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There are things that only happen once in a lifetime and mark us forever: the first kiss, the first time you get 20 in the body to catch your first flight, your first night away from mom and dad's house or when of waiting 76 years you see happen at last to comet Halley (this only applies if you are a true freak of astronomy).
Welcome to Work and Holiday

Among all those unique and unrepeatable things, is the Work & Holiday Visa: a visa that you can only order once in your life and that will allow you to spend a full year in Australia, working full time and with all of the law.

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Don't miss anything with the W&H welcome package

Turning the jar around, we realized that whether you arrive in Australia with a student Visa or with a Work & Holiday, you all have (and have had) the same needs. And in the community #SomosDingoos with which you will never feel alone we want to welcome you all in style, regardless of the visa you come with!

So we had a great idea: if this experience is only lived once in a lifetime, why not live it big? Therefore, we have prepared a package as special as the visa itself to enjoy your Work & Holiday experience in Australia. We have called it ... “W&H Visa Welcome Package”, and is available for those who have decided to travel to Australia with the Work & Holiday or even as tourists.

What is the W&H Visa welcome package?

This piece of welcome pack contains the following:


Inclusion in the Community Telegram group #SomosDingoos

It's like your family's chat but without smart brothers-in-law or photos of kittens: here we share job offers, invitations to all the events we do, exclusive offers and discounts with our partners, sale of bikes and used cars, rental offers of rooms and a laaaaaargooo and so on. In addition, we resolve any questions that arise and introduce you to the prettiest people on this side of the world.


Opening a bank account before arriving in Australia

We have reached an agreement with Commonwealth Bank so that members of the #SomosDingoos community can open the bank account from your home country. Thus, you can transfer money before arriving to be able to pay in Australian dollars and prevent your bank from charging you commissions or having to make currency exchange.

Also, when you arrive in Australia, your Dingoos Integrator will accompany you to the bank to help you activate your bank account and request your credit card. This way you will not have to go crazy changing currency nor will you have to go with the wallet full of junk!


Transfer from the airport to the city center

Another great deal that you can enjoy with this welcome pack, is that in Dingoos we cover the displacement from the airport of your destination city to the city center. We explain how we do it depending on the case in which you are:

  • If your destination city does not have an airport, your Dingoos Integrations Coordinator will help you book the transfer service from the airport in the following cases:
    • If your destination city is Byron Bay: To enjoy the transfer service from the airport you must land at the Gold Coast airport.
    • If your destination city is Sunshine Coast or Noosa: We will arrange the reservation of the transfer service from the airport to the center of your city as long as you land in Brisbane.

Activating your Australian mobile line

Thanks to our agreement with the telephone company Lebara, your Dingoos Integrator will give you a preloaded SIM card with $ 30AUD of balance totally free and it will help you activate your Australian number so you can start using your phone from the start. You can start uploading kangaroo stories as if there was no tomorrow!


Search for accommodation for the first weeks

Before you arrive in Australia, you Dingoos Integrations Coordinator It will help you book your accommodation for your first days in one of the hostels or backpackers where most of our students and Work and Holiday like you usually stay. It is a free service through which we will offer different recommendations based on price and quality, so that you are the one with the last word and choose the option that best suits your needs.


TFN request

The Tax File Number is like the Social Security number of your country but in Australia. It is imperative to look for a job, so your Dingoos Integrator will do all those boring paperwork for you that nobody wants to do so that you have it ready as soon as you arrive in Australia.


Transportation Card Application

You will need it to move free like the wind, that's why your Integrator will also be the one who accompanies you in person to request the transport card of your city. It will explain how it works, the different areas that are in your city or the stations and stops that are best for you to go to one place or another depending on where you live or plan to live.


Support in the preparation of the Curriculum Vitae and tricks for the job search

To find you have to know how to search. And we are specialists in finding just what you are looking for! In Australia the CV is called summarizes, and as in all countries it is important to know its structure to know what things to put and which is better to take to the grave.

Therefore, from our Student Attention Department we will give you a cable when making your summarizes, also offering several guidelines and tricks that will be very useful in the process of looking for work.


As a member of the #SomosDingoos community you will have access to a lot of offers and discounts

Hold on, plans are coming! Or rather, we plan, because this is one of the most top advantages of being part of the #SomosDingoos community. We have reached exclusive agreements with a lot of partners so you can benefit from many discounts and save a lot of money. Among these discounts, we have an agreement with the Emirates airline that will allow you to buy your cheapest tickets to Australia and put more kilos in your luggage. You can take a look at list of discounts on our website


Access to all Dingoos events

As you can see in our Facebook, in Dingoos we organize events every week. As a member of the #SomosDingoos community you will have access to all of them. It is easier to do than say it: you just have to sign up and we organize everything for you to enjoy as a child with new shoes.


Support and monitoring during your stay in Australia

We are like a big family but without the like: in the #SomosDingoos community we help each other, and just by being part of it you will have us at your disposal to solve any doubt or support you in case of any unexpected situation that may arise. And if you need a hug, we also give it to you!

Because you will have at your disposal the direct contact of a person from Student Attention Department. A close person, attentive and of your strictest confidence in which you can support yourself for anything you need, either by phone or in person and for professional or personal matters.


Hiring OVHC Health Insurance for Work and Holiday Visa

If you come to Australia you will need good medical insurance for what may happen. It is not always mandatory to have it (for some visas it is mandatory and for others it is not), but it is better to be cured in health and, in addition, make sure that we have the armored pocket against unforeseen events.

Do not go to huge misfortunes that are almost impossible to happen to you: the simple act of twisting an ankle can be a very important hole in your budget when traveling outside your country. But calm, because thanks to our exclusive agreement with Allianz Seguros, the Work & Holidays Welcome Package includes the management costs and the hiring process of the Health insurance OVHC W & H. That you save in money and paperwork!


Visa renewal (2nd year of W&H)

Has your stay in Australia been short with your first year of Work and Holiday and would you like to stay one more season? Well this will be good news for you: if you meet some requirements, you can renew your Work and Holiday visa to stay in Australia for a second and up to a third year. And there is even more, with your welcome package for Work and Holiday, you will have included the advisory service for the renewal of your Work and Holiday visa.

welcome pack wh

What is the price of the W&H welcome package?

The price of this Welcome Package for Work & Holidays is 250 € / 234.021 Chilean pesos / 17.550 Argentine pesos. The amount is calculated exclusively to cover the time of human dedication and the expenses derived from the integration services.

Are you interested Yes is yes, Write us right now! And of course, you know that we are always here to answer any questions you have, however small or large it may be

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