome Pack Dingoos

What does the Welcome Pack include?

Nothing more and nothing less than everything you need to land in your new destination and start your adventure!


SIM card

The pack includes a SIM card that you can put in your mobile from minute one to call home and say that you have arrived safely. Now you can start posing with pictures of landscapes and incredible sunrises on Instagram!


Plug adapter

It is the typical thing that you always forget: well, really forget it, we will give it to you. The Welcome Pack includes a plug adapter so you can connect whatever you want to the new voltage.



We introduce you to your new companion of coves and excursions. It weighs little and fits anywhere. Soon you will be inseparable!


ID for suitcase

Let no one be confused: your suitcase is yours. And this identifier for suitcase with molón by Dingoos design makes it very, very clear.


Card holder for mobile

Paste it on your smartphone and always have all your documentation at hand.


Community membership card #SomosDingoos

Welcome to the family! And welcome discounts, promotions and invitations to exclusive events. And all with presenting it wherever you go!

How do I get the welcome pack?

Just by enrolling in a course of 3 months or more in Australia or Canada with Dingoos, you will enjoy a lot of exclusive and 100% free services. Among them, the delivery of our Welcome Pack.


What if I come with the Work & Holiday Visa?

Other services you will enjoy in Dingoos

Because we want to be there whenever you need us, we have a service focused on every moment of your experience. Discover them all!
Leisure plans icon

Events and leisure plans

Every month we organize a lot of events and activities for our students: surfing, diving, barbecues, beers, excursions ... Needless to say, you are more than a guest!

Student discounts icon

Discounts for students

We have a lot of exclusive agreements with local, national and international companies, designed for you and that you can enjoy as part of the #SomosDingoos community.

Customer service icon

Student service

Whenever you have any doubt, whenever you need something that we can help you with, we will be there to assist you and advise you. In Dingoos we will be “your family away from your family”. While we are here, you will never be alone.

Visa renewal icon

Visa renewal

When you decide to stay longer in Australia, you will, we will advise you on the best way to renew your visa and we will do all the paperwork for you.

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